A fond farewell…to Outlander


Good evening! I felt I owed all of my readers an explanation as to why I haven’t been writing about Outlander. Quite frankly, I just lost my desire to write reviews and critique. I love the show and the books, but I find myself in a place where I just want to watch and enjoy. The blog has brought many wonderful people into my life and was a challenging pastime that I will always be grateful for! Thank you for reading my ramblings over the years. It has been fun interacting with all of you!

God Bless,



97 thoughts on “A fond farewell…to Outlander

  1. Glory

    Thank you Beth for all your wonderful writings. I have enjoyed them so much over the years.
    I hope you will enjoy just watching the show! God Bless You and Yours.
    Glory from Bend Oregon

  2. Alison Stewart

    Best wishes and thank you Beth. Your comments and analyses were a wonderful way for me to include myself in the worldwide Outlander family – as a recent new comer but eventually an almost obsessive one at that. Your thoughts have been perceptive, touching on the bigger issues of common human experience , without the razamatazz and sensationalism and your commitment to this blog has been a testimony to your own passion and endurance.
    Enjoy your retirement from this task.
    Alison Stewart

  3. Lee

    Thanks for all of the dissecting before. It was enjoyable.
    Im older and tireder and don’t care to think too much about any shows any longer. Just don’t care.

  4. Kathy Sullivan

    Thanks so much Beth! I have been reading your blog for years and have enjoyed your insights into the story. Your blogs were just absolutely outstanding. Enjoy your time just being a watcher of Outlander! And know that we are here if you ever want to sharpen your pencil and return to blogging anytime in the months or years ahead! Best Wishes!! 👍

  5. Violet Daraitis

    Thank you for all you’ve written and for your brilliant insights. Always entertaining and always much anticipated.
    You must do what’s best for you.

  6. Nancy

    I always felt we’d eventually lose you, Beth, because of the trajectory of the story. So many readers have taken every plot, every moment to heart so that the Starz version pales. I’m sad that Outlander fans cannot get past the differences. I’m sorry for that as I am loving every dang plot, story line, etc. I have to say that Marsali and Fergus brought tears to my eyes Episode 3 – who would have thought Marsali would have become so beloved? Going forward, Outlander will always be living alive in one way or another. Be well.

  7. shanaynay35

    Good for you… Enjoy! and thanks

    On Sun, Mar 20, 2022 at 9:35 PM My Outlander Blog! wrote:

    > bethwesson posted: ” Good evening! I felt I owed all of my readers an > explanation as to why I haven’t been writing about Outlander. Quite > frankly, I just lost my desire to review and critique. I love the show and > the books, but I find myself in a place where I just ” >

  8. Well, then, thank you for all of your writing in the past! I have certainly enjoyed your perspective. And what I liked most about your blog is that the critique was sincere, and not petty, or mean. As I have found when looking at some of the Facebook pages, they can be very mean and misinformed. Yours was above that and much more intellectual, and I loved that. But, I totally understand, and if you ever change your mind at some point, I will be reading your blog again. Slainte!

  9. Elisa Litvin

    I have felt blessed with your weekly wit, insights, and love of Outlander during Seasons 1-5. Thank you for being so generous. Enjoy watching and enjoying without pressure.

  10. Parveen

    Thank you Beth for all your lovely essays on the show, I’ve always enjoyed them and will miss them. Enjoy the series going forward, just for you and the fun of the show! You write so well!

  11. Kay Seccurro

    I am sorry to no longer be able to read your thoughts on Outlander. However I understand your desire to enjoy the books and the series without the press!!ure to put your thoughts out there for other people to comment on. Enjoy your life

  12. Thanks Beth. I’ve loved reading your Blogs but I kinda find myself in the same place so I understand. I’ll no doubt see you from time to time on Through the Stones.
    Take care my friend ❤

  13. Suzanne Pilnick

    Totally understand, Beth, but have so loved your commentary. Your insights have been invaluable, and I’ve learned so much from your perspective. Be well and best of luck.

  14. Susie Brown

    I wonder if the craziness of the world in the past couple of years has taken its toll everywhere? I understand completely, Beth. Although my recaps for Outlander Homepage are in a different style to yours and certainly don’t analyse things the way that you do, it’s nevertheless been harder to get myself into the headspace to write them. I notice that others on here have said similar things. Go gently from here. Thanks so much for your insight over the past seasons. I have always loved reading your perspective. Very best wishes from Susie

    • Thanks Susie and I think you are right. I just can’t get back to where I was. It isn’t anything to do with the show. They do and have always done a wonderful job. I’m different..

      • Susan Edgell

        I think we all feel different than we used to feel. Life is just not as easy as it was and a fun hobby seems too trivial to get excited about. Maybe you’ll feel differently in the future and will return to us. 

  15. jehscribbler

    Thank you for all your previous posts. I will miss your interesting and informed takes on the series. Best wishes to you!

  16. outlanderbmarlene

    I’m very sad I’ve just found you. Please keep the site I’m reading from the beginning and enjoying so much. Enjoy your time and thank you for the long hours you have dedicated to each presentation.



  17. Jacqui Page

    I’m thinking it was inevitable. Her comments have been a blessing over the years but if she feels as I, and others, seem to, then I think Outlander has lived its life and has run its run. They have pretty much lost their way and I think, based on the quality of the writing in Diane Gabaldon’s last book I think she is also past it. I think it will whimper to an end.


  18. Brenda Walls

    I am right here with you. Still love the books and the show, but now just want to continue to read and watch the show. Hard to get away from what is happening in real life right now! I certainly hope to continue to enjoy the books and the episodes, but everything in our real life situations have changed me!

  19. snowdrop47

    Thank you Beth for all your fascinating comments. We will miss your thoughts and insights. I hope you enjoy watching the series for yourself.

  20. Marge Metzger

    The books and the show have been wonderful and so is the discussion! I really loved reading your blog and I hope that you’ll just continue to enjoy outlander in the future. Thank you! Marge

    Sent from Marge’s iPhone.Have a great day!


  21. Celia Toohey

    Best wishes to you!! You deserve a break!

    On Sun, Mar 20, 2022 at 9:36 PM My Outlander Blog! wrote:

    > bethwesson posted: ” Good evening! I felt I owed all of my readers an > explanation as to why I haven’t been writing about Outlander. Quite > frankly, I just lost my desire to review and critique. I love the show and > the books, but I find myself in a place where I just ” >

  22. Connie Roden

    Hi Beth,
    Thank you for your heartfelt interpretation of all the episodes of the Outlander series. You have a talent for writing and I hope that you pursue it in some form in the future.
    I totally understand your need to just let it rest and enjoy the series and the stories on their own merit. Life itself has become an overwhelming challenge for everyone. Even if we are not being directly affected by the incredible sadness and hardship that is engulfing so many millions of people. We are witness to it and at such times we must let go of the things that weigh us down and concentrate on what is important and means something in our own lives. Hold those things close. Be well and peace to you.

  23. Dear Beth,
    I hope when you feel you have something compelling to share, you still will. I too have benefited from your insights about our favorite characters and storylines but when writing becomes a chore rather than an energizing activity, it is time to set it aside. I guess what I’m saying is “I’m still hear listening when you have something to say!”
    Thank you for what you have given so freely in the past! ~Emily

  24. You will be missed Beth. I looked forward to your commentary very much. No one wrote like you, there’s so many imitators out there but no one ever came close to your wisdom & passion. Your insight was always a surprise to me. Good luck in all you do. ❤️

  25. You will be missed Beth. I always looked forward to your commentary. You were insightful & brilliant, there’s so many imitators out there but none came close to your wisdom & passion. Good luck in all you do in the future. ❤️

  26. Linda Canfield

    Burnout happens often when something you love suddenly become a less rewarding challenge. Vaya con Dios, and know i feel very blessed to have met you and always enjoyed your perspectives.

  27. Cheryl Marshall

    Thank you Beth! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts every single time. Live changes and we move on…. I will miss your emails – thank you for sharing your writing talents – it made my world a little bit brighter.

  28. Beth, thanks for all your posts!
    I particularly recall the post about obsessions that you published at the end of season 3 ( I think it was that season).

    Great insights, food for thought, and entertaining reading.
    Thanks again! Enjoy your viewing 😉

  29. Trish Cullen

    Beth it has been a real joy reading your thoughts and comments over the past few years, thank you! Enjoy not having the extra pressure! Arohanui, Trish

    Sent from my iPhone


  30. Cathy Ritter

    I’m sorry you’ve decided to stop posting your thoughts on Outlander. I really enjoyed your point of view

    Cathy Ritter

    Sent from my iPhone

  31. Leesa Rigby

    Beth, I am going to miss your wonderful commentary. It always seeemed to match my thoughts, You are so talented & I really hope that you will return at some point. wishing you much success in all that you do. Thank you for all that you have added to my Outlander experience!❤️

  32. Dorothy Lakner

    So sorry to hear you will no longer be posting your thoughts on Outlander. I will miss your insightful Commentaries, the best, most balanced and thoughtful of the bunch, in my view. Thank you for enriching Outlander for me!

  33. Lorrie Grainger Abdo

    Wow, I hope you’re feeling the love from all these comments! After each show would air I would refresh my email frequently to get your take on it. Then I would rewatch with new things to look for and think about. Much like a good book club discussion, your points enriched the experience of watching. You were never fueled by drama and managed being a book-lover and show-lover masterfully. Transferring your energy to other things is so understandable. We’ve probably all done that in one way or another in life now. Best wishes!

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