Sharks, Angst, and Mournful Things…A Look Ahead to Outlander Episode 2×07


this week’s Outlandish Anticipation post is up! Episode 7!

Outlander Online


Last night, I was sitting at a high school district track meet watching the granddaughters strive to make the finals (they made it in 4 events whoo hoo!) and a chance to advance to the regionals.  It was spitting rain and bit cold and the events they participated in were spread out over the night.  I had some time to drink coffee and check in on what was happening in Outlanderland. Right before the hurdles, I was reading an article about how Diana Gabaldon was credited with saying there was a decision/scene in an upcoming episode of Outlander that “jumped the shark” (how is that for irony).  Not entirely sure what “jumped the shark” meant, I looked it up on Wikipedia.

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8 thoughts on “Sharks, Angst, and Mournful Things…A Look Ahead to Outlander Episode 2×07

  1. S. A. Young

    I really do believe (hope) that the “shark-jumper” is Laoghaire and that DG’s comment was a setup to soften the blow. (She’s clever like that. Make a big deal out of it before hand so that we can all go, “is that all? pffft”. )
    As for all of the 3rd season doom and gloom, I really wish I could give this fandom a collective, massive chill-pill. Starz knows how we feel. Ron, Maril, DG, Matt Roberts, Sam, Cait, et al, know how we feel. Everyone is doing/has done all the things that can be done from our position on the outside looking in. We watch religiously, over and over. We comment, tweet and Facebook. They feel the love! That’s it. Getting ourselves in a swivet will help nothing. No. Thing. (And when/if we do get the official word from officialdom, what then? We’ll have another year to wait for the actual show and the kvetching and moaning over Droughtlander: The Sequel will begin.)
    Rant over. Thanks for having a place to vent, Beth!

  2. The “shark jumping” scars me a little. I am so hoping that the hospital scenes, particularly with Master Raymond, are there and, most especially, the encounter and reconnection with Jamie which makes me cry every time i read it…and I read it often, sadly.
    I really love and appreciate your insights, Beth. Thanks!

  3. Jane moskevitz

    As always, I just love reading your words of wisdom. I have to admit, I was one of those nuts that emailed Starz after being encouraged to on Twitter. A rep got right back to me not once but twice which I found quite impressive as far as customer service goes. I probably have nothing to really complain about since I am relatively new to this whole Outlander phenom – I joined the fray in November I think after the whole season 1 was over and I totally binge watched after reading the book suggested to me by none other than GRRM on his blog – yes I am also addicted to GOT (books). This has been such a great joy for me. I have met so many people, made some almost friends.. We will see in The fall at OG2016 ! I just hope that the people of OL do not do to the books what Benioff & Weiss have done to GOT. This show is great because it sticks pretty close to the source material – not looking forward to any shark jumping. And lastly, rather than moan and groan about everyone getting all upset about a 3rd season … They should really celebrate the fact that the demand is so loud and in your face. What more could an artist want? Just my humble opinion! thanks again -j

  4. Dianne Copland

    As always, I enjoy your blog. Thank you for putting my sometime, jumbled thoughts in perspective. I have, as many, worried about season 3 and it suddenly dawned on me that I should be more worried about the writing of books 9, possibly 10, 11 and so on. I enjoy the books so much more than the series. Though, don’t get me wrong, I do love seeing everyone come to life on the screen, the books have much more depth; depth in the storyline and the characters that television does not have time or money to develop. I don’t mean to say that we get a watered down version of the books but it is less detailed and not always like the books. I read and retread the Outlander books along with the Lord John Grey series and I watch the Outlander series on TV over and over. I just hope Diana keeps writing so there is always something of hers available to read or watch on TV for a long time to come. Her wonderful way of telling a story keeps us all clambering for more. She writes in such a way as to keep you thinking and thus, keeps us all involved in her characters. This episode in which Claire has a miscarriage gets us all thinking about just what that means and how it will affect Claire and Jamie. As you stated in your blog it is a life changing experience and Diana is excellent at putting experiences before us to digest. It is just that, peppered with the real history that makes Outlander so exciting and thought provoking. It will be a sad day for us all when Diana puts down her pen. I hope we all get to enjoy this series for a very long time to come and we can grow old with Jamie and Claire.
    Thank You for your blog and a place to post my thoughts.

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