The New Outlandish Anticipation Post is up!



This week we look ahead to episode 5 and give a shout out to writer Richard Kahan!


5 thoughts on “The New Outlandish Anticipation Post is up!

  1. Nancy

    I’m part of your blog, but my comments don’t seem to be posted. What’s up with that? I love your blog and only add positive comments.

  2. Nancy

    I see that my earlier comment went through. So I will continue to say that I love your commentary on Season Two. It is being done with great respect to the book – with wee adjustments here and there. I absolutely loved Episode One was about Frank and Claire coming back to their world. It was emotional and heartbreaking. I so felt for Claire – her pain. And I also felt for Frank – and I am in the club of Fcuk Frank. I think the tv version of their reconnecting was done really well. It left us with serious feelings for both. However, our deepest and most committed feelings were for Jamie and Claire. It was a struggle for them during those first few episodes – not only for them but for us! How they finally consummated Jamie and Claire in Episode Four was lovely. I trust Ron Moore and his vision of this story and know that Diana’s voice is ultimately heard. I cannot and will not doubt how this story plays out. It will play beautifully true to the story we’ve read and loved and believed in. Thanks, Beth, for your incredibly inciteful words. Words that mirror many of ours – but in a lovely, professional wordy way!

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