SPOILERS: Voyager…Outlander’s journey back to love


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In celebration of the announcement of a season 3 + 4 for Outlander, I thought I would republish this article because….print shop. 😉

This morning on Twitter, Richard Kahan, a member of the Outlander on Starz writing team and new “tweep” shared that he was about to start reading Voyager.  Someone else shared that they were starting the Fiery Cross.  Someone else shared that they had been completely spoiled by the Outlander series and have other books to read, but find themselves rereading…again.

I found myself nodding my head and responding to them all!

“Voyager is one of my favorites! It’s so quotable! Poignant! ”

The Fiery Cross” Loved it! The longest day ever written! LOL! Love that each book is so different! ”

“I keep going back to ABOSAA because it reveals so many truths about true love.”

” Yep…never been able to duplicate the reading experience Diana has…

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2 thoughts on “SPOILERS: Voyager…Outlander’s journey back to love

  1. Dean Beth, you were just reading my mind or most the outlander’s minds. I love the serie, but my favorite defenitively is Voyager. And the scenes you just refreshed are my favoritites too; when I want to re read the books, I just began with chapter 6, Edinburgh. I love the moment the see each either after 20 oods years. I am looking forward how is going to be recreated by Startz. I am looking forward.
    Love to read your reflections before and after each episode.

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