She feels a little like the Wife of Bath… the wedding night.


imageIt’s coming. The night we’ve all been waiting for! The wedding. The wedding night. The deflowering of the virgin in the wedding bed!

Leave it to Diana Gabaldon to have the virgin in this situation be the man. Twenty-three year old James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser is a virgin.  This episode is just gonna be all kinds of delicious and I can’t hardly wait to get a taste.

I know this isn’t my typical blog article where I look into the deeper issues of why these books are great. But…guys…we are going to get to SEE Jamie and Claire make love!  I think this REQUIRES me take a departure from my norm.  There are a lot of things I enjoy about the books; the history, Scotland, Claire’s skill as a healer, and the conflicts Diana challenges her characters to overcome.  But…my Outlander loving brothers and sisters… Diana writes a pretty damn hot sex scene! And…we……see…one of the best…soon!

Episode six was wonderful! BJR in all his evil glory, one of the scariest men in fiction and now TV. I enjoyed every minute and was thrilled that non-readers got an accurate portrayal of the man and his fascination for Jamie! Excellent TV.  But, did you see that last scene? Yep, they are getting married and it’s next Saturday. I’m wondering who is going to be the first fan to post the “wedding feast” they planned for their viewing party.  I’m so excited that I broke down and watched next weeks preview and a slo-mo version that slows the “action” down.  The “action” looked pretty good to me!

I predict, quick somebody write down the date and time, that this episode will turn some naysayers in to little versions of Meg Ryan in the infamous Harry Met Sally restaurant scene. Outlander? Yes, yes, yes!  This episode will help folks understand why we love Jamie and Claire. Think of all the sweet and tender moments.  Think of all the heart-warming humor. And, think of Claire taking Jamie in hand, literally.

Claire gets to initiate Jamie into the joys of sex.  I love Claire’s reflection that she felt a little like the Wife of Bath.  She’s the experienced one and it’s a hell of a twist.  A woman is the one guiding and educating. And, according to Claire her new husband is a fast learner.  Jamie’s innocence is charming and people are just going to fall in love.

Ok…and this might be the best part, this is just the beginning. Another prediction! Waterweed and hedgehogs are going to become very popular!  I’ve purchased a few hedgehogs as wedding gifts. 😏  I’m also predicting a baby boom in about 9 months from episode six….just sayin.  The names Claire and Jamie might be making a resurgence in popularity.

And finally….Herself, “…Man you have one fine ass” . Enough said.




17 thoughts on “She feels a little like the Wife of Bath… the wedding night.

  1. kathy redd

    Ep 6 you say? Good to know. I love your
    blog. I just watched Ep 2 AGAIN and I’m almost finished “Dragonfly in Amber” for the second time. When the time is right I would love to talk (rant) about this book with you!

  2. kateleslie1

    Beth — That scene of 2 people talking is Claire & BJR…I’m pretty sure. It’s the scene where Dougal takes Claire to see the Redcoat in charge of Ft. William. It happens to be BJR. I read somewhere that Ron created a more in-depth scene than what was in the book. Dougal takes her away afterwards…and that’s when he approaches the subject of Claire marrying Jamie — to save her from a near-future scheduled “interview” with BJR.

  3. I believe the Episode 6 conversation referred to is that between Claire and Black Jack. I have heard it is 20 minutes of pure brilliance! Don’t get me wrong. Episode 7, “The Wedding,” will, I’m sure, be the best thing since sliced bread.

  4. susie

    I find it very interesting that Starz supplied the first six episodes to many critics but kept back number seven. Seems to me that want that special episode to be a surprise for everyone.

  5. amorley552014

    Read it was 4 more episodes…thought that counted tonight’s episode. Guess we are not that fortunate. They must be enjoying our pain! I am positive of it. We will have to think of a punishment.

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