Fans and Creators…drawing a line of decency in the sand



Sunday, I was made aware there was trouble brewing in the Outlander fandom over some edited footage from the final scenes of the episode “Faith”.   It’s been a couple of days and I’ve had a chance to see some interactions between fans, creators, author, and cast.  I’ve let my thoughts sit for awhile and I think I’m ready to put those thoughts to words today.  

I just watched the entire clip

and what came to mind was how ironic and sad it is that love of such a wonderful story has engendered so much ugliness.

When “Faith” first aired I posted my reflection on the blog and was overwhelmed by the response and moved by my reader’s stories of tragedy and grief.  That episode dealt with a part of life spoken of mostly in whispers if spoken about at all.  The real and honest portrayal of the loss of a child generated thoughtful discussion and for some it created a desire to tell their own story maybe for the first time.  It was and remains an amazing episode of TV.

I am not nor have I ever been an expert on the creation of a TV show.  Despite my voicing from time to time my likes and dislikes about certain episodes, the truth is I wouldn’t know the first thing about how to adapt the books to screen.  Oh, the show has piqued my interest and I’ve done some reading , but I have no experience in the creation of a TV show.  Like most people, I just know what I like and don’t like and then watch or don’t watch a show accordingly.  I felt the need to place my qualification to be a bonafide tv critic right upfront because this whole thing is bothering the heck out of me and I need to talk about it, but I want to make sure everybody knows who I am…a fan.

I’ve heard Diana say before that she fought for a scene to be left in or left out of the production.  Sometimes she wins and sometimes she doesn’t.  She always makes sure to add that no one has to listen to or include her in the decision making, but she is glad that they do.  Overall, she seems very pleased with the adaptation.  I always try to remember this wasn’t the first time someone had an idea to make Outlander’s story into film and I then remember that only she really knows how wrong this could have all gone.  What is really confusing me with these edits is that nobody seems to know why the scenes were cut and they aren’t being shy about saying so.  It isn’t only fans expressing their displeasure or surprise, it’s Metyin, a director,  tweeting he thinks the scene was better in the edited footage, and Diana and Sam Heughan, lead actor, adding their two cents.  They aren’t blaming anyone, but they seem as puzzled as I am.

I agree with Metyin when he said the edited scenes tied together all that happened in the previous episodes. The last time edited scenes were released, I found myself able to see why each scene (except the one with Murtaugh on the beach with Claire) was cut.  I could easily see how each would affect the overall storyline, pacing and character development if left in. I remember thinking that having more time doesn’t necessarily mean the story will be better told.  Sometimes less is more.   But, this time…more looked and felt pretty good. I’d love to hear the reasoning behind the edit because…that scene was amazing.

I’m not sure I know exactly where the buck stops in this production, there appears to be a lot of thumbs in the pie and a new merger had to have some impact.  I do, however, know where the blame for fan displeasure has landed and that is squarely on the shoulders of Ron D. Moore, executive producer.  Here’s the thing, even if he did make the decision to cut this scene totally on his own, he doesn’t deserve the nastiness fans are spewing.  NO ONE DESERVES THE SHIT I’M SEEING .  He hasn’t destroyed or sabotaged the show, he isn’t disrespecting book fans, he doesn’t hate Jamie or Sam, he isn’t making decisions based on what his wife wants or overreacting to what fans say NEEDS to be in the show (thank God), there is no conspiracy or agenda (other than making the best show he knows how to make) …sigh…did I cover it all?  Oh, and, it isn’t personal.  But, the attacks sure are.  Some are thinly disguised as “concern” from fans who LOVE the show, but just want RDM to get with the program and deliver what they want which is more of “the core” of the story.  The truth is we may never see book Jamie and Claire, but I’m not buying the line that Jamie has been emasculated to make Claire look stronger, or that the relationship between the two main character’s has been altered beyond recognition.  This fandom seems to have as many shouting points and conspiracy theories as the presidential election and they get repeated about as often. 

Here is another thing I’m puzzled about. How do the same shit stirrers get access to and notice of the cast and creators?  I swear it’s the same dirty dozen that lie in wait for something negative to be said about the show and then pounce.  They sit in judgment of the show and its fans.  They feel it is their right to degrade the show, its stars and makers in the name of “critique”.  Translation… you didn’t make the show the way I wanted so you are wrong.  The meaner they are the funnier they think they are and the gloat-fest goes on for days and their infamy celebrated.  The dissatisfied jump on the bandwagon with “I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels that way”.




Critique is one thing and being judgmental another, but some fans tend to use the two interchangeably.

Judgmental usually refers to people who have a fixed, negative attitude about something.  It carries a meaning of “passing judgment”, black or white, thumbs down or up, like a judge ruling whether someone is guilty or innocent.  It focuses on the negative result in that process. It also has a moral component.

Critical, at least by  tradition, carries the idea of a well-reasoned, expert, articulate, and in-depth examination of the ideas or quality of a thing, not the thing itself: something that a literary or movie critic might do.  Though it tends toward negative, it’s not necessarily so – a movie could receive critical approval.  Critical comes from critique.

  • Criticism finds fault. Critique looks at structure.
  • Criticism looks for what’s lacking. Critique finds what’s working.
  • Criticism condemns what it doesn’t understand. Critique asks for clarification.
  • Criticism is spoken with a cruel wit and sarcastic tongue. Critique’s voice is kind, honest, and objective.
  • Criticism is negative. Critique is positive.
  • Criticism is vague and general. Critique is concrete and specific.
  • Criticism has no sense of humor. Critique uses humor to soften the “blow” of the critique.
  • Criticism often looks for flaws in the writer as well as the writing. Critique addresses only what is on the page (screen my addition to the list) .


Loved what this article had to say about the “vocal”fans.

It isn’t just Outlander dealing with fans who have crossed some sort of line of decency in the sand. Social media has given us access to creators and it has been a learning curve for them and frustrating to fans who aren’t the vocal minority.

This unfortunate behavior mostly comes from vocal minorities. But it’s an unfortunate truth that those who yell the loudest are usually the first to be heard, which is how you get TV writers blinking in panic at the idea of having to cater to fan whims. I wouldn’t be surprised if, despite saying otherwise, fan backlash results in far less communication between creators and fans, rather than more.

Creators and fans need to find middle ground before creators shut fans out completely

Make no mistake, this is what will happen…it already has…


But, …the fans lament, I can’t believe fans concerns aren’t LISTENED to (translation: why aren’t you doing what I want)

…And the amazing news, as far as creators are concerned, is that the explosion of social media might have opened up communication between the artists and their fans, but it’s by no means equalized it. Major studios and publishers, and the creators they’ve chosen to invest in, still have a bigger megaphone than any of their fans on Twitter. They just have less privilege, less complete protection from a dialogue with their audience, than before. Some still find ways to choose not to have that dialogue. That’s fine; it’s their right.


Loved this too…lack of empathy…let’s insult the people the creators and cast care about and then act surprised when they get upset…smh…

Fan entitlement, or something like it, can be hurtful—especially for creators who work on beloved franchises like Doctor Who or Star Wars, where fans feel a strong sense of ownership of long-running characters. But fan entitlement is an attitude problem, brought on by a lack of thoughtfulness and empathy. It’s not an umbrella term for every fandom reaction, from death threats to hashtag activism.

Critique (I just did. I told you I thought the scene was better before the edit and why without taking it personally or damning anyone to hell) can be productive when it is truly critique.



I would not be surprised if Outlander’s folks are setting new boundaries as we speak….

With social media increasing consumers’ access to producers, fans and creators are still negotiating their boundaries online. Sometimes, a handful of fans will wildly overreact to a creative decision (the emphasis is mine) and behave like immature dicks. Sometimes, a creator will misinterpret a piece of constructive criticism as a personal attack and freak out. Occasionally, a hashtag campaign like #OscarsSoWhite or The 100‘s lesbian death backlash will start a productive conversation that might inspire real, positive change.



Here is my point, we have NO idea what happened.  Maybe they made a poor choice maybe they didn’t have a choice.  Is the show ruined?  Are folks going to continue to beat the “Ron doesn’t get it” dead horse?  You don’t have to like every decision, but for God’s sake it’s a TV show and these are real people who work hard and take pride in their art.  I understand folks have been waiting a long time to see “their” story on the screen and are disappointed it wasn’t delivered exactly the way they hoped, but you might want to consider cutting the creators and cast a break …it isn’t personal.  And,  if I was a creator?  I’d be building a fence, an electric one…



137 thoughts on “Fans and Creators…drawing a line of decency in the sand

  1. Joan Whitney

    Yes, yes, yes! I have watched this extended clip many times and am in awe. While I can’t fathom why it was cut, I feel that it is a gift that we are able to view it now. My fear is that the controversy will prevent us from future “gifts”.

    • Claire North

      I did not even know there was an extended cut…I loved the episode and I have to be in the right frame of mind to rewatch it. while the series is different from the book I love it. I have no complaints. I accept both are different but the series is helping me reread the books with a little different insight. thank you to the production crew, DG of course, the cast and everyone invested in bringing us such good television…there are too far and few between watchable programmes anymore 🙂

      • Rae Volpe

        I believe the entire production team is doing the best they can in the time constraints they have. It’s a marvelous production . They didn’t have to show us what was left out. Let’s be civil folks. Remember walk a mile in my shoes before you judge me!

  2. momt14

    Well said. As I’ve said on numerous occasions, these angry birds just need to let the story breathe. If they are not careful and continue in their ugliness, we may never see the cut outtakes again, which I love and enjoy. Thank you for stating what and how so many of us fans feel. ❤️⚔️❤️

  3. Once again you spoke for so many of us who are astonished at the ridiculous “ownership” some fans feel they have of Outlander. I agree that they will cause the doors of communication to be closed between the show’s producers, directors, actors and the fans.

  4. Nancy

    Very well thought out. Thank you. I am so weary of the hatred being spewed. There is no call for it, really. I am disappointed the scene was shortened too. However, I am grateful we have this wonderful story to read and view. I have heard various times that RM is the first person who cared enough to get this story made after many others tried but did not ‘get’ it. I have had a glorious time with watching, gatherings, footage etc. maybe RM did not make the best decision, IMO but he gets to do that. Innthe long run he has gifted us with a long term treasure.

  5. Cheryl Ricer

    Exactly, Beth. Loved the original scene, loved the extended scene. So appreciative that this show is so dang wonderfully done!

  6. Thanks Beth. I think the negative attitudes of fans who believe they are owed something forget the tremendous amount of work that goes into making a TV show. None of the decisions are arbitrary and the show should be judged on its own merits which are extraordinary.

  7. Julia Kennedy

    I am with you, Beth. Too many people abuse the opportunity to comment and just vent, usually exposing their lack of interest in the book-to-screen process and their ignorance of it. I am really tired of the social trend to throw tantrums on the internet and I think those so inclined need to get out of the schoolyard and stop being bullies.

  8. Anne

    “The same dirty dozen shit stirrers” I love your way with words! There are hundreds of thousands of people who watch the show and love and appreciate it and I feel as if those few aggressively negative voices are hurting me, personally as well as everyone else. I have unfollowed most and have tried to post something positive whenever there is a blow up like this in the hope that someone will see it. In this instance, I am happy that at least we get to see the un edited version now, even if it didn’t make the show. Thanks for your research and letting us know that this phenomenon is not specific to Outlander, but a much larger problem exacerbated by social media . Instead of following my instincts and totally retreating from SM, I will continue to try to post something positive, if only to make myself feel better.Thanks again for your words.

  9. Completely agree. I too thought it worked better with the extra scene. But the difference is I didn’t feel entitled to have it that way. I didn’t start my fandom whine about how they hate us all and are ruining the show. I didn’t attack Ron and anyone who got in my path. I didn’t feel the need to personally tweet and tell them they don’t love us fans cause they don’t listen to us. What a load of entitled wank. It is time for that vocal minority to grow up. Stop acting like it is a personal hatred of them or Jamie/Sam that drives these decisions. Please stand up if they have one clue about making a TV series. No, well sit the hell down and shut up. Yes you can have an opinion and oh we have heard it. But I just wish they would use a little critical thinking. Knee jerk reacting. demanding, insulting and general asshattery is not the way to get anything.

  10. While I casually follow the Outlander fandom my primary focus is on making the daily life of an 18th century householder accessible to a modern audience. In doing of this I am part Outlander fan, part historian, part professional writer and blogger… and part artist. While someone can have issues with a project I’ve decided to take on (I recently used tallow to make an 18th century recipe for hand cream, and someone who is a vegetarian might have a legitimate beef with that), when we get into the area of art and artistic interpretation it’s my opinion that if the reader doesn’t like it? They can go read something else. My art is my art. There is no demanding I do it differently, if someone wants art done differently they can go do it themselves. Buying my art does not entitle the buyer to tell me how they want it done unless I’ve contracted with them for a private piece. I simply do not understand how film is any different from any other art form.

    • @jackieincincy

      I agree with MC. This is art, created by artists and they are not under any obligation to answer to some random fans. The scenes in question are those that I found the saddest and most heart–rending in the book, not based on any experience I had. But the skill of the writers, producers, director and actors still made me cry in a shortened version of the tale. It was artfully done. It was art, short version or long. I respect the decisions of the artists who make this show; it is leagues beyond what I could have imagined. Ron Moore. and everyone one else involved in the production, have given me a great gift and I treasure it.

    • Janice Angelini

      I laughed at your connection (unintended) between vegetarians having a legitimate beef about your using tallow in your hand cream.

  11. Marsnyc

    I gather that many of the fan comments you refer to are on Tumblr. I have noticed a tendency there to feel as though one is only posting to the regular readers of one’s blog – as though you are in a private chat room. I have fallen prey to that myself, while knowing full well that the blog is public. Not excusing what was said — just observing that the Tumblr format lends itself to some nasty stuff. I wish the creators etc could just put it on “ignore.”

  12. M

    it’s very ironic that the cut scene was not in the book. By cutting it, the episode stayed closer to the book which is something many fans have asked for. Showrunners just can’t win.

  13. Missy Abel

    If we had never seen the full scene, we would have been happy with the episode. I’m like you, Beth. I wouldn’t be surprised that they stop releasing scenes that end up on the cutting room floor.

  14. Marie Cook

    In all honesty, wasn’t it the director of this particular, Meytin Husenin, episode who started to stir the pot with his “editing” chain of command post. It appears he threw RDM under the bus by way of his explanation of the editing process. That is all is took for some to express their disappointment in the lack of Jamie and Claire scenes in season 2. This would have been an excellent opportunity to show the audience the bond between these two beloved characters..something that, at least to me, was somewhat missing this year. Did we need Murtagh and the maid? Did we need so many “mark me”? As the showrunner, RDM, is subject to everyone’s frustrations, something I am sure he is familiar with. If Ron, himself, didn’t promise to be faithful to the books maybe the fans would be a little less critical.

    • Maryann Meister

      Marie, you saved me from my own response with the second half of your post. I think many of us feel a bit betrayed? disappointed? because of Ron’s promise to stay as true to the book as he could (obviously adaptations aren’t going to be exact) and many, myself included, feel with each time they go off book, it just gets further away from the true story and essence of the characters. Also, you can only use the time constraints excuse so many times, especially when you use a scene like Murtagh and the maid which doesn’t move the plot forward. It then gets very frustrating that they then say certain popular vital things get cut for these reasons.

      With all this being said, though, I love and appreciate all involved in the show and know they are putting their heart and soul into it. I feel bad when I passionately disagree with what they’ve done but don’t feel any entitlement to berate them for what they’ve produced. But I also understand people wanting to express their thoughts of suggesting they get more back to the book, like what they did in the first half of season 1, out of love of the story and wanting to see that story once again.

  15. Pat Van Cleaf

    I personally think the showrunners and the cast and crew and everyone concerned with this production are doing an excellent job. The book and the show are two different entities…I enjoy them both immensely. Maybe because I don’t have 20+ years invested in the books, having just discovered them prior to the TV show debut, I don’t feel the frustration that others apparently do. That being said, there is no excuse for rudeness, harassment, petty arguing and name calling. That belittles our story and probably embarrasses the hell out of our beloved author. I say keep up the great work, to all concerned with the show, and Diana, you just keep writing, and most of us will gladly keep reading.

  16. Susanna22

    Right after the end of season 2, I got all involved with the dialogue about not enough sex, Sophie isn’t right, blah blah blah. And I got to air my opinions which I thought were well considered. And then I had an epiphany about it and I stopped the criticism from myself cold turkey. You know why? I love Outlander, the cast, the crew and the show runners more than the kick I got from feeling my opinions had weight and gravitas and so what? It isn’t, finally, about me. It’s really about the show and supporting those who bring it to us. Yeah, missed opportunities will occur where the story could have gone one way (my way) and didn’t. In the end, let’s stop the feeling of entitlement (it seems to be running rampant everywhere not just with Outlander fans) and let this compelling story play out as it will. Let’s grow up and appreciate it for everything that it is to all of us.

  17. I for one is in total agreement with you, I am sick and tired of people who stir the pot. They are going to it ruin for everyone who truly enjoys the TV series. Everyone has their opinion and take on the books and what the people who are producing are doing with it. That is fine but give them a break, people’s perspective on things going on are going to be different from one individual to the next. I suggest people read the book that just came out about making of Seasons One and Two. It gives wonderful insight to what they go through, what they are thinking, and all the problems they encountered all the way. I for one have a little bit more of understanding on what they go through. I don’t always agree but that means I just have a different perspective on it, you have to be open to other ideas and their presentation. Social media is great for feedback, but realize, we are supposed to be civilized, let us try to be anyways.

  18. Was it really necessary to bring politics into this? I’m disappointed in this comment. This show has nothing to do with U.S. politics and neither does the blog OR this particular entry. You just insulted a large number of the population with this comment and it was totally unnecessary. And no, I’m not a Trump supporter but I’m tired of watching both sides insult each other with jabs like this. Here’s a picture I made to show where I stand – decency and respect for the other side – whomever the other side may be.

    Now off to comment on the actual article…

  19. People have to separate the book from the tv series. I don’t think they realize how much goes into making a series. It’s called “TIME & MONEY”. Unfortunately, scenes have to be cut in any series. Ron runs this show and in the end it is his decision to include or cut scenes where he deems necessary. Would you like somebody telling you how to do your job??? This whole team of actors, producers, directors, etc. have bent over backwards to give the fans insight in the making of this show. They’ve given us gag reels, bloopers and now scenes that had to be cut, and I for one. really appreciate these gifts. Remember people, “Don’t bite the hand that feed you”. You will be sorry when it’s gone.

  20. You were on point as always. When I saw the subject line pop into my mailbox I clicked it immediately and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been buried in a project myself and unable to address it, but you mentioned much of the internal dialogue I’ve had running through my head regarding this topic.

    Again, everyone involved in this show is so amazing and it’s SO WELL DONE in translating from page to screen. I love it and continue to be impressed with the detail they include and the love with which they do it.

    I have some concerns about the consequences that this vocal part of fandom may have. I worked on a show years ago where this scary part of fandom had quite the affect…and it was long term. For the most part those fans have no idea what they’ve done, but I continue to work with many of the actors and I have seen the impact. It was bad. Far worse than most people outside the organization realize.

    It hurt my heart to see things unfold and it made me pretty angry. It’s one of my hot buttons.

    I’m so glad you addressed it here. I hope it makes the right kind of impact.

    ❤ ❤

  21. Tammie M

    When the Faith episode first aired my first reaction was that it was one of the finest episodes of television I had ever seen. After seeing the extended scene I think its inclusion would have elevated the episode to even greater heights. However, I don’t have any training or experience in the making of a television series so I’m sure that there are a million and one reasons why something worthy, even extraordinary, doesn’t make the final cut. Personally I’m awed by the job RDM and team have done in adapting these monumental, detailed, massive books that Diana has gifted us with. I hope all the “fuss” doesn’t drive the principal characters in the making of Outlander away from interacting with fans because it would be a loss for all concerned.

  22. Dawn Carriere

    I loved the episode as it was presented, thought it was beautifully done. I also thoroughly enjoyed the deleted scenes. I have no complaints as I think seeing these scenes is a bonus that enhances the overall episode. Had they not been released we would be none the wiser. The showrunners and all involved are doing a fantastic job. As usual your insight into this is spot on. Keep up the great work!

  23. Lee Broat

    Excellent Blog! My take on this is that people will whinge and whine whenever they don’t get their way. I have read all the books and some of the novella’s. People have to remember, this is TV, not a full featured movie, there is only so much time allotted for each episode. There are sure to be edits/cuts of scenes we the fan envision. I for one am damn glad this series is going on, so much so that I pay monthly for Starz and am glad to do so. Like you said (as a paraphrase) the ‘complainers’ are going to ruin it for us all. I am not a super fan, but I enjoy hearing about how the cast works together and how they work to help out /raise money for charity. Cait and Sam can only do so much and yes they may be disappointed in scenes being cut but in the end Ron D. Moore, Starz and the rest of the cast and crew have provided A QUALITY PROGRAM for the fans and the fans should be grateful, or just stop watching/criticizing/kvetching/kvelling and just keep reading the books.

  24. Valorie Hanline

    Thank you Beth. Always love your thoughtful insights. As fans we are so incredibly lucky to have our favorite books brought to life in such an amazing way by such a talented crew. I love the fact that we are able to see these edited pieces and hope that it continues. No one is ever going to agree on every decision made, but what a beautiful show has been created. We need to be more positive and appreciative for what has been done and less negative and nasty about things we may not like. I am reading the new behind the scenes book and it really shows how much work goes into all of this. It is incredible how much thought and work goes into each decision.Thanks again Beth.

  25. I had just voiced my thought to our little local fan group of my general lack of enthusiasm at the release of deleted material, any and all of it. If I watch them I generally come away with a slight feeling of unease, especially if I really liked one scene in particular. That unease due completely to what I know will be an unending primal scream of indignation and venom that will cascade throughout social media. Spewed ( without context nor the smallest bit of factual information) and then lackied around, by those who feel empowered by the knowledge that they will never be held accountable for the damage they might inflict. There exists a segment of any group, no matter the ideology, that relish the conflict, the ability to inflict pain and turmoil, in their quest to be not only heard, but obyed.
    I almost didn’t read your blog ….. which would have pained me …. because I am so tired of hearing about the haters, their latest tantrum and the ensuing fallout. So my internal struggle intensifies: Do I try to maintain a diverse selection of Outlander social media input, or do I withdraw even further into the “safe zones” of Outlander fandom.

  26. Yvonne

    Thank you Beth for once again expressing my thoughts so eloquently. I love both the books and the show and while i don’t always agree with the changes iI appreciate all the hard work that goes into making the show. Social media is a two edged sword so I appreciate the access we have to those involved in bringing the show to life and like you I hope those spewing abuse at them don’t ruin it for the rest of the fans,

  27. Maybe I am just old fashioned but why can’t people simply enjoy this wonderful show, and realise that everything in the book cannot be included in the tv series due to time and financial limitations. Outlander is one of the best series ever produced. Diana has created the most beautiful of love stories set amongst a turbulent time in Scottish and American history. Matthew Robert’s adaptation from book to screen is outstanding. Please everyone just enjoy!

  28. Diane Wesley

    Love your blog and you said it well. In my opinion which matters to no none other than myself…we or maybe I should say I fell in love with the Outlander Series, the characters, and yes even the author Diana Gabaldon. We the fans or I (my opinion only matters to me) feel like we own Jamie and Claire, they have become ours tucked in our hearts and we fight for what we love and what belongs to us. We (I) find it hard to see those we love and cherish do things we don’t agree with…it doesn’t stop me from loving them.

    I accept that Ron Moore has control of the series and I feel that he is doing an excellent job of developing our beloved books and characters into a series, especially in the time frame he is given. I applaud Ron Moore and Diana Gabaldon. Standing, long slow clap to everyone that has anything to do with the books and the series. Big warm hugs too and much thanks for what you give us. Keep doing what you are doing and continue to bring Jamie and Claire to us on the screen.

    You the fans are entitled to your opinions but being mean and attacking people because you don’t agree with the way they do things is not acceptable. If you don’t like what he is doing then I suggest you don’t watch the series, go back into your selfish world and leave people alone.


  29. Judith Fairweather

    WELL SAID! If they included every little thing from the books, each episode would be 3 hours long. We all wish they could, but it’s just not possible. Thanks for putting it all into perspective.

  30. Candy McAuliffe

    Not a fan of any presidential candidate, however, your comment was a perfect example of the definition of “judgmental”.

  31. lorischmitt

    I watched the “deleted” Faith scenes, and I felt that they should’ve been included. When I watched the episode as released, I did not care for the way that it was handled. It seemed brusque and forced. (not to mention that beard) I do believe that the edited material would have helped those who are not book readers, to understand the relationship between Jamie and Claire in a better light. Season 2 and it’s lack of intimacy, (no haters please) was a problem for me.
    That being said, I do not feel the need to point my finger anywhere, and lay blame. I took some sage advice last year, and put the books away while I am watching the series. There is no possible way to include everything.
    And yes, there are some on all social media sites (not just Tumblr) that express their dislike in not so nice fashion. Their are people that Starz pays to read all of this, and analyze it, and bring it to their table when need be, My problem with this Fandom, is that there is a plethora of folk, who like to point out things and others in such a negative light. Some criticize the Directors and Producers in a discussion, and then others, who make the effort to go to those social media sites and read all of it, start their own discussion of these folks. And on, and on, and on. NONE of this is okay. Kindness, compassion, and empathy, I feel like I say that a lot.
    And as always, I so enjoy reading your perspective.

  32. Louise Tellalian

    Thank you Beth. I find myself scrolling past the comments made by the same complainers all the time . I find that reading the scripts and listening to Ron’s podcasts explains a lot of the decisions made for each episode. I don’t pretend to know better. I just sit back and enjoy the show and the books both. Keep up
    The good work.

  33. Violet Daraitis

    The shit stirrers will have a field day with Voyager! That book cannot be fit into ten episodes. Ron better get to work on that big wall, haters are gonna hate.
    Beth, your blog is delightful and intelligent. Thanks!

  34. JKCohen

    I have worked in PR…perhaps stirring the pot is an effective way of keeping interest up during droughtlander. The fans get to see more great Outlander moments, and SM keeps buzzing. I am not suggesting anyone is baiting the negative aspects of the fan base. SM hands the mic to anyone to use…for good or ill. But I don’t worry about Ron, I imagine he has a lot of experience and an accompanying thick skin when it comes to devoted fandoms.

  35. bwismer5

    Hi Beth – just wanted to thank you again for raising the flag for decency and caring. There truly are boundaries which should never be crossed. Personally I believe we need to take good care to only express our appreciation and gratitude to everyone involved in the show – they are doing something brave and wonderful and fantastic. As a person who’s loved Diana’s books and everything she writes for over 20 years, I do consider myself deeply invested in this project. However, I sincerely feel that “far be it from me” to criticize any aspect of it. I am deeply grateful for whatever insights the showrunners care to share with us, as I enjoy hearing about and learning from it all. But it’s never on me to tell someone else how to do their work. I can only appreciate the results and be grateful for their incredible efforts. THIS SHOW IS AMAZING and the best adaptation-from-a-book that I have ever seen filmed. I am just so grateful. But no matter what the case, no matter what the show or topic, there is no excuse for behaving/writing/tweeting/whatever without decency and kindness. We all deserve respect, people. Just be nice. That’s what I’ve been proudest of with the Outlander fandom – our continuing kindness and respect to all. Please let’s not lose that. And thanks again to Beth for voicing our concerns.

  36. Panda

    I agree with your blog. I love seeing deleted scenes from movies and often scratch my head and wonder why it wasn’t in the film. I don’t know at all. I’m a registered nurse not someone who has the talent / gifts to make those decisions. I don’t dislike the movie / show due to it missing a deleted scene. Isn’t that the same as the saying “cutting off your nose to spite your face “? I don’t see their big picture and can’t judge how they are going to accomplish the goal of it. And yes I have read the books and did so over 20 years ago. Re reading them too. I am so excited for the team bringing them to life. So much talent and have felt privileged to follow many of them on twitter. It’s like peeking into the artistic world of greatly gifted people. I love how so many give their time and talents to charities. I hope the negativity will stop and not harm others. None of us are walking in their shoes and know what they are required to do.
    I also pay to have Starz and am really glad they have Outlander as well as family friendly movies. The quality is phenomenal.
    I’m only on twitter and try to only post positive. I don’t respond to the negative. If I say something it’s not meant to hurt. I hope the Whole cast ,crew , writers, production…. will see how appreciative and grateful most of us are to them. Please keep sharing your talent and art with us. Thanks again Beth for tackling this so excellently 😊

    • Thank you. I think, reading DG’s series, we all have a picture in our heads that will be different from what we see on the screen. My pictures will be different that anyone else’s. I truly appreciate both mediums, but recognize they are different. The entire Outland cast and crew have given us another incredible gift after DG gave us hers.

      I do wish that we could all go through life respecting others ideas and opinions, and at least give another’s viewpoint some thoughtful consideration. A little more kindness and tolerance and less polarization would make life so much more pleasant!

  37. Janet Hilliard

    In the season 1 dvd’s Ron explained why scenes were deleted. It will be interesting to see why this one was cut. I wish it had been left in. Faith is not one of my favorite episodes, too drawn out with Claire in hospital. I also didn’t care for the star chamber. Then when Jamie returns it’s too short with no care for Jamie’s feelings. The poor man didn’t even know if Claire was alive while he was in prison. As far as social media, I don’t understand any of the nastiness. Just like the person commenting here who brought up Trump. Seriously?

  38. Constance Person

    I do not understand how the some people have so much time on their hands to throw out so much vitriol at the production people working so hard to make these books a reality. I almost never identify myself as an Outlander fan. For fear of being labeled a fruitcake.
    They really need to find a productive outlet for all that energy. Volunteer somewhere. Make a positive difference in the world.
    It’s a book. It’s a TV show. It’s fantasy. It’s not life and death

  39. Midge Foley

    I have to admit that I didn’t watch the unedited version of this scene until your blog (thought I wait until the DVD is released). Now that I have seen it, I don’t envy any of those involved in deciding what should stay or be cut. Both versions were beautiful…great performances by both actors…and I was in tears during both versions.

    I haven’t seen any of the comments on twitter (only look in once or twice a day) so I don’t know (and don’t want to know) what’s been said. That said, we’ve all got ideas of what we want to see from the books and yes, there are scenes that have been added that I don’t like either, but it’s a TV show! If I don’t like something I just fast forward when I rewatch…or just go back to the book!

    As usual, Beth, you’ve put into words what a lot of us have been thinking but can’t express as eloquently as you. Thanks!

  40. I felt very sad after reading your blog, Beth. I was wondering if you could enlighten me as to where these nasty opinions are found. Are they on twitter? UnfortunateIy, don’t do twitter, so maybe I miss them. Other places? I always read your blog where I truly enjoy your commentary and insight. I find most comments to your blog very respectful and intelligent. I absolutely love everything Outlander. I have read all the books and actually reread them. I have watched every episode, many of them more than once, and watched my favorite parts over many times. I love all the actors and appreciate their dedication to quality and their commitment to performing the characters as they perceive them. I appreciate all of the directors and producers, even if I occasionally disagree with what has been chosen or left out. I appreciate all the beautiful Scottish scenery, and authentic sets and costumes. I see Outlander as a very high end production. I think it is absolutely amazing that all of the people involved in Outlander make themselves so approachable and available to fans. I feel bad that people are being mean to any of them. Is there anything that I as a loving fan could do to counteract these people? I would be happy to try.

  41. SherryLynn (ABOotlanders)

    I have said it a million times in my lifetime and will say it a million more- we can say what we mean , without being mean and this particular group you have spoken of has not come to this realization.
    Outlander the Series owes us nothing. That we are delivered a story week after week that gives us our beloved book is something we can we delight in is a gift. Period.
    Our world has taught us to take take take and demand more and feel no guilt when we do it. This is the trap many have been caught in.
    It’s time for us to relax, enjoy, and revel in the things that bring us joy. Outlander is one of them. My first thought in seeing the other version of the Faith scene was how lucky I now felt to have both of these versions in my memory bubble.
    I know my complaints could never change the past, won’t change what the powers that be do in the future (because my future is their present), I know zero about production and even if I did…I know zero about THAT production because ummm I don’t work or know any of them in real life 😀 It’s best to focus on what we DO know, CAN change and you know…real life 🙂

  42. RKRC

    It takes great courage for an artist to put their work out there. When people criticize it, it’s like having those people chip away a piece of your heart. As an artist, I speak from experience when I say that criticism is taken very personally. I completely agree with you, Beth. TY Beth for your blog and MC for your comment.

  43. Susan

    You hit the nail on the head when you said shit stirrers. And they complain about the craziest, tiniest details. They just pick and pick and pick.
    Do I wish every word of every scene in every book could be played out by the characters in MY head on screen? Of course, but I also know that is not only unreasonable, but impossible!! I am so happy that we have a group of wonderfully talented, dedicated, professional people who really love and care about these books and really try to put up the best show possible. The details they add are amazing.
    I hope they know that the nit pickers and shit stirrers are the minority and that most of us are so happy that they care enough to put the best show possible on.

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