Outlander released a trailer for season 3… that last scene got me!


Some you may have noticed I’ve been a bit scarce. My life has been taking me in directions away from Outlander, but tonight I got right back on the path leading to the season 3 premiere!  We have a 2 minute trailer to watch and re-watch and speculate over!  Oh, happy day! I’ve only watched it three times and I’m sure it will spark some reflection and writing soon, but what I was left with tonight was the poignancy of that last scene. I continue to be grateful for the attention to detail and care this team gives my favorite story.  When I saw Claire fixing her hair, I have to admit I got choked up.  I’ve always been moved by Claire’s womanly insecurity and the courage it took her to open that door.  In fact, I wrote a poem about it several years ago.  Here is my little poem.


The Hardest Step


Nervously she tucks a curl

Her thoughts, her feelings all a whirl

Her plans, her hopes may all unfurl

Nervously she tucks a curl

Her fears may lay behind that door

Her heart may lie behind that door

Nervously she tucks a curl

And takes a step

By Beth Wesson


34 thoughts on “Outlander released a trailer for season 3… that last scene got me!

  1. You have more restraint than me Beth……I’ve watched it at least 10 times ( 4 times in slo-mo). I was holding my breath as Claire walked up the stairs to the print shop…….I knew it would end right after the wee bell rang but hoping with each re-watch that it wouldn’nt !

  2. Dee

    😘😘 You said it all Beth. Thoes little touches Cait conjures up are magic and capture what is on the page of Voyager! Hope I don’t wear the tape out before September!

  3. Joanie Murray

    I’ve so missed your posts! My heart is thudding in my chest just watching the trailer. September 10th cannot come soon enough! Welcome back!

  4. Ellen Depew

    New here but cannot wait either. Been reading for 25 years, and rereading. Bought all the DVDs. Have hooked at least 3 other people. And never go you bed without spending a few minutes reading can some part of Outlander

  5. Terri Sullivan

    The first time I saw I watched it in public on my phone…it ended as it does with the door opening and I was screaming NO…NO…NO….

  6. Reblogged this on woodzey1's Blog and commented:
    Thank you, Beth! You share _your_ feelings and that’s what makes your blog so popular! What a wonderful poem! You should meme that with the picture of her putting her curl behind her ear 😍

  7. Donna scruggs

    I loved the video and am happy they ended it at the print shop door. Last year they previewed the red dress and took away the anticapation. It caused me to never fully appreciate the beautiful dress.

  8. Sherri Duncan

    I could actually feel Claire’s butterflies in my own stomach! When I read it the first time, and now watching this time. Remember the poor Mum with the three children, and how Claire calculated that she was only 29! Then her thinking, “Well, I don’t guess I so so bad after all”. Or something to that effect. Your poem is so sweet, thanks for sharing.

  9. Beth, Have been missing your blog for a long time. Finally had to google you to find again. So good to catch up with your sane and interesting thoughts. You have consistently expressed reasoned and thoughtful opinions on the book and show in a non-judgemental way. So tired of all the snark on the Facebook Groups, so Thank you….so happy to have found you again.

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