The New Outlandish Anticipation post is up!



This week we talk about last week and a look ahead to Lord Lovat.


10 thoughts on “The New Outlandish Anticipation post is up!

  1. momt14

    Bravo, Beth. As a booker and a tv-er, I simply let the story be told. As I’ve said and expressed to both Diana and Ron, having both is like going back for a second helping. ❤️

  2. Susan Kamlet

    Enough about this rape business! Let’s talk about man’s inhumanity to man (and that includes women and children)! Shall we start with the explicit flogging of Jamie? Should that have been shown? Spoiler to those non-book readers – what happens to Fergus, in a later book – how will that be shown? And what about Stephen Bonnet and his treatment of You Know Who? The tar and feathering of citizens in later books? The Indian treatment of the priest? Diana’s books are well researched. The depict love, hate and all emotions in between. Unfortuantely, rape is horrible , but it is also titillating to some. Think about it, we now can watch explicit scenes of horrible killings and not flinch or bat an eye. What both the book version and the television shows have in common is that the characters have hearts and souls and respond appropriately to their situations. We identify with their pain, heartaches and their love because even though Claire, Jamie, et. al. are ficticious, well – they seem real! (human)

  3. Nancy

    Wow, Susan. Reading ahead in all of the books brings all of those issues head on without sugarcoating any of them. I didn’t want that when I was reading the books – I wanted the real true grit, horror, sadness, pain, redemption, misunderstanding, hopelessness, beautiful enduring love, anger, fear, trust,. My God

  4. Well, OK, I’ll admit that for a while there I was wondering if Season 2 was going to live up to the brilliant first season. That’s difficult for me to admit because I see entirely too many comments about what’s wrong with S2. I’ve seen comments complaining that RDM is not praising Sam enough and there was not enough Jamie in E207 because he is jealous of the attention that Sam gets! Another that boggles my mind are the fans that are upset because Caitriona is getting all the praise for E207. What?? Although these kind of comments are the minority they still drive me crazy.
    In my humble opinion RDM is doing wonderfreakinful!

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