World Outlander Day and A Look Ahead to Outlander Episode 2×09


This week I take look back at how I felt before season 1!

Outlander Online


I love being able to write this follow-up and look ahead every week.  It gives me a chance after a few days reflection and reading other people’s takes on the last episode, to gain a bit of perspective and gives me a chance to examine my initial reaction.  I told several readers this week that by Wednesday I make some re-calibrations. As most of you know, this wasn’t my favorite episode (see here). My biggest issue was with changes to characters’ motivation and personality and the move in a different direction to the Leery story arc.

I heard from a lot of different folks on the blog,  At least 100 of you left your views in the comment section and most were fairly lengthy observations and explanations.  Which I love by the way.  For the most part, it was very civil.  Some readers shared that they felt like…

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3 thoughts on “World Outlander Day and A Look Ahead to Outlander Episode 2×09

  1. Catherine Murray

    Beth, thanks for your blog. I really enjoy reading your very thoughtful and insightful words. Long ago when one of my favourite books ( The French Lieutenant’s Woman) was brought to the big screen, I was decidedly disappointed that somehow my version of the book wasn’t what was presented on screen – ahh the arrogance of youth! 🙂 Since that day I vowed to see such adaptions as two beasts that come from the same source that are fundamentally different. This leaves me with an open mind to see the joys and failings of the screen adaption in its own right. I love the Outlander novels and continue to re-read them regularly but I also love what Ron and the team, including the wonderful Catriona,Sam and Tobias have created with the screen version. So looking forward to season 3 and 4 – its a most wonderful and fantastic journey!

  2. Once again, you nailed it. I didn’t read this entry until today, why? I’ve been anxious, jittery, antsy & distracted. I’m one of those who read posts and watch videos in the bathroom at work. Co-workers think I’ve lost my mind, even an Outlander fan referred to me as “creepy” about my attraction to the lovely Mr Heughan! Creepy!?!? I refused to mention our favorite series to her for a week and then just gave in and accepted that my incessant…whatever!!
    I’ve read so many complaints, shark-jumping stuff. Then I also read Diana’s comments and literally sighed and relaxed. For the love of God Melanie, get a grip, it’s a TV show!! But it’s our TV show, our Jamie & Claire, our Scotland. Diana Gabaldon gave the gift to us and I will treasure that gift with my big old weepy creepy heart!!

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