ABOotlander LOVE with Beth Wesson


Thank you to Abootlanders for including me in your celebration of Love!

ABOotlanders w/Sher

We, the ABOotlanders have been up to something in this fandom since we stuck our noses into it.  It’s about positive energy & intent, support and basic kindness.  We are lucky that so many others are in it with us.

giphy Like ferrets in a ball pit. FUN FUN FUN

Love & Kindness are things we all can use more of and the law of attraction is something we practice so every two weeks in our bubble of the interwebs you will see us celebrating!

Celebrating what you ask? I am so glad you did…we are celebrating Outlander bloggers, podcasters, fans, cast, crew, twitterers…you know people we associate with Outlander that we also associate with the positive energy & kindness.

The people we have enjoyed following & sharing our interwebish experiences with.  We hope you join us and share with us your wonderful experiences in our comments section.

You may recognize our…

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4 thoughts on “ABOotlander LOVE with Beth Wesson

  1. Thanks ever so much for this post. I was so happy to learn about how you arrived in the Outlander universe. In my own case, a friend told me if I never read another book, I had to read Outlander. She was right…and the rest is history.

  2. Lorraine Grzena

    For me it started with a friend asking if I had watched Outlander on STARZ. After watching both Seasons, having read all the books numerous times, and having read your blog, Beth, needless to say I am hooked. I enjoy the blogs, because they are positive, or if you have a constructive thought, it is presented with a positive twist.
    Thank you for adding to my delight in the whole experience.

  3. I happened on to Outlander accidentally while watching HBO and I am so glad I did. I feel sorry for people who don’t know about it and there are plenty in WI. Every one I have talked to never heard of it. I ordered Starz immediately and have both DVDS and several of the books. I’m not going to explain it to them.

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