Promise Me We Will Always Find a Way Back to Each Other…A Look Ahead to Outlander Episode 2×04


Here is the link to this week’s Outlandish Anticipation on @OutlanderOnline where we take a look at the love between Jamie and Claire!

Outlander Online


I’m hearing from folks who are adoring the series!  They still can’t believe that they are seeing their favorite characters in the flesh and they believe that the show is doing a great job.  In fact, they are constantly pointing out how, in some ways, the show is better than the books because seeing action and hearing dialogue helps them fill in the gaps that naturally occur when a story is told from one character’s viewpoint.  They delight in the visual feast they have been presented with and find themselves looking forward to watching the episodes to see how things are the same AND different. They don’t always like everything and wish some scenes would be included, but if they aren’t …they can let it go.  They are able to enjoy both book and show.

Other folks fear that the show runners have taken Jamie and Claire too far away from the couple the book lovers know them to…

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One thought on “Promise Me We Will Always Find a Way Back to Each Other…A Look Ahead to Outlander Episode 2×04

  1. Beth, I look forward to all your reviews . I reread them just like I rewatch episodes of Outlander, finding more meaning each time. You truly grasp the depth of the books and the screen portrayal of them. I agree with your character assessments of Jamie and Claire and with the fact that they are continually being brought out in the series. I think that Ron and his writing and directing staff are doing an outstanding job in transforming the books to screen. The costumes and sets are astounding and add to the quality of the show too. We are very lucky to have such dedicated perfectionists and people of great character in charge of our Outlander.

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