The return of the King….of Men…my reflection on Outlander episode 2.5



I’m sitting here in the early morning hours after having watched Outlander episode 5 and trying to give words to my impressions.  Although we were treated to The King of France in his caped and emblazoned uniform it was another King that caught my eye. “Untimely Resurrection” ?  Not for me.  James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser, King of Men, was resurrected today.  We’ve come full circle.  Today, I saw the Jamie and Claire we have all been waiting for…

This episode was full of wonderful moments of character development (mark me Sandringham is no fool), irony, and subtle foreshadowing.

Jamie and Claire


I was thrilled to see the show open with these quiet moments with Jamie and Claire. Their dialogue with each other was so natural.  There wasn’t any hesitancy, no carefully measured words.  They were totally and completely present with each other.  What ever wall stood between them has been broke down. They were once again two that are one. For me, the scene that most proved their unity was when Claire was finally able to be vulnerable. Her confessing her fears about motherhood to Jamie signaled that she no longer saw him as fragile.  When he was able to offer her reassurance and called her his “brown haired lass” once again?  I tearfully smiled along with Claire.  You got the sense that no matter what else happened they were going to be okay.




Annaliese was not the only one to recognize that Jamie is no longer a simple impulsive boy, I saw a man today, as well. I saw a Jamie who is rapidly gaining back his sense of self. There is a confidence in his speech and the way he carries himself.  He is able to give reassurance not only to Claire, but to Murtagh because he actually has something to give. He isn’t an empty shell anymore.  Like most of us, he has most certainly been changed by the things he experienced. I think we will always see the shadow of Wentworth on Jamie’s face, but I believe that there is some truth in the old adage that what does not kill us only makes us stronger. There is real power in knowing that you are a survivor, that you can come out the other side of something so inconceivable. It is difficult to imagine that this Jamie could be shaken by anything or anyone…except Claire.  Johnathan Randall was correct in assessing that the only true way to reach Jamie was through his love for Claire.

Black Jack


As Black Jack approached they slowed the camera down… again…dammit…every time they do that I think …crap.  As the camera slows, we know something terrible is coming, something that will change things forever…things will never be the same.

The first thing I want to address is the way Tobias Menzies said Claire’s name. Aside from the fact that Jack feels intimately acquainted enough with them to call them Jamie and Claire, the sick rat bastard, did anyone else hear Frank!?!  I believe I said out loud “That wasn’t Black Jack that was Frank! No wonder she flinches.  How can she possibly not see BJR!”.  The exchange that follows between between Claire and Randall was was the stuff of nightmares.  The irony that it took place in the bright sun in a beautiful garden was brilliant literally and figuratively.  A waking nightmare.

Once again, I am so impressed with the subtle performances. How the frick did they make Claire’s face drain of color? And, the desirous inflection in “Jamie’s here…where?”  I wanted to vomit myself.  I think I could go on forever about how this was filmed and scripted.  The symbolism.  The irony.  They can’t escape him.  Their paths continue to cross.

“Unbelievable. The fates are toying with us now.  Setting our feet on seemingly divergent paths and yet, somehow converging…”

She tries escape.  He blocks her path.  She tries again and he grabs her.  She tells him to let her go, but he won’t.  Will they ever be rid of him?

And then, the King,…despite what has just went down they all still have a role to play. Claire, bless her glass face, struggles to get it in under control and I LOVE that about her! In fact, through out the episode we were treated to Claire showing her feelings on her face for all the world to see should they care to look.  She is such a moral, caring person and none of this sits very well with her, but she pushes down her feelings because the lives of so many hang in the balance.

I loved this scene with the King because well, who didn’t love seeing Jack on his knees?!   I loved that Claire continues to baffle him.  When the King kisses her hand and compliments her BJR just couldn’t keep from looking at her with puzzlement.  He just doesn’t seem to understand the power she wields.  Although I delighted in seeing Jack humiliated while Jamie watches (I loved the little jabs the two men couldn’t help but take at each other), I was struck by the fact that Randall is now the one in the position of begging for love of another.  He is a human after all , despite my doubts.

Claire thinks she has gotten them away from an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation.  But, Jamie will not we deterred.  I was watching the exchange between the two men as anxiously as Claire and felt her fear.  What the HELL was that touch on Jamie’s heart about?  And, why the hell didn’t Jamie rip his sadistic hand off his arm?!

And, …best delivered line ever….” He said he owed me a debt (death)” Good Lord, the images that brought to mind. (giving a wink of acknowledgement for that one Richard Kahan)

The Final Scene

images (1)

This scene was everything.  Preseason, I wrote about what scenes in the book I thought had potential to garner awards.  This scene was one of them,

The scene that follows when Jamie realizes what she has done is filled with feelings of betrayal, disbelief, and then outrage when she begs him to promise not to kill Black Jack for her sake.

“How can you ask it of me?  You of all people…”

How could she ask him? How could she not? This scene will ask the viewer the questions “What would you ask of or do for those you love?” and “What are you willing to risk to do the right thing?”  Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan will have the chance to show us.

How could she ask him? Caitriona Balfe accurately and movingly portrayed Claire’s struggle.  She and Jamie have finally found each other again.  Despite all that has happened they are sharing their burdens and looking forward to their child, the miracle result of their love for one another.  She knows exactly what happened to Jamie at Wentworth.  She knows what it did to him and has watched him suffer for months.  She knows what news of BJR survival did for Jamie’s recovery.  She has to know that by asking him to spare Black Jack’s life she risks throwing her own happiness and future away.  Most importantly, she WILL be hurting Jamie, so newly come back to her and himself.  A shattering choice and decision yet,….how can she not ask him?  It is only a matter of time. A delay only.  A delay that makes all the difference for another man she loves.  A man who has done nothing, but be the wrong man in the wrong time.  An innocent man.

Like Jamie, Claire is a person of honor.  She also pays her debts.  She owes Frank. She owes her own integrity and the honesty she promised Jamie.  If she doesn’t ask Jamie to wait to exact his revenge, she believes she would be guilty of murder and that would always be between them. Either way she risks a ruined relationship and so,she must act on her conscience’s urging.  Claire is a brave woman worthy of emulation and admiration. She feels the fear and does the right thing anyway.

Jamie’s reaction and Sam’s performance; his disbelief, his anger and outrage, his feelings of betrayal, his struggle with his honor and love of Claire were all there.  My heart broke when I heard the break in his voice and my own eyes filled with his unshed tears. His warrior spirit rises to the challenge once again as his kisses the blade and pledges his oath to Claire once more.

And, he doesn’t leave…powerful…

I’m waiting to hear the inevitable complaints, but quite frankly, I thought the episode was perfection.  After having watched it for a third time this morning, I would be really hard pressed to identify anything to complain about. I really could write pages on this episode and all it developed and revealed.  There were departures from the book, but once again I felt they were all in keeping with what was plausible including Claire’s attempts to right things for Frank with Alex and Mary. In for a penny, in for a pound as they say. They have been trying to change the future the whole time they were in France why wouldn’t assuring Frank’s survival be part of that. Her confusion and regret only added to the angst of her later decision with Jamie.

Kudos to Richard Kahan , Douglas McKinnon, and well, just everybody who holds a camera, designed or sews a costume, designs or builds a set, just… everybody.  This is such a wonderful quality production. I can’t believe this was episode five already.  I don’t want to spoil this for myself by thinking of the end of the season, but the weeks are flying by and I know I will soon be without an episode of Outlander to look forward to.  So, I’m storing each precious gem of an episode in my DVR jewel box.  They aren’t my books, but what they are is a… wonder.



97 thoughts on “The return of the King….of Men…my reflection on Outlander episode 2.5

  1. Teresa

    Thanks again, Beth, so much for so eloquently describing this episode. My stomach hurt after watching it and you were able to bring up all of those feelings again (in a good way!) after I read your blog post. A mark of a wonderful show and a wonderful blogger to make someone feel physically what your emotions are telling you.

  2. Mary

    I loved this episode. Then again, I usually do. Two really small things struck me in this one. One was Jamie’s fingers tapping when he was meeting with the Comte. I love that Sam Heughan brings all of Jamie’s mannerisms to his performance. The second was when Claire encountered BJR. she was so filed with rage that even her hat trembled with rage. I hated that she asked that of Jamie at the end. I hated it in the book and I hated it in the show. I completely understand the why, and that I can feel so hurt for him gives me such appreciation for the writing.

    Such a wonderful episode!

    • katherine

      Mary, did you notice that le Comte was also tapping his finger against his sword while he and Jamie were across from each other…

    • Cathy

      I got so emotional at that scene. My heart broke for Jaime but also for Claire that she had to ask him. Superb writing, directing and acting. Kudos to all.

      • Jim

        If I had not read the books I would stop watching after la dame Blanche it really angered me. but I realize the feelings on both sides and what’s at stake I know they don’t know the end of the drama of Frank’s ancestor that it’s Alex, Mary still needs the Randall name I know it’s going to get better I still love Outlander.

  3. Claire

    This was the best episode of the year, so far, in my opinion. I loved attention to character, instead of just plot…plot…plot…we must get all this into this episode. They did manage to include a lot of plot, but it didn’t feel rushed. In fact, I thought the episode was about ten minutes shorter than normal. There was room to breathe, and the small, quiet moments were given the time they needed to develop. I loved it.

    And yes, I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw Frank instead of BJR in the garden! The whole first part of the conversion was all Frank, from the way he carried himself, his voice, his mannerisms, everything. I truly thought Tobias forgot which character he was playing that day.

  4. This episode was absolutely thrilling, but my stupid logical therapist mind went…well if Frank doesn’t get to exist, Claire won’t marry him or go through the stones! Ergo, Claire disappears along with bairn and the book(s) are mute….damn me!

  5. Claire

    The only thing I didn’t like at all was the “new” Claire trying to manipulate the relationship between Mary and Alex. I don’t know if it is the writing, the directing, or Caitriona’s choices as an actress, but there have been several times in these first five episodes that I really disliked her. That never happened in the books or season one. She keeps yelling at Murtagh (and the servants) like she is his master, or something, and she often has such a haughty look on her face, like her new found wealth and place in society is going to her head. Now her actions in trying to split up Mary and Alex, who clearly are in love, depriving them of happiness seems downright mean and selfish. Is she the only one who deserves happiness?

      • (speaking as a non-book reader – devil’s advocate if you will)
        I don’t think she didn’t want Mary and Alex together so much as she need to make sure Mary ended up with Jack (remember she saw Frank’s family tree that had Mary and Jack being married and having a child) – I”m sure she can’t understand the how of it anymore than we can, so she is just doing what she thinks is necessary for history to “right itself”. I’m sure if she had the choice, she would have preferred to have seen Mary and Alex as being Frank’s ancestors instead of BJR. Guess we will just have to wait and see how this all plays out.

      • Carol

        I sort of agree….Claire sees it as necessary and she feels bad about it….but it’s an awful thing to do. She wants to protect Frank, I get it, but she deprives Mary of her love and one shot at happiness (especially after she was raped and her opportunities were then limited)….it’s almost unforgivable, even under the circumstances, IMO. Interesting that Claire wants to change the future as far as the Jacobite Rebellion yet ensure that the future doesn’t change for Frank.

      • don’t you see that is the futility of all of it? They cannot predict the future they hav eno real idea that what they do will affect anything and yet, what do you do with knowledge of the future? do you ignore it?

      • Carol

        I don’t know what they should do….whatever Diana decides, I guess! LOL. It’s an interesting dilemma….hence the millions of Outlander fans and followers!

      • Candace Wishon

        But it is the true Claire, throwing Mary, Alex, and Jamie under the bus to get what she wants, premeditating this conversation with ALex. And we do know that Frank has to live. She basically says to Alex you’re sickly and unemployed ( read penniless, and not good husband material), you need to forget about Mary, and she will forget about you. To which ALex basically says gee Claire, how inconsiderate that I didn’t think of that, but thank you! Mary is so lucky to have such a great friend! I’ll just take this at your word. What young man in love and WANTING TO MARRY his true love would just receive this without question, and just say, OK, won’t pursue her? Just hated this conversation.

      • Diana

        What I struggle with in this manipulation with Alex and Mary is Claire’s willingness to hand Mary over to a monster. Claire has no illusions that maybe somewhere deep down BJR has goodness in him and would be a decent husband to Mary. She knows, without a doubt, that at his core BJR is made of battery acid. She is so single-minded by her need for Frank to exist that she ignores everything she knows about BJR. I would have liked to see a bit more of that conflict played out with Mary, it certainly played out in the fight with Jamie.

        I try and put myself in Claire’s shoes and can see how her hyper-focus on Frank existing in the future allows her to choose Frank over everyone else; Jamie, Mary and eventually Fergus. Her willingness to allow a monster to roam free for a year, all so that monster can put a baby in Mary bothers me.

    • Hate to say it, but I’m one of the ones who does not like Claire this season. From episode one where she seems to just disregard Jamie’s opinion when he asks her to trust him (during that dead guy scene) and plows forward despite any consequences to the two of them, to when her immediate response about Murtaugh and Suzette is to decide to take it upon herself to get Suzette on birth control (good grief, Suzette is a grown woman!), to when she gets strangely furious about Jamie calling her la Dame Blanche (his reason sounded good to me), to now meddling with Alex and Mary, who’s a rape victim! She seems to expect a lot from everyone around her, but her choices often seem irrational to me. And I feel like the constant snapping at eachother between Jamie and Claire gets tiresome to watch. I hope it gets better soon or I’m probably just going to move on from the show. Thanks for letting me vent!!!

  6. beckym

    “There is real power in knowing that you are a survivor, that you can come out the other side…”. I always hated hearing God never gives you more than you can handle and what does not kill you makes you stronger. What you said about the power of surviving really hit home in a very good way. Thank you for that. I thought the same when BJR said “Claire”. Sounds just like Frank. Makes me wonder about the order in which scenes were filmed and if Tobias did that purposely. So good, so good!!! The first scene, so sweet. The last scene, so intense!

  7. As usual I’m in agreement with you, Beth. This episode was SO well done! I love the new insights that aren’t in the books….it gives fresh perspective and something to look forward to for each episode besides the great story I already love.

    It IS different having the characters acted out in front of you rather than behaving how YOU envisioned them in your head. It makes you look at them differently and not everyone is enjoying that. Ron and company are giving us a fabulous show and this episode was epic! Beth Wolfe

  8. GGW

    I loved everything about this ep right out of the gate! Sometimes it takes me a couple of viewings to fully appreciate the nuances, but this one grabbed me by the throat and shook me around right from the outset! I have to admit, this section of the book completely baffled me when I read it the first few times! Why would Claire risk the love of the man she stayed for to ensure the life of he man she chose to leave?! I I would grit my teeth, grumble and carry on, only throwing the book on a handful of occasions!! I’m still not completely at ease with the risk Claire takes with Jamie’s heart, but have found a degree of understanding that her moral code would not allow her to do otherwise. The owing of debts and the methods by which they are repaid: this story takes that concept very seriously and I think that Richard Kahan captured it beautifully in his writing as did Douglas McKinnon in his direction. And the performances… oh heavens, there MUST be awards this season! And ep 5 is just the tip of the emotional iceberg for what is to come. I can’t WAIT to see what the actors can do with it! Thank you for another great review!!!

  9. Sherry Riley

    I think that the reason that BJR puts his hand on Jamie’s heart is a symbol of the moment in Wentworth when he wanted Jamie to brand himself there. It may be a sign that BJR is emphasizing his possession.
    By the way, Jamie tells Claire that BJR said that he owes Jamie a “death”…again a reference to the Wentworth episode.
    This episode had me run a gambit of emotions…including anger at Claire for her interference with Alex and Mary. She thinks she knows that BJR will give Mary a child, and because of her guilt about Frank, she is willing to destroy their relationship, not to mention what she did to Jamie by issuing that ultimatum. Crying for all of them!
    Beware of messing with fate…it will come back to bite you!

    • lmmerrill

      I heard it as “debt” not “death”, he means death because he promised to kill Jamie himself in Wentworth rather than sending him to an ignominious death on the gallows. So, he “owes” him that more noble death, and therefore it’s a “debt”. And he put his hand on the place where he did brand Jamie with his signet ring – which Murtagh removed at the Abbey.

    • donnakaylc

      I thought BJR was telling Jamie that he would mark him there with his sword when they duel–and maybe Jamie told HIM that he could not use his name until he was dying at the point of Jamie’s sword!

      • Sherry-
        I also thought that the touch was to remind Jamie that he had been branded by BJR and he was “owned” by him. I also thought Jamie said that it was a death that was owed. After all, BJR was going to kill Jamie and only through Claire et al’s intervention, was unable to kill him.

  10. lmmerrill

    Beth – thank you for your thoughtful post. I agree about Claire – she is noble and her desire to keep Frank alive in the future – no matter what it costs – shows that she is both noble and ruthless about it. In the books, this was also depicted in the many surgery scenes where she would go to that “inner place” where she could cut into someone and do what needed to be done in order to save them, no matter how painful it was for all involved. Claire was not always nice – she was never a Pollyanna, but she wasn’t selfish either and I think Caitriona is doing a good job depicting this tightrope. I think keeping Alec and Mary apart was a low point for her and she knew it. I agree – Jamie came back into his own as he was destined to do. As for BJR – I really didn’t see Frank in those interactions so much as BJR showing an almost casual “intimacy” with her by calling her by her first name – which does call back (forward?) to Frank. He’s been intimate with her husband and he’s still playing a kind of cat and mouse game – trying to maintain the upper hand by being so personal with her. First names in those days were rarely used outside of family and very close intimates – something he was using to keep twisting the knife. So, the King literally putting him on his knees and Jamie figuratively doing it was so much sweeter!

  11. Cheryl

    Beth, as usual, a fantastic post!!! My heart is still aching from that last scene. Can you comment further on your observation that Jamie not leaving at the end of it was powerful? Anne Kenny mentioned it too. I want to know what you are seeing that I have failed to see as of yet. That he doesn’t leave which means he is angry with Claire and hurt and feels betrayed but it shows he still loves her? Tell me more! Thank you Beth!!! Xx

    • Yes, he is committed to her. Loves her. Won’t leave. But, wow he is righteously angry. I the book he stays up all night and then takes her to bed and makes love to her. Love to see that. Sometimes we have to choose to love.

      • lmmerrill

        I thought the whole tableaux was so powerful. He pushed her away, but didn’t leave. His hand placement on the chair rooted him to the spot, he was literally trying to hold on. Plus, the high camera angled showed there is a bigger picture. As the audience, we were forcibly removed from the action which I think highlights them as a team of two, no matter what happens.

      • Cheryl

        Okay, yes – got it. thank you for confirming this! And I would love for the next episode to start right there, when he comes back to the bed after staying up all night. I listened to that chapter Friday Eve in prep for the episode (love the audio books – Davina Porter is a magician!). When Jamie walks up and down the hallway, and then whirls around and smashes his hand through the stained glass window. Powerful! And Sam gave us that power when he said “Do not… touch me!” Wow. Just wow! This episode had so many fabulous surprises for us book readers eventho we knew what was coming. So good!! I can’t stop thinking about it. Thanks again Beth for creating a forum where we can discuss and ask you questions!

  12. TES

    A great review! So insightful….thanks for making me feel better about this episode…this scene was difficult to read in the book and even more difficult and disheartening to watch…thanks again for offering a clear understanding of what the heck is going on!!

  13. JoAnn Weatherly

    I look forward to your analysis every week– thank you so much for sharing your insight and thoughts! Always so spot-on and heartfelt.

  14. Kathryn Mayfield

    Agree. Excellent episode! I thought I heard the phrase “He said he owed me a death.” NOT debt. Remember BJR promised to give Jamie a hero’s death after their Wentworth encounter so he would not be hanged. Did I hear it wrong?

  15. Anne Hetherington

    Season two is so intense and controversial that I have decided to limit my social media time. I want to savor the episodes and not dilute the experience. So yours is the only blog re cap that I am reading. You have again thoughtfully and intelligently evaluated this episode. I have watched it 3 times, and will now watch it again with your thoughts in mind. I missed couple of nuances. In addition, I again thought Bears score was brilliant with a subtle hint of Frank theme here and Claire and Jamie theme there. I look forward to reading your thoughts about these episodes, thanks!

  16. Kathy

    There was so much in this episode. And I can never believe they are really an hour long. Please DO write pages and pages! I love your insight and eloquence. Thank you!

  17. Nita Stacey

    Once again, I love your summation. I only hope that Jamie will tell her why he agreed. I look forward to your Sunday blog.

  18. Sue Boyle

    In the book he does tell her why he agreed. I totally agree with your post about this episode. It was wonderful and took us through so many emotions. The end was heart stopping !
    Can’t wait for next week!

  19. Love what you said about the “man” Jamie and finding his sense of self. Wonder it that’s why they had him back in his kilt for the beginning of the episode. He was back in his element evaluating the horses and we had pre-Wentworth Jamie back. I loved everything about this episode!

  20. Mc

    I agree with everyone. Tobias was mesmerizing, creepy, and comletely took over the screen. I was holding my breadth. Jamie is back but I am now worried how Claire’s request will change their relationship again. Will we have to endure more distance between them or worse him being nasty with her. When RM writes Jamie out of character I tend to go back and read the way it is intended in the book. I believe RM tries to draw in the male crowd by making Jamie not as nice or not needing/loving Claire as much as he does. I hope too that it opens in 206 as this scene ended in the book. This dang show has taken over my life😊

  21. Karen C

    Beth, loved your analysis and ver much agree. My favorite S2 so far. One minor complaint — Jamie in the brothel with the Compte. The King of Men looked weak in my eyes.

  22. KellyL

    Loved the episode and loved your review! I’ve seen a bit of debate over whether Jamie says “he said he owed me a debt” or “death”. In Ransom, Jamie says debt but in this episode, people are thinking BJR would tell Jamie “I owe you a death”. What are your thoughts?

  23. JL Wilfred

    Love the analysis, of course. This was a big episode and I have to admit, I had a few gasps during the show. First, with BJR coming back(I knew that, but still…it was a scene), and at the end, when he tells Claire, “I am a man of honor.” It was powerful, it had weight, and I am wondering, desperately, how they will give weight some lift next week.

    I am with you, when you say, “the weeks are flying by.” I am not looking forward to the end, because it means we ALL have to wait, yet again, for the upcoming season….

    When will they give us a bone and say, “Season 3 is on the books?”

    Again, love it all Beth!

  24. JKCohen

    Beth, agree with all of this! Thank you! I am waiting for Claire to lament to Jamie that maybe he would have been better off if she had never appeared in his life…and he reminds her that Adam didn’t toss
    Eve out of the garden of Eden…and calls her his “wee rib”. If that makes it into an episode, I will dissolve. Richard Kahan did a wonderful job! Sometimes the new guy hits the cover off the ball at his first at bat.

  25. Jodi

    I love how complex and conplicated the plots and characters are. That’s what keeps interest. Jamie shows great restraint in the midst of all this drama. A lesser man would have killed BJR on the spot, in spite of the king’s decree.

    By the way, I daw Diana Gabaldon at a book signing this week, and I asked her about all the fans complaining that Jamie hadn’t gotten “over” his trauma. She explicitly stated that a catharsis needed to take place. Further, she said many rape trauma survivors wrote her, thanking her for the realistic interpretation of sexual assault recovery. She further said she shared that feedback with Ron, because she had fought to make sure the show portrayed that reality…although in a somewhat different variation. I was very pleased with her answer. She’s such an intelligent woman, and she refuses to pander to either her readers, or now viewers, so to speak. Good for her.

  26. momt14

    Beautifully said. We finally get “I love you” and “mo nighean don”…loved the sweetness of that scene. I loved Jamie with the horses…in his element. The final scene was epic and awards worthy. In this episode she indeed “tore his guts out.”

  27. termite

    I wonder if Le Roi took Jamie’s advice from episode 3, and is in a better mood as a result? He would, of course, enjoy immensely the opportunity to demean a British soldier, as France was more often at war with Britain than not.

  28. Stephanie

    Like a few others, I heard “debt” too. Randall owes Jamie a debt due to the promise he made him at Wentworth.

    My take about the touch on Jamies chest by BJR was that it was meant mirror Jamie’s first touch on Claire’s chest in episode 107. It signals BJR’s desire for Jamie just as Jamie’s touch signaled his desire for Claire.

    The last scene was played by both actors with all the emotion it deserved. They tore MY guts out.

  29. I heard “death” not “debt.” I thought is was that bastard BJR’s way of making Jamie remember that at Wentworth he had promised Jamie and honorable death of his choosing. He wasn’t able to keep that promise because that bloody English woman showed up. I also thought that when Randall touches Jaime’s chest he was touching the spot the brand was intended to be.

    Thanks for the great summation of the episode, Beth. I felt it was a great blend of Jaime and Clair together and the plot points. I am so impressed with the way are handling such a complex story as DIA and I am worried about how fast the episodes are flying by. Has any one heard when they will start working on Voyager?

  30. Excellent recap and review – love your insights. I can’t believe this was Richard Kahan’s first time out! He really gets these characters and was right that Cait and Sam truly brought his script o life. They embody these characters and it’s wonderful to see them transform the written word to a visual medium. Outstanding acting this ep, but especially the two leads.

  31. Wonderful review of this wonderful episode. This was one you couldn’t passively just watch. I teared up, laughed, gasped, watched holding my breath! If I had to list one thing I missed, I wish they took the last 12 minutes of the hour and inserted somewhere, Fergus’ famous horse rise-it was during this outing, wasn’t it? Other than that, Bravo!

  32. Gulfgirlee

    Loved the episode. I also saw this as Claire losing a bit of her soul. With undermining Mary/Alex and Jamie. (call back to 2.1 when Jamie said it could happen). I would have liked to have seen a more ceremonial “laird” proclamation to Murtagh. (3 fingers on the haft and a kiss on his sword) but I am not a stickler to the books. I am being entertained and that’s good enough for me! This season should be recognized as the world-class group that they are. The addition of the French group has been spot on and they work so well together with our favorites from top on down.

  33. In Wentworth Jamie had said to Jack “You owe me a debt”, and Jack headed for him with a knife. I took that to mean they had an agreement that Jack would kill Jamie after Jamie cooperated in his own degradation (which was inevitable, but death would then be preferable to life). The debt was still unpaid, so Jack said he would pay the debt, meaning to kill Jamie. Of course he did not know how far recovered Jamie was. The touch expressed his warped love for Jamie, something made clear in the book at their first Paris meeting.

  34. Susan Steyl

    I felt as I watched this, numerous times, the feeling of “finally” Jaime is free. I’d felt stifled viewing him, he wasn’t himself, and that he is finally able to have a choice in determining his next course. He also chooses to hear Claire.
    AND, BJR saying “Claire” when he sees her, he used that same tone when he said “Claire is here” to Jaime, and became her to Jaime. I felt he knew he shared that intimacy of HER, and could speak her name in that way because of what he shared with Jaime.

  35. Nancy

    Tried to leave a comment but once again, it didn’t go through. Sad. I loved this episode. There – short and sweet. No opinions, no commentary. Thanks for yours, though. Always spot-on.

  36. Nancy

    Beth, do you specific rules to making comments? I don’t swear, I don’t go off subject, I am a true Outlander fan with worthy comments (well, I think that I do anyway). Just curious. You have a great blog – if one could actually access it properly.

  37. Nancy

    Ok, Beth. Thanks for answering me. I love what you say about our Outlander! I’ll keep trying – maybe I’m too wordy. I’m already feeling sad that the season is almost halfway through. 🙁

  38. Nickie

    I’m a book reader and I thought this episode hit the target. More so than almost all the rest including last year. Well, except for the Wedding…sigh. And Rent…and the first one…achhh! The writing for each of the characters was well done and I didn’t mind the changes to the book. Everything fit well. I have to agree with you Beth…it was “debt” not “death”…I don’t care what the close captioned said…it was “debt”. And yes…the season is going way too quickly! And oh boy, everything is going to “hit the fan” in the episodes coming up…

    • Diana

      Script says “…owed me a death.” I had always heard it as debt, then after a couple viewings of 115-116 (3 views was all I have been able to bear) I started thinking I heard “owed a death”. That so many of us heard one or the other, but really heard the same thing…owed the debt of a death is interesting word play.

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