DHs, BFs and Outlander on Starz…..are critics counting these guys?


imageAs I’m sure you all know, there is a lot of discussion out there on all things Outlander! In fact, several Twitter folk say they’ve never seen a TV series receive this much attention. I don’t know. I guess I never cared enough about another TV series to notice! But, Outlander? Yep, I care. And because I care, I’ve been watching all the media hi jinx.  It makes me chuckle.

One of the biggest issues being debated is whether Outlander will appeal to people who have not read the books.  Critics don’t seem concerned about the show attracting women who haven’t read Ms. Gabaldon’s novel. But men? They aren’t sure they’ll tune in. However, I think there is a male population the critics have failed to take into account…DHs and BFs.  For those who need a Twitter translation, dear husbands and boyfriends.

Almost every article written about Outlander’s rapidly approaching premier mentions the fan base.  They call us fervid, devoted, loyal, passionate, committed, and “Rabid” grrrrrr!  (Excuse me gotta wipe the foam off my mouth)  Along with these colorful and mostly positive adjectives, they always mention our size.  There are a lot of us.  And that’s my point. There are a lot of us that have DHs and BFs that are ….wait for it….men!  And guess where a lot of those men will be on August 9th? On the couch beside their significant others having a dram and watching Outlander.

I know these women.  They make things happen.  From the day they announced that our beloved book was being made into a TV series, I have been engaged with them on social media.  It’s been a wonderful experience.  They are witty, wise, creative, clever, caring and kind. (And some are a bit naughty #cgng) They come from a huge range of occupations and educational backgrounds; doctors, lawyers, authors (hello Jodi Picoult), homemakers, business women, etc……. But, the one thing they all have in common is their love of the Outlander series of books and it follows, Outlander on Starz.  They are passionate people so, it once again follows that they would share their love.  We talk about Outlander. We recruit.  Our husbands and boyfriends WILL be watching.

Please don’t think these men are being forced through some sort female machinations to watch a show they do not want to watch.  This isn’t the case at all.  Now, I’ll admit there will be men watching because they want to please their wives and girlfriends, but a lot of them are genuinely interested.  After-all, some of these men have been hearing about Outlander for over twenty years.  That is certainly enough time to extoll the virtues of Frank, Jamie and Claire’s story.

But, what about those guys who are watching to please? Well, because Starz decided to let fans watch the first episode early, I’m in the unique position of knowing how those men reacted to episode 101.  They liked it. Take a gander at the reports on Twitter and Facebook.  They are full of stories of men, DHs, BFs and brothers, fathers, uncles, co-workers, who not only enjoyed the show, but are anxious to watch it again.

Currently, there is a population of male fans who call themselves Outmanders.  I think their ranks are about to grow!