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Hey, I just wanted a place to practice writing and a blog seemed like a good start. I live on a lake in Southern Ohio with my husband of 40 years and my two mini doxies. I’m a high school teacher, mother of two and grandmother of six beautiful girls ( no, really, they are and I have the pictures to prove it).  My current and so far enduring interest is the Outlander series by Diana Gabaladon. I have an artistic bent, love to see places I’ve never seen before and treasure learning new things especially about old things.


10 thoughts on “About Beth

  1. Karen

    Thank you for writing about Jamie and his faith. Well thought out and beautifully written. I too have doxies (3) and am a teacher.

  2. Lee

    I had a problem with the ending of MOBY. And so far, I’ve not seen anyone address it not even Diana. Surely I am not the only one who noticed the discrepancy in the timeline when Jamie and Claire go home and Roger and Brianna go back thro the stones. If Roger and Brianna go back and its 1739 why are they able to find her parents 40 yrs later?
    What am I missing?
    My copy of the new companion came today and nothing is mentioned there and I don’t know who else to ask.

  3. Laurence

    Hi Beth,

    I am so grateful for your blog, which is very very good. Like you, Outlander and Diana Gabaldon inspired me to write. So I feel a strong connection to your content and analysis. It was exactly what I was looking for.


    • Hi Laurence! Glad you found me! I haven’t written anything Outlander related for a while, but there should be plenty to read anyway I think I wrote somewhere close 190 pieces lol! Yes, Diana is very inspiring!

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