Happy Birthday Cait…A poem for you



Caitriona’s Smile


I think it is her smile

when I see her in a moment of


I then see the woman under the patina of fame

a natural girl quick to laughter

and hugs

yeah, it’s all there in her smile


by Beth Wesson



16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Cait…A poem for you

  1. Mary Metropulos

    Even in her darkest moments as Claire, her facial expressions say it all. Starz could not have found a better Cait to play this most demanding role. Congrats to you, Cait, on your natal day!

  2. Jenny Pertiller

    You could replace ‘her’ with ‘him’ and the same could be said of Sam. He seems like such a nice and fun-loving person when he not is being Jamie.

  3. Donna Allen

    That is exactly how Cait comes across in photos & live shots! Love her, love her nature, love her acting, and her cat!!

  4. Adi Tamir

    Yes, she is so sweet, so pleasant and you just want to give her a big hug. Which I did recently. That’s the same feeling you get with Sam. That’s why they are so good together. They are made of the same stuff! Gorgeous and yet so reachable (a little hard for me since I’m so short and they’re so tall…) Love Caitriona!

  5. Lovely Woman and IRISH to boot ! She could not be more perfect ! You equally lovely Poem says it exactly ! That is the first thing you notice after her sweet Irish lilt in her voice ! THANKS BETH ❤

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