A poem…Jamie says her name



Her Name



Her name is Claire.”


Words spoken choked by emotion

served with a bittersweet smile


To utter her name

fills his eyes with unshed tears



Her name is Claire.”


Her name so often on his mind

Rarely crosses his lips


To utter her name

a vise gripping his heart with grief



Her name is Claire.”


Her name heartbreakingly sweet

Her love, so sorely missed


To utter her name

to admit that she is gone and he is lost


Lost and forever grieved

By a name …


By Beth Wesson


The Starz promo that inspired this poem


19 thoughts on “A poem…Jamie says her name

  1. Nancy C.

    Very lovely, Beth. I replace the name Claire with our beloved Noah, who passed away in April from leukemia. I know that this is probably not a response that you expected. But in truth, as I read it, it immediately reminded me of our very darling son-in-law. Thank you.

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