A Rare Love…A reflection on Outlander 3.5 ” Freedom and Whisky”



I was prepared to hate that shop bell.  I had convinced myself that the episode would end with Claire opening that door and ringing that bell.  I was anticipating an exasperating cliff hanger.  We got a cliffhanger alright, but to my delight it wasn’t the one I was expecting.  Instead of groaning out loud my frustration as the credits rolled by, I found myself sharing Claire’s intake of breath at the sound of a voice recognizably Jamie’s.  I walked with her across that shop speechless, unable to answer his inquiry.  I held my breath as she came closer to the opening between the shop and the press room and saw Jamie’s back bent over the machine.  I could feel her tearful joy as she struggled to find words to speak and let him know she was there.  I watched his reaction as his body stiffened at the sound of her voice and as he turned with an almost comical look of suspicion.  His narrowed eyes suddenly flew wide and as she tearfully smiled down on him, the reality overwhelmed and he fell, “rather gracefully for a large man”.  Claire’s concerned face was the most satisfying cliffhanger moment I’ve ever experienced.  I was tearfully smiling. Bravo. Well done.

It’s the well done part that I want to reflect on.  I told a fellow fan after last week’s episode that I feel like I’m saying the same things over and over.  Everything has been so well done, so lovingly created, that I have found very little to “discuss”!  My critique hasn’t been very critical and I’m starting to see what those early reviewers saw in these first six episodes.

..But tucked inside Outlander‘s salacious exterior is an intelligent, well-acted drama about the nature of love and intimacy, with an often radical position on sex…. NPR

…not just as a filler of the Game of Thrones void, but as an emotionally rich, powerful piece of storytelling in its own right…Vulture

.Then there is a bit more, an important addition that scales the Golden Globe nominated series to a new level. By that bit more, I mean that Balfe and Heughan are stronger than ever this year, as is the excellent Menzies… Deadline

Often the Starz drama is lauded for its incredible set and costume design and ambitious cinematic scope, but the series’ pensive, poetic exploration of the human heart’s mysteries, and the quixotic nobility of commitment, is singularly brilliant and underappreciated in the realm of top shelf TV dramas…Salon

……Over the past two seasons of the show, it’s become obvious that they’ve all worked hard to make the emotional bonds among their characters meaningful and even a little unpredictable…Variety

It has been well acted, beautifully produced, and intelligently…written.



They do know what they’re doing

I see pictures of the fans with the cast from one “con” or another and even though it would be nice to meet them, the folks I really want to meet are the writers!  I’m fascinated.  I’m intrigued by how they are able to walk that fine line of honoring the source material and creating the show’s own independent personality and identity.  This week they fleshed out a story arc from the book about Claire’s decision to leave Brianna and go back through the stones. In my opinion, this time in Boston was a needed bridge between Claire’s future and her past.  Starz hashtag for the episode #impossiblechoices couldn’t have been more apt.  I had always wondered how Claire could possibly have come to terms with leaving her daughter.  I couldn’t imagine how she could do it!.  They had to make this okay for us.  They had to find a way to communicate why this woman would risk everything to go back. I needed to see how she arrived at that decision. What I didn’t expect to see was a bigger truth about the nature of love.

True love is rare. 


The Voyage to the Print Shop

I am fascinated with how the writers were able to get us to that print shop scene.  They have been drawing us a map to a true love’s reunion for the last three seasons.

Season 1


Claire spends the first half of the season fighting her attraction to Jamie.  We are able to see that she is in danger of loving him.  Jamie asks her if what he feels when he lies with her is normal between a man and a woman.  Claire shakes her head and admits that, “No”, what there is between them is different.  We watched them grow closer and then there is the aftermath of Wentworth. In the Abbey, Jamie tries to send her away, but Claire won’t let him.  She tells him and us that the only way she can make sense of all that has happened to her is to believe it is because they are meant to be together and that she will take him anyway she can get him.


Season 2


In season 2, we see them trying to find a way back to each other.  We see them fighting for their relationship.  They always do find a way back to each other despite all that happens and stands in their way.  When he takes her to the stones the second time, there is no doubt that their love is rare, mutual and passionate, “You are my home” insists Claire.  “And you mine, but this home is lost”, Jamie promises that not even death will separate them, “I will find you”. Claire’s anguished cries when she knows herself to be back in the future are heart-breaking.


Season 3


This season they have led us to the print shop door by showing us how empty Jamie and Claire’s lives are without each other, but they have also shown us how rare their love really is.  Jamie is constantly reminded of Claire.  Her memories color everything for him.  He is a shell of himself without her.  We see both Jamie and Claire live with the knowledge that they have lost a love they will never experience again.  Everyone around them, Bree, Joe, Roger, Jenny, Ian, John. know that they have lived a “half-life” without their hearts.  When Frank asks if Claire could have forgotten Jamie with time she tells him, “That amount of time doesn’t exists”.  Jamie lights a candle for Claire because he remembers her …always.  Their love is mutual and rare.  Claire loved Frank, but whatever she felt for him paled in comparison to what she feels for Jamie.When Geneva asks Jamie what is the difference between love and what she feels, Jamie tells her that love is when you give your heart and soul to someone and they give theirs in return.  It is the “in return” part that this episode highlights.

The scene that brought this all in to focus for me was the scene with Sandy the mistress and Claire.  At first, I was incensed for Claire. This woman had no real idea what things were like between Frank and Claire and why they stay together.  Claire wasn’t trying to have it all!  Claire wasn’t being selfish.  But, then I rewound the scene.

“You should have let him go. … All those years you never wanted him, but you wouldn’t give him up. He told me he stayed with you for Brianna, but I knew a part of him was still in love with you and always would be no matter how much you broke his heart. I had to live with that because he was the love of my life and I wanted him even if it meant I had to share him with you.  I could have made him happy, but you were selfish you wanted it all.  So, you lived a lie and made Frank and Brianna live it too. You threw away 20 years with him and I would give anything just to have one more day.

Sandy just encapsulated the desperate state of most relationships.  She was talking about her relationship with Frank, but ironically, she could have been talking about Frank’s relationship with Claire. “… but I knew a part of him was still in love with you and always would be no matter how much you broke his heart. I had to live with that because he was the love of my life and I wanted him even if it meant I had to share him with you.”  Frank knew Claire still loved Jamie, but he lived with it because she was the love of his life.  He too believed he could make her happy.  They lived a lie alright, but it wasn’t because Claire wouldn’t let Frank go. The lie they lived was because Frank loved Claire more than she loved him and he couldn’t let go. Sandy lived in discreet shadows because she loved Frank more than he loved her and she couldn’t let go.  I wonder how many people hang on to relationships where the love isn’t mutual. How many settle for less.  I believe to love and be loved equally is the exception not the rule.

Frank and Claire’s marriage didn’t work because there wasn’t enough time for her to ever forget her love of Jamie and his love of her. Sandy also reminded me that it has been twenty years.  Twenty sad and lonely years, pining for the person with whom Claire can be her true self.  What wouldn’t any of us give for just one more day with the love of our lives?  What would Claire be willing to give or risk for the chance of one more day with Jamie?

Brianna reminds her mother that if what she felt for Jamie was that powerful, she must trust that he feels the same.  She wants her mother to be happy and she knows without Jamie that will never happen.  She reassured Claire that she is her mother’s daughter and that she will be fine.  “He gave me to you. Now, I must give you back to him”. The decision to leave is made because the chance to love and be loved equally and passionately is the greatest reward any of us could hope to obtain and the only thing worth the risk.

The answer to Claire’s question is “no” to have gone once is not enough because to experience true love is worth the voyage again.  Claire decides she will once again travel beyond the moon to find and live in a rare and mutual love.



“My marriage to Jamie had been for me like the turning of a great key, each small turn setting in the intricate fall of tumblers within me. Bree had been able to turn that key as well, edging closer to the unlocking of the door of myself. But the final turn of the lock was frozen–until I had walked into the print shop in Edinburgh, and the mechanism had sprung free with a final, decisive click.”
― Diana GabaldonVoyager








106 thoughts on “A Rare Love…A reflection on Outlander 3.5 ” Freedom and Whisky”

  1. momt14

    Beautiful! I felt every anguish Claire felt. I’m not sure I could’ve left my child. She certainly stepped out in her faith of Jamie’s love. I was so happy we were left with their knowledge of each other’s presence rather than a “fade to black” bell. Brilliant use of the book’s prologue to transition to the 18th century. We didn’t need another departure at the stones to know she went there. My only disappointment is Joe not breaking out in song.

  2. Beth, yet again, you have expressed perfectly what we all think and feel but are incapable of putting into words. Caitriona Balfe’s acting, her range of emotions in this episode particularly as she enters Jamie’s print shop, was exceptional. I actually had tears in my eyes as she went up those steps, entered, and then heard Jamie’s voice and saw him. Just pure raw emotion. This series has excelled all expectations. Wonderful acting, script, production, and direction. But once again, thank you for your perfect commentary!

  3. Sheila Morisette

    I was disappointed in the “Faint” I am a nurse and only the first few seconds of it when he felt shaky and reached behind himself for the support of the desk looked real. The actual faint didn’t look real, Jamie isn’t the fainting type so he would have really experienced the sudden drop in blood pressure, his face would have whitened and he would have “sunk” to the floor loosing conscience as he went, instead he looked and landed like he had thrown himself down. Would also liked to have seen her through the stones and how she got to town. That and the only other thing I felt bad about was the fight Claire had with Jaime to try and bring him back to himself at the Abby after what happened to him at Wentworth Prison. That transition had to have been longer, harder, and more violent than was presented. However I am a die hard fan, have read the books and all in all feel the rest of the job they have done is quite remarkable. I appreciate your views and opinions, thanks for hearing mine.

    • LOL! I wouldn’t haven idea whether fainted correctly or not. I loved the quote from the book and the transition. I agree that the end of 13 might have been the biggest mister they have made. Overall, I am very impressed.

    • shae

      Hi Sheila – Regarding the faint. As accomplished an actor as Sam is, I don’t think he can physically make the blood drain from his head, turn white and crumple appropriately. LOL. That would be difficult to do. Maybe they could have done it with CGI in the computer lab during editing, but I thought the expression in his eyes said it all. Doubt, suspicion and then realization it was really her. His reaching back to hang onto the desk was the perfect segue into his fall. I understand it took many, many takes to get the fall correct. I imagine poor Sam was about ready to faint for real by the end….and probably received several black and blue marks in the process.

      Beth, as always, your remarks are on target and your sensitivity to these characters and the people who are responsible for this production is astute. Thank you for saying what so many of us are thinking but are unable to put into words. And thank you for finding things we didn’t look deep enough to see. Your blog always enhances my enjoyment of the episodes.

  4. Gosh Beth. That’s so true about equal love and the lack thereof.
    I wondered why they chose the distrustful look because in the book he says he had seen her many times- which we see at Culloden, at Lallybroch.
    I wanted an unadulterated happy face because he was seeing her. Not turning slowly. A quick oh there you are again turn around. But this implies some trick or someone playing with his private feelings.
    I hope there is some laughter and joy next. It’s been pretty heavy.
    I love the peaceful times on the ridge between events. Take a breath and enjoy and luxuriate in what you’ve described as ultimate love.

    • shae

      I think any distrust was at himself because each time over the last 20 years he thought he saw Claire it was all in his head. I think the unadulterated happy face will be in abundance in spades next episode. Both he and Claire.

    • Judy11

      Whenever Jamie saw he in the past – she never spoke to him thus his reaction in the print shop to hearing her voice, not just seeing her face.

      • Laine A.

        In the book, Jamie fainted when she touched the bridge of his nose where she noticed a new (to her) healed fracture. That’s when he realized she was real, not just another one of his visions (the white draped ghostly Claire on Culloden moor also spoke to him, asking if he was alive and he answered “Leave me be”).

        For some reason, the TV people separated them, posing Claire high up and lighting her like an angel in a choir loft. This was somewhat illogical as Jamie had never fainted before at his visions of her, found them comforting in a way.

  5. Adi Tamir

    Beth, you have such a wonderful way with words! Everything you wrote is what I was thinking while watching episode 5 but you put it all together for me. The episode was done so well that for me it felt like 5 minutes. The writing, the acting the timing the enormous emotion was all there. What you wrote about true love, is something I have thought about for many years. True love is very rare. This is the beautiful story of one of those rare cases. That’s why we are so drawn to it. Looking forward to your next installment after episode 6!

  6. Carol

    Thank you for your insight. I watch the show, and although I am paying attention I seem to miss a lot of things (probably my ADD and I’m 75 yrs old) so I read your postings and then I rewatch and everything is much clearer. Makes me feel less oblivious. Thanks again.

  7. Anne Hetherington

    Absolutely, I felt that the Sandy scene also reminded Claire that she would give almost anything to have one more day with Jamie, and that’s what changed her mind to maybe try to go.

  8. Wonderful! And the episode itself…ahhhhhh, sniff! It was SO good. Loved the way they worked the puddle narrative into it for the transition. Yay! I watched it on Prime, and nothing was on there about a 2 week wait for Episode 6. Apparently that’s a thing? Yucko. It’s tough enough to wait ONE week! lol


  9. Debra McCurdy

    Beth, I couldn’t wait to read your blog after episode 5. I too sat in wonder of the writers as I watched. They always manage to keep the tension in the storyline. I knew where the story was going, but not how. This season is spectacular. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I too would love to meet the writers and you.

  10. Donna R. Brown

    Once again very well put. I loved this episode! When I started watching it, I saw everything I’d read in the book…and the bones that Joe had on the table! The only part missing from that piece was when started saying the leg bone connected to the other parts….WE know who those bones belong to, don’t we! I also understood why some of the other parts of the book that weren’t there…but it still worked…a job well done! I actually held my breath when Claire opened that print shop door! I’ve watched it three times in one night and I’m going to watch it again when he comes back on. I absolutely loved it! Can’t wait for the next episode… And PLEASE don’t forget those pictures Claire brought for Jamie so he could actually see his daughter! They play an important part further into the story of Voyager…

    Love these postings! Great Synopsis of what’s happened so far….too many out there are trying to do what you’re doing here but they haven’t even read the books! Keep up the great work!

      • Donna R. Brown

        True, but I bothers me that those who write their opinions on these beloved characters haven’t a clue about them except for the episode they are currently watching…if you haven’t read ANY of the books, then you can’t possibly really KNOW Claire and Jamie, their entire story, especially NOT what they’ve gone through that has made them who they are…who we see now…some make comments that they don’t understand who Jamie could be friends with Sir John Grey, and I can say is if you’d read the books then you’d know…they’ll never truly “Get it” because they haven’t read the books like we have, so I say once again…THANK YOU, so much for writing this blog so that those of who have read the books can have an honest conversation about it…

      • I enjoy hearing from those folks who are viewers only too. It is a good barometer of what has been successfully communicated. I think there is room at the table for everyone. Glad you’re here.

  11. Susan Mills

    Thank you for giving me another perspective on this episode. It was my least favourite as I just wanted to get on with it but I know can appreciate the why. You are right, they needed to do this to help viewers understand why and how she could make the decision to leave her daughter.
    And the end…I too thought the bell would be it. Her hopeful and terrified face was incredible. Caitriona Balfe is incredible in this scene.
    The faint was a bit melodramatic but I can forgive Sam almost anything!!!! Can’t wait for Oct 22!!!! Too far!!!!

    • Donna R. Brown

      lol… Jamie probably thought Claire was a ghost, that he was seeing things (The scene had to be altered a little for tv) and don’t forget the time period and how superstitious people could be then, that and the fact he thought she was likely dead since so much time had gone by, just like she thought he was dead until she started digging for information about him…I think anyone would fall out if they thought the love of their was dead and then they suddenly appear out of, basically, thin air…just saying…

  12. Jenny Pertiller

    I have to admit that I was impatient while watching this episode. It seemed to move slowly for me when I wanted them to hurry up and get Claire back to Jamie. But, after reading your thoughts, I need to go back to watch and notice how well the dialog and acting leads Claire to her decision. Thank you for once again providing a thoughtful analysis. I will watch the episode again tonight!

  13. Brenda Treants

    Oh yes, these people working to stay true to the original words written, and keep the story line moving within the short (very short) TV time frame are remarkable at their craft!!! As we who are true fans of the books as well as the series will atest- tell us the story-keep all that you are able to keep, and get these two people who ARE CLARE & JAMIE to us now -TOGETHER-there is too much good action left to share with us to have to wait so long to tell the “rest of the story” !!!

  14. Dolores Friesen

    Once again, thank you so much for the recap and acknowledging the brilliant writing that has been bringing the original story (book) to life! I thoroughly loved what they did with the episode and I think I am beginning to “get” the little changes. At first, I did not like the Sandy part and thought “ugh” and why do we have to use up time and space with her? But then after reflecting on what she said about her love for Frank, it made me think about how this would actually help Claire to have the courage to return to look for Jamie. Of course, Sandy was completely mistaken about Claire being the selfish one, but that would only be her perspective. The other thing I began to realize is that Claire has been portrayed so far this season as a person who is only half there, flattened affect and voice, seriously straight-faced, hair flattened and boring, clothing strict and somber, kind of a walking dead person, except when she is with Brianna she is more animated especially when she is able to tell her about her real father. And I think that is portrayed that way on purpose. Because in the very last scene of this episode where she sees Jamie in the print shop she seems to come alive again. And his face, OMG, so many emotions, suspicion (is this another dream or hallucination?) then OMG she is really there? and then the faint. The faint, which as described in the book, was quite graceful for a man his size. I am a nurse, too, and I thought the faint was pretty credible. And I did not want to see Jamie get hurt (again). I thought the acting on all main characters part was stellar.

    Thanks for reading this is just my chance to weigh in on your Blog which is a very good place to share thoughts and I truly enjoy it!

    • I totally agree with you about Jamie’s look while turning around. Of course he would be suspicious. He’d dreamt and “seen” her when she wasn’t there. How could he now suddenly leap to acceptance immediately. Plus, it made for such a great moment of drama as her face goes from her “awakening” as you point out (being alive for the first time) to the shock and concern than he’s crumbled to the floor (very un-Jamie-like). A powerful scene made all the more so because of the layers they built leading up to it.

  15. eataylo1

    Once again you have perfectly captured why Outlander, both the books and the show, resonate so truly with the audience. It has been said that all of us hope for our Jamie, most of us settle for our Frank, and even those of us who have experienced BJR have a need to believe in the kind o love that Claire and Jamie share. Thank you for your wonderful insights!!

  16. Nancy Matty

    I’ve just started reading your blog and enjoy it very much. Your insights resonate with my feelings for outlander that I can’t quite put inot words. I think in our hearts we are romantics with the ability to love as Jamie and Claire do but as you say it is rare and we make do. I am In love with Jamie and Claire’s love.

  17. Nancy C.

    As usual and always, thanks Beth! This episode was one of the best for me. It solidified Brianna and Roger in my mind – they came alive for me. Those sweet smiles. Ahhh. When Roger gives Brianna the Charles Dickens, the look of his face just moved me …

    I loved that Claire and Brianna were able to come together in such a loving, compassionate way. Needed to see that and feel it. Claire’s depth of love for Brianna came through pretty powerfully for me.

    Most of this episode had me on the verge of tears. However, at the very end – right after Jamie faints – I adored that bit of music played and the look in Claire’s face was priceless. And I smiled. Ooh, they’re really back together!!

    • shae

      Speaking of music in that scene…..when she first reaches to open the door the music builds up like it would cue the cliffhanger. They were PLAYING WITH US! They made us all believe that would be where it stopped! I think we all exhaled dramatically as we all holding our breath for ‘fade to black’. The writers know us too well. And then the camera switches to a position inside the door.

      And then leaving us at the close with a laugh. I laughed out loud each time I’ve watched that final second after he falls and Claire’s face looks, how would you describe it? Shocked? Humor! Well done writers.

      • Nancy C.

        Yep, that ending was just the greatest little second in time. I think it was that incredible blend of both shock and humor that’s we’ve come to love with these writers. So miniscule at the end of this episode but so packed with emotion. Maybe my favorite “scene”.

      • Mc

        I noticed that too Shae when the camera switches position inside the door is when my heart sank. I became Claire at that moment especially hearing his voice. I loved how you could tell he knew it was her before turning around. The way his shoulders stiffened. They would know each other from far away. The story comes alive as soon as they are together. They are magic.

  18. Marge

    I thought the same as you about Sandy. But also what she said was really what Claire would have said about Jamie, the love of her life – to have him back was worth everything. Otherwise, I would have thrown my glass of wine in her face 😉 Love your thoughtful reviews!

  19. Marge

    I also love the details of the Bat suit and utility belt with the Batman music but especially the transition through the PUDDLE – beautifully written and so suitable

    • Nancy C.

      Gosh, yes! That puddle was a brilliant move, wasn’t it? Reminded me of when Claire got off the plane and reached out for Frank’s hand only to take hold of Jamie’s (Season 2). I so love our Outlander writers!

      • Mc

        Yes the puddle referencing the passage in the beginning of book 1. Wasn’t it? Perfect. I was shocked. Never predicted the ending. I was sure it would end with the bell. Boy did they get us! 😊

  20. Like many others, I think this is the best season so far and in all three seasons I have been in awe of the tremendous job that the writers have done of navigating the rich, weighty source material to create episodic TV. I have had nothing but total admiration for their efforts, the overall production values and for the actors’ expression of the material. To be honest, I have not seen any changes to the source material that have concerned me until last night’s ‘Freedom and Whiskey.’

    One of the things I like most about Claire is the common sense that she uses to approach and succeed in her new reality. In trying to sort out my feelings about this episode, I wondered if I was unduly influenced by some other time travel novels I’ve read where the main protagonist relied to some degree on modern trappings to navigate their new world/existence. The Ruby Brooch, by Katherine Lowery Logan comes to mind. In that book, the heroine regularly uses a fair number of anachronistic items to navigate the American Western Frontier.

    In Voyager, the only ‘modern’ thing that I can recall Claire taking through the stones are some photographs of Brianna and several peanut butter sandwiches. I seem to recall that she worried about eating the sandwiches while in the mail coach on the way to Edinburgh and worried about disposing of the sandwich wrappings for fear that their ‘difference’ would be noted. That made sense to me.

    What didn’t make sense last night was Claire stuffing her period correct hidden pockets with antibiotics, syringes and scalpels. Given that superstitions about witchcraft are still alive and well in the mid-18th century world, why would the writers allow her to take that chance. I know this is a little thing, but in the whole scheme of things it didn’t seem necessary to make this deviation. I also seem to remember that in the books going forward, Claire spends a great deal of time in her still room on Fraser’s Ridge trying to make some of those life saving drugs that wouldn’t come into existence until much later.

    Trust me when I tell you that I am not a book purist, but this one little thing bugged me.

    • Jenny Pertiller

      Actually in Voyager, Claire takes a syringe and some penicillin tablets with her. She used them to save Jamie from infection after that horrid woman, Laoghaire, shot him. She used it again to save Young Ian from a possible syphilis infection after his rescue in Jamaica. I think she lost the rest when they were shipwrecked in America at the end of Voyager. That explains her desperation to figure out how to make it on Fraser’s Ridge.

      p.s. Isn’t it funny how we argue over these fictional characters? A testament to good writing that they seem so real!

      • Thank you, Jenny. It’s been a good while since I read the books and didn’t remember anything but the pictures and the sandwiches. That makes me feel much better. You guess I’ll have to go back a reread Voyager. It was one of my favorites.

        As to your comment concerning the “realness” of these characters, you are dead right that it is a hallmark of DG’s writing. As readers we are able to love and hate these characters often with the same depth of emotion we’d have for real people.

      • Laine A.

        I found it very strange that both book and TV Claire confide they “stole” the syringes and penicillin from the hospital. You’d think as a surgeon, she’d PAY FOR these items! It was a shabby and out of character move, sort of like a kleptomaniac who can afford the items she steals.

    • Donna R. Brown

      You mentioned a deviation in reference to the penicillin. It’s not really a deviation if you remember in chapter 36 page 452 it’s mention that Claire has penicillin tablets. They had to be dissolved…she knew the limits of medicine in those days and if you remember, she mentioned that 20th century medicine would beat medicine from the 18th century…I hope I have the century right….😊…it’s in the book that she brought those things and the needles for injecting if necessary…that’s why everything is hidden in those pockets…thank goodness she didn’t have to be worried about going through TSA back then or it would have been confiscated…

    • Donna R. Brown

      And you’re right she does spend time making penicillin on Fraser’s Ridge, but that’s later….by then, she’s used up the supply she’d brought with her…

  21. I am constantly amazed at your ability to put my thoughts into words and we have never met! It must be our mutual love of Outlander, Diana Gabaldon, Ron D Moore, Sam Heughan, Caitriona, etc., etc. I think you should write a book of your own, you have a God given talent for expressing thoughts, feelings and all things literary. Please keep sharing and I will keep reading.

  22. Nancy C.

    Guess I just can’t shut it. But looking back at your snapshots from seasons past, Beth, I am reminded how so very vested I’m in with this series. To the book folks (and I am one of them), so hope that we all are jumping onboard the tv series as it is the best thing on tv in a very long time. Each season, every character, every important detail was in one way or another beautifully covered. IMO, of course. I am just being carried away with love, bordering on obsessive. Maybe, probably.

    I hope this series gets to run its course. All of it. I realized I’m going to kind of old by the end – but what a way to age!

    Thanks Beth, for being a forum for us to say things that are near and dear to us.

  23. You did it again Beth 😀 Love how you so beautifully recap every episode. Unrequited love can be so destructive. I wasn’t angry at Sandy for confronting Claire in fact I felt even sorrier for her as she was obviously heartbroken by Frank’s death. I’ve always felt Frank used Claire as a shield to divert overly marriage minded mistresses.
    Sandy was wrong in assuming it was Claire who clung onto Frank even when admitting she knew Frank still loved Claire. So very sad for all concerned to be caught up in a net of unrequited love!!
    The look on Claire’s face when she heard Jamie’s voice ion entering the Print Shop. Cait really has Claire’s glass face down pat. Poor Jaime – all those years of seeing Claire at every turn then realizing it really was her. He did fall very gracefully LOL

  24. Leesa Rigby

    Wow, Beth! I think you are in my head! However, you are able to express my thoughts so much better than I could. I am loving Season 3. Every episode has been so well done. I appreciate the care that the writers, producers, and everyone responsible in the production of Outlander, have taken to make it excellent.
    I, too, was convinced 305 would end with the bell. I was totally prepared for that. They gave us a the gift of seeing the beginning of the reunion we have waited forever to see. I loved the transition using the puddle. My eyes were filled with tears as Claire touched the sign & walked up the steps. I couldn’t breathe as she heard Jamie’s voice & walked across the room to finally see him. I could feel the catch in my throat as Claire’s emotions made it difficult for her to speak. My back tensed as I saw Jamie’s entire body show his recognition of her voice. His facial expressions as he’d tried to grasp what was happening were perfect. The faint made me laugh & it helped me accept that this was the point that the episode would end. Then, I yelled 2 WEEKS!!!
    Diana’s books & this show have taken me on a journey into imagination & escape that I experienced as a child when I began to read novels. It allows my thoughts to leave the news of the day & enter a world of love & adventure. It has been an unexpected gift to unwrap as I anticipate & watch each episode.
    I also anticipate reading your blog after each show. You put into words & clarify my own thought & feelings. Thank you so much for expanding my Outlander experience & helping to fill the void as I await each new episode. You are very gifted & I am thankful that you share your talent with us, your Outlander friends.💕

  25. Cb

    I too love the interaction between sandy, aka candy via claire, and claire. I think one reason claire stays with frank is because Jamie asked her to go back to him and raise their child. She is fulfilling Jamie’s wishes for her and the child. So somewhere in claire is the idea that staying with frank is doing what jamie wanted. And that brings a silent connection to reality.

  26. Claudia Krage

    Thanks, Beth! Another great piece of writing.
    All I could think about in the final scene was Jamie seeing and hearing Claire as he lay on the field at Culloden. How often he must have dreamed of her. His disbelief she was real.
    Your explanation about the scene with Sandy was really helpful. It was much more than a lead in to the conversation with Bree.
    Your insights deepen my Outlander experience!

  27. Judy11

    Another wonderful recap. Love the show and look forward to reading your thoughts each week too . I find myself reading the recap laughing and crying too. You tug at my heart strings.!

  28. Cindy S

    Wonderful summary of “the journey to the print shop.”
    For me, personally, I simply have to let the Sandy scene go – it didn’t work for me, along with several other things done with Claire’s story line this season – and look forward to what is to come.
    Jamie’s story has been told and shown beautifully, IMHO.
    On another note…I woke up Sunday morning, somehow knowing that 305 would end with Jamie’s faint. I have no idea why/how, if something I read or heard somewhere lodged in my subconscious? This has happened to me a few times in “real” life lately. Hmmm…..

  29. Laine A.

    Excellent analysis and Gabaldon quote about the key to the lock to one’s full and best self. Love of a child can turn it only so far…they are pivotal for 20 years of our lives bringing them to adulthood but then leave to live their own lives in which parents are shunted to supporting, even bit parts if separated by geography. What then? Most of us have another 40 or 50 years after the empty nest. How do we spend it? With whom do we spend it?

    The plot of an old Hollywood movie had a widowed mother giving up a new love interest because her teen children selfishly demanded she be exclusively theirs. In the denouement, you see the mother sitting alone in her house, answering phone calls in which both grown children make their excuses about why they can’t join her. Yep. She gave up daily love and companionship for people who can’t offer her more than the occasional visit.

    No matter how good our relationship with our adult children, it cannot compare to a loving marriage and its DAILY gifts. Claire’s choice is the right one for her and for anyone who has experienced a once in a lifetime love.

  30. Kris

    I just saw the episode and had held off on ready your commentary; glad I did! You are obviously Claire and have a Jamie; DG must read these and feel like giving you an A+++ for both “getting it” and articulating it masterfully. Is it possible the only the Claires and Jaimies among us appreciate the books and the perfectly nuanced adaptation at the level of your analysis?

  31. michelle amoruso

    Well we know that “what if he doesn’t love me any more?”, doesn’t end the story…too many books to go through. You know that game kids play, “Telephoneline”…between book and tv show things change but…winds up the way it is supposed to, which I am thrilled. For those that mention Claire’s expression when she does see Jamie, well I read that Cait was acting against nobody…good acting for both stars. Sam did 20 takes to get the faint and Cait did takes …don’t know how many…have got to love them both …to make it perfect for us. Good job Beth, always enjoy your posts …know you love me …more.

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