All The Way Home: A Look At The Role Of Sex In Outlander 03×06 “A. Malcolm”



My new article written with Brooke Corso!


22 thoughts on “All The Way Home: A Look At The Role Of Sex In Outlander 03×06 “A. Malcolm”

  1. Nancy C.

    How wonderful to have two like minds discussing our beloved Jamie and Claire (and Dianna) etc., etc. Thank you for a perfect surprise morning read! One thing, however, I believe Jamie had sex with one other woman whose name I won’t say. With tongue in cheek, I say ONLY one more week to go!

  2. Andrea Atalay

    So interesting that in these scenes Jamie is, as always, more verbally adept and expressive then Claire (the passage you quote, the passage about having no name, the question about taking a chance. ) Can’t think of another example in literature (or TV or film) where the woman uses sex and the man uses words as their primary forms of intimate communication.

    Oh, Diana. Thank you.

  3. Joan Tinnin

    Excellent blog. Excellent. I will say that some of Jamie’s chastity, I believe, was his vow to Claire. Which is one of the main things that destroyed him re BJR’s horrendous treatment of him. He believed he had broken his vow to her by his moment of release. Through no fault of his own. Just a thought. Plus his belief They’d find each other

  4. Great insight as always Beth and I love your co blogger. I’m so looking forward to seeing Episode 6. This scene has to be one of my favorites from the entire series. I can feel Claire anticipation as she opens the door to the print shop. I get butterfly’s imagining Jamie’s face when he realizes Claire is real. Oh the joy, excitement they both feel – so wonderfully written by Diana. It’s at this point that I feel the real story of Jamie and Claire begins……they are together forever no longer alone!!

  5. Jackie M.

    Thank you for your insights! As a woman in her 40s, this helps me understand my own views about mature sexuality, and helps me see the depths of Ms. Galbadon’s characters. Bravo!

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