You are a braw lad…Outlander 3.4 “Of Things Lost”



I’m finding myself grateful this morning that I am not writing these reflections for anyone, but myself.  I’m grateful I don’t find myself in the position of having an editor tell me to write about Sam Heughan’s top hottest looks or sexiest moments to sell a magazine. Instead, I find myself this morning ready to write about the story I was told last night, a bittersweet tale told in moments, metaphors, and performances that suspended my disbelief and touched my heart because …I want to and need to.  “Of Things Lost” was an amazing installment in this epic story of two people who strive to make the best of their lives with what they have been given.

As I predicted, we are seeing our main characters, Jamie and Claire, move on.  It has taken them a long while to reach this point.  They are no longer spending their lives chasing ghosts. They are living in their own present.  For Claire, it was the missing manifests that brought her back down to Earth.  “This is what Mrs. Graham warned me about”, Claire tells Bree.  Our Claire is a realist, pragmatic, and strong.  She recognizes the futility of what they are attempting and I suspect the prospect of the pain of looking and not finding him would just be too much for her.  When she tells Bree it is time to go home, I felt a lump in my throat because Jamie is no longer that home. Her home is now the life she has been given and created with patients who need her and a daughter who once again calls her mama.

For Jamie, I suspect his “missing manifests” moment came on the selkie island.  He somehow came to understand that Claire is truly gone.  When John doesn’t kill him, he leaves Jamie no choice, but to begin to live his life in the present and in the knowledge that he will never see her again.  We see him begin to talk about his memories of her and for the first time, say her name out loud.  He is putting her in his past and taking a hold of the future John Grey has offered him. Jamie is done chasing Claire’s ghost.

They are living lives with less than they wanted, but with more than they had. Their losses have become intricately woven into the fabric of who they are and how they experience life.  Just like they are for all of us who have lost those we care for.  We carry our memories with us and they color our new experiences.  Our couple are never far from each other’s thoughts, but it is different now.  I was moved by the sadness these two live with, the knowledge that they have lost a great and one time love.

A Cage is a Cage


Most of this episode dealt with Jamie’s life at Helwater where we see him slowly begin to come back to being himself or, at at least, the self he is now become.  The Lady Isobel comes to see the beautiful horses and laments the fact that her father keeps them confined. Jamie assures her that he has seen many stables and these are the finest. She then reminds us that a gilded cage is still a cage.  Jamie may be moving about unshackled in fresh air, but someone else still holds power over his life and freedom. It is a fine place, but he is still a prisoner.

The Lady Geneva is about to find herself in a gilded cage.  She is to be married to a rich and titled man old enough to be her grandfather.  She has had her life’s path dictated to her at the ripe old age of seventeen. These types of marriages amongst the nobility were the norm rather than the exception and I would suspect that Geneva wasn’t the first young lady to try to take back some say in her own life’s experience. I wouldn’t want my maidenhead given to an old goat like Elsemere either.  Jamie just has the misfortune to be vulnerable to her attempt at blackmail.  He has to believe if she is reckless enough to demand this of him, she is reckless enough to go through with her threats.

I loved how the show handled Geneva. This scene was problematic for many reasons and I felt the choice to leave Geneva sure of her decision served the story and characters well.  There wasn’t really anything to be gained by sticking to the book in this instance. I felt that they truly got to the underlying emotions of this scene.  I thought the choices Jamie makes with Geneva were totally in character with who Jamie is.  He is at heart a kind and compassionate man.  When Geneva tells him she is doing this for herself it changes everything for him.  He understands.  She is in her own way imprisoned.  Her choices are not her own.  He sets about this transaction with some pity for her and being who he is tries to make her first time as good an experience as he can.  He is not in her room by choice and would not have chosen it, but it is inevitable and he has to make a choice to stay angry or choose compassion.  He chooses to be compassionate despite her taking unfair advantage of him. He is the one with the merciful heart.

In a way, he takes back some of his own power in this situation by choosing to be kind.  In the book, Jamie describes being aware of an extraordinary mixture of feelings when faced with Geneva in her bridal night rail.  I felt that here.  There was anger, tenderness, lust, fear and as always Claire was never far from his thoughts. When Geneva tells him she loves him, Jamie slowly shakes his head. The moment he explains the difference between sex and love to Geneva was a watershed moment. It was sad and, yet wonderful and called us back to his asking Claire if it was always so between a man and a woman, what he feels when he lies with her. No, was her answer, it is something like it, but no.  What he had with Claire was different because it was love.  Is it truly better to have loved someone with all your heart and soul and lost them than never to have loved at all? Despite all the pain, I think Jamie would say,… yes.

The Fly in the Ointment


The fly in the ointment of this episode for me wasn’t Geneva, it was John.  My reaction to the scenes with John and Jamie were for the most part okay… there were some changes, slightly different, but okay.  I found myself feeling puzzled by this easy camaraderie.  I’m sure the “all these months comment” was meant to speak to the passage of time that has allowed Jamie to reflect on Lord John and his kindnesses. I needed to see Jamie and John in that awkward exchange where he blurts out a chess move in an effort to let John know he had been forgiven.  I know, I know, the book is the book, the show is the show and I can understand their need to move this relationship ahead and I liked Hal being the catalyst for Geneva’s blackmail scheme, but… my acceptance and resignation that it was a good representation of Jamie and John’s relationship came to a screeching halt when Jamie offered his body to Lord John before Lord John told him of his impending marriage.  NO.  It would have never happened that way.

The whole offer was meant as a test of John’s sincerity and motives.  In the book, Jamie meant to slit his throat had he accepted the offer.  IF what they were going for was that Jamie was willing to make any sacrifice to keep his son safe, it fell very flat for me.  More than flat.  I just didn’t get this change or how it advanced the story arc. They already had set us up to believe that Jamie trusted Lord John with the conspiratorial looks between the two and Jamie’s comments about Lord John looking out for his welfare, and his belief that he would keep his secret.  All they had to do to make this okay for me would have been to have Jamie offer after Lord John told him he was marrying.

The extra hand hold was a nice callback to that moment in Ardsmuir and the rest of their exchange was touching and very revealing of John’s character. I found myself grateful right beside Jamie for having a man like John as a friend and for him being in Willie’s life. So, instead of letting this fester, I’m just going to take a note from Lord John’s book and not be insulted because I know the depth of feeling from which the offer ( and scene) was made.

You are a braw lad


I would be remiss if I didn’t do more to acknowledge Sam Heughan’s performance.  His ability to emote is nothing short of staggering. I have been so impressed and moved.  He has completely inhabited this character.  He makes me believe that he is truly feeling what Jamie feels.  Sometimes he is subtle (when he sees Geneva’s pregnant belly and he gives a slight shift in his attentive stance beside the carriage) and sometimes not (when he looks at the baby in the carriage and suddenly changes his mind about leaving Helwater), but I love that he can take me inside Jamie’s heart and mind.  I certainly hope those with the power to give him awards are paying attention because he deserves all the accolades he can be given.

One of my favorite pictures of my husband is him standing in front of the nursery room window at the hospital.  He has both arms raised and braced on the window frame as he stares intently at our daughter in her bassinet.  He was in awe.  It is a wonder to recognize a miniature replication of your own features and expressions on a brand new small face, to know that this little person is part of you.  When Jamie looked at his son, I knew what he was feeling.  I saw the wonder on his face.

To his delight he finds out the child has been named William and they are calling him Willie, the same name as Jamie’s beloved older brother.  The moment that followed was beautiful.  He glances furtively into the buggy and then addresses his child.  You are a “braw lad”  Jamie tell his son.  The last words his own father said to him.  He then tells him not to fash that he is there. And, we know he will be.  This wonderful man has been denied fatherhood too many times.  He becomes a role model to his son despite the difference in their stations.  He cares for, spends time with and teaches William.  In a very real way, Jamie is a “father-figure” to little Willie.  In my opinion, Jamie was as a good of a father to William as he could possibly be.  Jamie made a decision that resulted in the enrichment of both of their lives.  You can feel Jamie’s pride and delight in his son and then his fear…  This season of what must have been some of the happiest days of Jamie’s life must come to an end because it has become dangerous for them to be seen together.  As Lord John states, “some sires stamp their get”.  Willie looks too much like Jamie and people are starting to notice and when Jamie calls Willie a little bastard, you get the feeling that he has heard it before.  There has been talk.  William’s resemblance to Jamie places them all in danger.

I know that it is difficult for us to understand why Jamie just doesn’t tell people he is Willie’s father. It’s a different time.  His son is an Earl and as a result has all the advantages that come with his station. Do you take that away from him?  Do you label him a bastard? Do you cause the Dunsanys to be shamed.  They have lost two children, does he now take away their grandson? No.  The whole situation is complicated and heart-wrenching. With the assurance that Lord John Grey will make an appropriate and caring step-father, Jamie makes the sacrifice to leave his son.


The moment the show gave us of Jamie in the stable with his son was a gift, Willie wants to be like Mac, Jamie being able to baptize his son and give him his name, Jamie giving Willie a snake like the one his brother had given to him, and sharing how he prays for those he cares for and has lost.  I’m sure he will soon be lighting a candle to St. Andrew for a  little boy named Willie who he will remember… always.




Easter egg:  Did anyone else recognize the entertainer in the pub’s as the “Sassenach” entertainer in the gypsy camp?  Nice touch on the costume Terry!



95 thoughts on “You are a braw lad…Outlander 3.4 “Of Things Lost”

  1. Jackie M.

    Love this post! I’m happy Jamie is moving on with his life. Claire too. That way when they reunite, they will be living in the present, not the past. And, it will be meant to be even more.

  2. Donna Allen

    Again, you have fully captured what is going on in this wonderful episode!
    I did not recognize the sassenach as the gypsy. However? In 303, I thought Frank’s GF Sandy looked like the woman who tried to trick Frank into thinking she could lead him to Claire for a ransom, then Frank was attacked but Frank gave them a good whooping!

  3. Laurie

    I did not catch the entertainer being the same person. I’ll have to go back and watch again. Very insightful with your thoughts. I think the seven years he had with Willie were probably the happiest that Jamie has been in a very long time. (bittersweet but happy). But he knows that what is best for Willie is for him to go. The final scene broke my heart.

  4. Nancy C.

    Thanks Beth. The most important element of this episode for me was “a cage is a cage”. Even though Jamie and Claire have both finally “moved on”, I believe they are still trapped in a their private cages. They’ll never be truly free of one another. I loved that Geneva was the ultimate decider in when, why and who for her first sexual experience. She made a decision that I would imagine women didn’t get to make very often in those times. And, you are spot on, when she said the she was doing it for herself, that’s when Jamie made it ok in his own mind. I didn’t feel as disappointed in the Jamie/John scene as you did. Not sure why. I did love their handshake. It was so full of grateful meaning. And I will say that the Dylan song at the end was another brilliant move. I think there are some who will be annoyed but for me, the words, the music/singers/band added to the feeling of resignation while moving ahead.

    I’m grateful we had four episodes to watch was seemed more like Jamie’s life story. Not to leave Claire out – because we could never do that – she had Brianna. I believe that would make those 20 years a bit easier albeit bittersweet.

    Anyway, onto Episode 5 ALREADY! Thanks again, Beth. Always look forward to reading what you have to say.

    • Linda G

      Nancy C Interesting concept “a cage is a cage” Jamie & Claire still being trapped in their own private cages and will never be free of each. Didn’t feel disappointment RE: Jamie & John scene either. John’s response/explanation was obviously very sincere,making sense. Plus knowing what Jamie’s intent was via Voyager helps. On board, grateful for four episodes more focused on Jamie’s life story as well. Thank you for your comments.

  5. Jen B

    You saved this episode for me. Your insight made me more okay with it. I have been thinking that they totally cheapened the Wedding episode by repeating too much of it with Geneva – down to the dialogue. So many commenters in other places have said that they found Jamie way better with Geneva than Claire, and it totally broke my Outlander heart. Jamie and Claire are the story, but I feel that slipping away.

      • Jacquelyn F. Kerner

        Beth, once again you’ve done a lovely job, giving a well-written analysis with such great insight! I’m rather with you about not seeing much similarity with The Wedding episode. There are some superficial ones, perhaps, but not much if so. I agree with you about some of the John and Jamie exchanges–if not the chess move dialogue (likely had no time), I would have liked to see something that indicated more strongly what a extreme difficulty it was to make that offer, but I’m OK for the reasons you mentioned. (I had a totally different vision of Lord John, but I immediately liked John Berry as Lord John and liked him even more this episode). I also would have liked a little more with Claire over getting the necklace back, and maybe an exchange with Brianna about it, but again, I imagine time constraints left it on the editing floor (as was Jamie’s calling for Claire in the last episode). As with everyone, I suspect, Jamie leaving Willie and Helwater was the most difficult and sad scene to watch–I really could have cried (if my husband hadn’t been there semi-watching with me who likely would have said incredulously, “You’re crying over a TV show?!” Sigh). Probably will next viewing.

      • Linda G

        Bethwesson Totally agree, very surprised people could feel that way as well. Haven’t seen any comments of that nature. Seem it goes back to the fact that many fans skim the surface and don’t really go deep enough to get the true picture. Jamie and Claire’s love story will stand the test of time…already doing it. Thank you

      • sheila

        I was prepared to not like any similarities to The Wedding episode, but when you stopped to think about it….I think for me for Jamie wasn’t the ‘I’m doing this for me’ moment. For me it was the “I don’t know what to do” moment. At that point Jamie remembered what Claire, the experienced partner, had done for a virgin Jamie on their wedding night and he wanted to make Geneva’s first time as pleasant as he could despite being there under duress.

      • laruebeth

        As Sheila said, I saw Jamie being compassionate and helpful to this virgin. Just as Claire was with him.

  6. Michelle

    Love your blog! I haven’t read the books so I know much of the story is not told on the series and maybe shown differently from what is written in the books. I was definitely disappointed in the way they chose to have Jamie just offer his body to Lord John knowing the traumatic experience he had with Black Jack Randall! I think Jamie would have tried anything before that! The way Jamie’s character has been portrayed on the series made is seem unrealistic at that Jamie would’ve handled the situation by offering his body to another man!!

      • Susan

        I loved that part. When Jamie offered his body to John it was the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that his child would be okay. He had nothing else to give, so he gave himself.

      • sheila

        I have always thought it was as Susan and Jacquelyn and Linda state below, but Diana herself has clarified on her Computserve website recently that Jamie made the offer to John because that was all he had to offer – his body, and he would have gone through with it were John to accept his offer. Of course, if during the act he had found anything in John’s character to make him doubt Willie’s safety, then yes, he would have killed him.

    • Jacquelyn F. Kerner

      Jamie’s offer is based on his extreme love and worry for Willie, and, as I think Beth mentioned, in the books, he does say to Claire later that it was a test to see just how good his character was. Loving Claire, to save her life, is why he submitted to BJR. It’s the same in this instance for Willie. It is hard to get everything in. If there was anything that may have clarified that, it may have ended up cut at the Writers’ table or on the cutting room floor because of time constraints–there is an awful lot to fit in within the time frame they have. Do read the books if you get the chance!

    • Linda G

      Michelle Please, let me make you feel better. Certainly can’t blame you for feeling that way. I would share the identical thought. However, Jamie makes this offer to test Lord John’s character and assure himself regarding LJ’s motives. Voyager–book this season is based on explains this. Jamie would never expose his son to this type of attention. Remember, how he responded when BJR attacked Fergus? DG’s Outlander series is huge, complex, interwoven. Impossible to depict so many details, considering time restraints.

  7. Mayra

    Excellent blog! Props to you! After watching the episode in the wee hours Sunday morning, my best friend and I immediately started our weekly discussion and everything you mentioned – we talked about. And I hope that Sam is finally recognized for his portrayal of Jamie – this is by far – for me – his best performance.

  8. momt14

    Now you’ve made me cry. This story is so rich and it would serve us well to receive it as such. It is not superficial but multi-layered. And, yes, I recognized the Sassenach gypsy. *hmm…reckon she’s a time traveler?*

  9. lizzieb1

    OH MY! eyes are watering…. the hour goes tooooo fast, especially having read the book twice… and this is the only book I read twice. There is sooo much in that book. Thanks for writing this.

  10. BAM!!! Beth excellent as always. You captured the scene with Jamie and Geneva perfectly. My thoughts exactly. I’m always a little taken aback when people have such different observations of the same scene. I usually catch the “Easter eggs” but missed the “You’re a braw lad”. Damn these writers to me are always spot on (well mostly).
    As I listened to the singer in the pub I thought she sounded exactly like the Sassenach performer but wasn’t quite sure.
    Always appreciate your exceptional writing and observations.

  11. lizzieb1

    Is it truly better to have loved someone with all your heart and soul and lost them than never to have loved at all? Despite all the pain, I think Jamie would say,… yes.

    Oh, I didn’t comment on this…YES it is better …. I came back in contact with this person almost 40yrs later and the love for him was still there… but life went on and we have different directions.

  12. Adi Tamir

    Dear Beth, your comments are fantastic. I feel the same about everything you said. This episode was very meaningful and I could not have said things better. I find that the TV series is evolving every season. I know it is based on the books and I have been reading them but adapting these books is a work of art in itself. The acting is very good and I am so in tune with the message of this saga. Can’t wait to read your blog about next weeks episode. I will be away for the following 2 weeks. It will be hard and I don’t know if I will get availability to see them. Thank you for your great insight!

  13. Cindy M Shannon

    “I was moved by the sadness these two live with, the knowledge that they have lost a great and one time love.”

    Yes. I am a relative newbie to Outlander world, having just discovered the series and read the books last year. As I read Voyager, I knew Jamie & Claire would be reunited, so I think I read the scenes up until that point with that in mind. Seeing the loneliness and pain and heartbreak play out on Sam’s face, seeing the walls Claire built up around her heart as portrayed by Cait… bring that overwhelming sadness into even more focus for me.

  14. Judi

    Love this Beth.. I wonder if it was filmed early on(judging by the English Autumn I’d say Sept/Oct last year) and I felt LJG had a way to go with his accent which also left me feeling a little short changed by their relationship. The whole episode was beautifully paced though. I’m looking forward to next week to see how Claire’s life was. X

  15. Evelyn Tully Costa

    Jamie and John actually exchange a KISS when John turns down Jamie’s awkward offer. It was one of those “oh” you’re not gay moments. John laughs a bit more heartily than in the show at the offer. Not sure where the slitting the throat part came in. Yes I missed the transition from captor to friend, but again, the chess by the lake scene was a few months after Jamie had just arrived establishes renewal of friendship. They disposed of the letter as blackmail vehicle and used Jamie’s past, which worked. Plus we got to see the dashing HAL again, looking askew at “MacKenzie” who he has not seen since Culloden. BUT in books John writes to Hal for advice on how to entrap Jamie into revealing what he did on his little field trip from Ardsmuir, clearly not used here since Hal is clearly surprised….

    • I loved the kiss in the books. to me that was a healing moment for both men. But, it was after John had passed Jamie’s test and I think that is when he accepted John for all that it is. I know there have to be changes…it’s hard isn’t it!? lol! If they would only just listen to me!

  16. Anne Puccio


  17. The exchange between LJG and Jamie really did happen; that way. LJG did not accept the offer in the book in the book either…but Jamie did offer….all in gratitude for John’s willingness to take Willie as his son.

      • Also Beth

        I have to clarify here because it’s driving me crazy. This whole scene is very close to how it is portrayed in the book. The information about it being a “test” does not come up until much, much later in the series Non-book readers AND those who have only read up through Voyager can’t possibly know this. When I first read the scene, I simply took the offer as he would do anything in his power to keep his son safe plus it showed to me how much Jamie underestimates Lord John’s pure friendship for him.

  18. Pam Allum

    Hi Beth, thank you for all your comments. I enjoy reading them and look forward to reading them each week. I have read all the books many times and feel that this series only enhances them. I am also a LJG fan and have read all Diana’s Outlander-related books. I agree about Sam’s portrayal and think it is worthy of professional acknowledgment and reward. He really is Jamie Fraser! What an amazing work of art this series is and I feel is a true representation of Diana’s beautiful words and thoughts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  19. Claire

    I always enjoy your blog. Great insights, as always, Beth. I did wonder if the woman in the bar was the same as the gypsy woman, too. One minor typo… Manifest = a list of cargo or passengers on ship, plane, truck., etc. Manifesto = a declaration of one’s intentions (Communist Manifesto, or a serial killer’s plans). I think you meant the former.

  20. Thank you so much Beth for writing and analysing for us. I must say I had not looked closely at the chess scene. It is so hard for me. These books have represented such a huge part of my life – a help when I had troubles, an understanding of what could be, so many different things I don’t think I could describe. So when scenes happen which may not seem correct – I just fill in the blanks from my reading. It merges. For a long time I couldn’t watch as the shows did not do it for me and my characters in my head were different. I am not sure what happened but I began to accept them and I know for me Sam in particular just is getting so much better. IMO. I also love LJG I didn’t feel his accent was an issue, I think he is a great balance with Sam – imagine how difficult that would be to take on. Sam fills the whole scene he is so larger than life in every way. I was a bit disappointed they did not just use the letter as the blackmail piece. My understanding of Hal is that he is so upstanding and honorable, I can’t imagine him revealing info through drink. Although I loved to see the actor. I still find some things really difficult. BJR as a sadist, the scene with Geneva and Jamie. That is sad that people felt it overtook the wedding. It is no where near the wedding in the book. I like to go to Diana’s FB explanations and found a great one on the Geneva bedroom scene. Yes I understand the writing is different for the movies but still the original thoughts and source material is Diana. Thank you again for your hard work and thought.

  21. Nancy McCulleu

    Well Beth, You made me cry. You perfectly stated what I thought, this was a remarkable episode, they have stayed with the book for the most part my two problems with this episode involved a kiss and a rosary 😩
    I cannot say enough good things about Sam and his incredible acting abilities. He “simply is” Jamie Fraser. I wonder if herself is beaming with pride that this man, Sam Has so captured the essence of our man among men?
    I agree with you on the Jamie and LJG parts, they settled in a bit too quickly, the real friendship took a little longer, but in the book we had “a little longer to read….and ponder.
    Thank you…your review is always my favorite ⚔️

  22. Kelly

    Beautifully done. Just finished the Scottish Prisioner and understand your Lord John dilemma. But the show is the show and the books are the books. I choose to enjoy the show and love the books. Really appreciate you blog!!!

  23. Thank You Beth ! It is through your brilliant recap that I do see the tiny bits I missed. I have watched this episode 3 times and I just can’t place the Poetess at the Pub scene. Will you enlighten us later Please ??

    • laruebeth

      Season one, episode The Search. The gypsies dressed one of their own like Claire and called her The Sassenach. Same actress.

  24. Barbara Smith

    Just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoy your writing. I look forward to your Outlander post each week and forward it on to my Outlander friends. Your insights are wonderful. Outlander is a work of art and your seriousness and respect for the show is very appreciated.

  25. Thanks Beth, great blog as usual. I loved episode 4 and for once most of the changes LOL. I misses the Easter Egg but I’ll check that one out later 😀 Sam was magnificent and I too hope the powers that be see what a great actor he is.
    I’m glad they showed Geneva in a kinder light and tweaked the dialogue. She was a bit of a madam but she deserved better than was planned for her.
    The only thing (well not really the only thing, but who’s counting) they omitted was Jamie giving Willie the chewed rosary when Willie became a Stinking Papist. I loved the wee snake but so wished he’d given Willie the rosary too. If Willie throws the snake at Jamie later he’s likely to cause major damage!
    I loved how they developed Isobel’s character. She is perfect for Lord John.
    With so little time I think they did a good job in developing the friendship between Jamie and Lord John. I liked the handshake, both John and Jamie looked relieved and at peace.
    It was heartbreaking to see both Jamie and Claire’s come to grips with the notion they had to let the other go to move on. The last scene with Jamie riding away from Helwater feeling he had now lost 3 children left me in tears.

  26. chicagoshari44

    Every word of your blog gets to the heart of my feelings about Season 3 episode 4. I believe I enjoyed Lord John and Jamie’s interactions a bit more. David Berry’s heart was in his eyes as Jamie roads away. But. Sam Heughan was just nothing short of incredible in this episode. Jamie is probably my favorite literary male character of all time and Sam Heughan so fully brings that character to life for me. It is such a gift.

  27. Julie

    Totally agree with you, Beth.
    SAM IS JAMIE! He is sublime througout this episode, especially in scenes with Geneva, with the baby Willie, and his departure from Helwater. I wanted to spend so much more time with Jamie and Willie!
    The offer from Jamie to Lord John should never have come before LGB’s wedding news. Didn’t work for me either.
    Nonetheless, this was Jamie’s, and Sam’s, breakthrough episode.

  28. Gael

    Just a comment that the pearls do not look authentic. Fresh water (Scottish) pearls are not perfect globes but irregular in shape..these pearls look fake.

  29. Carol Aisha Jones

    H! I too thought the Jamie/John friendship was too easy too soon. Overall I loved the episode. It made me happy/sad for J/C to accept that they must move on & make a life for themselves. Tell me what is it that Jamie says to Geneva right after she says ” i’m doing this for myself. I want my first time to be with someone like you.” It was right before they had sex. For the life of me I can’t figure it out. Do you know? I hope so! Thanks for writing another wonderful article!

  30. Wonderful review. I totally agree with all that you so beautifully wrote. It was in my opinion an incredible episode from all aspects. I often overthink some of the scenes and wonder why this or why not that. But I have to concede that the writing is superb and I love what and how they screen things. It was, as I have said before, a significant challenge to condense so much into an hour and I find myself so totally engaged and continually navigating a range of emotions in that hour. They are doing things right – if different. That’s fine with me. It’s beautiful. It’s fulfilling. It’s tragic. It’s heart wrenching. It’s spectacular. Thank you for your always engaging and thought provoking review. Looking forward to more.

  31. Dolores Friesen

    Well said, thank you. I did notice the difference between what Jamie and Clair had and what happened when Jamie was with Geneva. As he had no choice, he gave her the best sexual experience he could so she would be satisfied and hopefully no repercussions to him. I liked his explanation of the difference between sex and love and sad for Geneva would not experience that with him. The scenes with Jamie and his son Willie were excruciatingly touching and I thought Sam did an amazing job portraying all of this so well, subtle and completely believable.

  32. “In a way, he takes back some of his own power in this situation by choosing to be kind.” Beth,this is an example for the ages. Something all the trolls on SM need to read & absorb! Wonderful insight in this article, as always. 🙂

  33. Julia Korovina

    Thank you, Beth! This is very wise and moving. As always.
    We carry our memories with us and they color our new experiences. That line make a lump in my throat. Because it`s true. I`d often thinking about this since that day when my yonger brother passed away seven years ago. That day has changed everything in my life and in my parent`s family. And in me. I became another person. And his life and death became the turning point in my life experience indeed. I remember him always. And grieve. But I understand also that there is no greater sweetness than to live. And I think that Jamie and Claire understand that too.

  34. Grace Carter

    Good writing! I just started following you and am enjoying it immensely! In fact, I add your the link to your blog to my own daily newsletter!
    I’m a little late in vocalizing this, and granted, Briana is calling Clair, “Mama” once more, but truly, Brianna owes her a mother an apology for telling her she wished Claire were dead instead of Frank in the last episode of Season 2. Maybe I should be a little more forgiving, and truly, as a parent, we forgive even before our children do something wrong. Whoops, Jamie said something like that. Nonetheless, as a dedicated Outlander fan, I really would like to hear that apology, though I am reasonably certain I won’t be getting it. Your thoughts?

  35. JKCohen

    Add me to the chorus of Viewers who want to see Sam recognized for his acting. His physical beauty is no longer the first thing that grabs me in his scenes (like it did in season 1). I loved this episode and the choices made by the writers. There are plenty of complications ahead in subsequent books…I trust that they will make choices that move the story forward and craft the best dialogue and feelings for our beloved characters.

  36. Claudia Krage

    Beth, great article! Once again your comments are in line with my feelings. Also once again you saw things I missed like Jamie’s dad’s final words! I sensed the similarities of the entertainer but did not consciously put it together. I didn’t remember in the book that Jamie meant to kill LJG if he accepted his offer but makes perfect sense after BJR and Fergus.
    Award organisations will certainly lose credibility with me if Sam does not get multiple nominations and awards. His acting is spectacular! I am enjoying seeing Sam without Cait, and hoping when they are reunited that what we see is more balanced. Claire can be a strong female character and still lots of opportunity for Sam. Guess I am still sorry that we didn’t see more of Jamie’s experience with the loss of Faith.

  37. mahailia

    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blogs. I know you put great time and effort into your reflections, and they are appreciated! I look forward to reading your take on the episodes, and am always enlightened by the themes and insights you are able to glean from this amazing series! This is your best so far, and love everything you have said. I don’t think I have commented before, maybe a while back, but I am always here on your blog, and loving your writing, and all the comments. It is great to have a place to share our passion for all things Outlander! Of course, I had to read the whole series again in preparation for Season 3! I’m not disappointed, this is almost as good as Season 1. Thanks for sharing Yourself with us!

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