Marathons, Fan Art, and Adaptation…A look ahead to Outlander episode 2×13


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Beth-TopperI feel so out of the loop!  So, much has happened since the last time I wrote anything about Outlander!  Forgive me if I seem a bit uninformed, but there is no way I could get caught up.  I just got a chance to see my DVR’d episode 2×12 The Hail Mary this Sunday.  I’d do a review, but I’m pretty sure it was covered in a timely manner.  I haven’t read any recaps or reviews, but it has been pretty hard to avoid comments on social media the few times I’ve been on.  Sex or lack there of seems to be the topic of conversation. My guess is the conversation is surrounding the entire season rather than this last episode.  The perception is that fans have somehow been cheated and that the core of the story of  Jamie and Claire’s relationship diminished.  One of the comments I saw said…

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3 thoughts on “Marathons, Fan Art, and Adaptation…A look ahead to Outlander episode 2×13

  1. CC

    Beth, welcome back and thank you again for such a well spoken review of episode 212 and this season. I for one have enjoyed this season with most of the changes, and the small touches, glances, kisses they show the love of Jamie and Claire. I even liked the PTSD scenes with Claire and Jamie because to me, sharing that brought them closer together. I don’t need the sex scenes to know the love is there. As an avid fan of these books my one complaint for S2 has been the diminished role of Jamie. It seems to me that several of his most powerful scenes were given to others, cut short, or eliminated altogether. It seems to have become more about Claire. A perfect example of this is the reconnection scene in “Faith”. It was obvious that this was a horrible event for Claire, as it should have been, but other than a couple of lines where he was in the background and the tears in his eyes at the very end, it seemed that they didn’t want to show how he felt about losing the child or even how he felt about Claire after Paris. In the original script this dialog was beautifully written but cut into “We can get past this, together. Then Take me home to Scotland.” They did this on several occasions.
    Again, I do love the show and can always fall back on the books. I just wanted this wonderful experience to be centered around Jamie and Claire and not Claire and everyone else.

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