What Will the Writers Do Next?…A Look Ahead to Outlander Episode 2×03


The new Outlandish Anticipation post is up on Outlander Online! This week I take a look at what the critics and fans had to say about Episode 2.2 and look ahead to 2.3!

Outlander Online


This past episode of Outlander 2.2 “Not in Scotland Anymore” received mixed reviews by fans and critics alike.  After I wrote my own reflection on the episode, I began reading what other folks thought.  Wow.  I’m still struck by the sheer amount of articles available to read!  There was a lot of repetition in the responses and that leads me to believe that their might be validity to both the negative and positive critiques.

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7 thoughts on “What Will the Writers Do Next?…A Look Ahead to Outlander Episode 2×03

  1. Ellyn Foltz

    Really liked your summary, Beth. Thank you! I am intrigued by the whole “Ron Moore doesn’t “get” Jamie” thing – very interesting. Certainly I was expecting much more of the trademark humor, insight and proclivity to action than we’ve seen heretofore but had wondered if that was a Sam Heughan decision to be more low-key. Thought-provoking.

  2. Debbie

    All I can say, there is alot of book to be put in a 12 part series. So, that being said I understand why they had changed a few things around. I look forward for the rest of the episodes and what it will bring, remember Jamie and Claire still love each other, this is what marriage is all about, never completely smooth sailing. I do hope they continue on, it is a story worth telling and enjoying and keep the mind open, anything is possible.

  3. Nita Stacey

    Once again, I enjoyed your blog. For the most part, I enjoyed the episode. Loved the costumes, the sets, the funny segments, how hard Claire is trying to help Jamie, and the scene stealer, Mertagh. If in fact Ron doesn’t ‘get’ who book Jamie is and why we love him, then we may never see TV Jamie evolve. For me, that will be a travesty for Sam and his ability to display his tremendous talent to a worthy character.

  4. Dianne Copland

    I have been set very off balance with regard to the book and the series. There is so much in the book, which it very rich and wonderful to read. I have not felt that come thru in the story line in series two. The costumes are beautiful but a little over the top. I think Sam does a much better job but he has lost a bit of that lovable, kind hearted Jamie that is down there underneath it all, I spite of Black Jack. I feel Cait is really lacking in expression and emotion. Her acting really falls flat for me. The spark is gone…is how she came across to me. Murtagh steels episode 202! He is really coming into his own and we are getting to see the true Murtagh. Sam and Murtagh get most improved. I am wondering how the rest of the series will play out but so far I would prefer to retread the books a third time.

  5. I actually like that they are letting the characters evolve into being “the best versions” of themselves. I haven’t had a 25 year relationship with these characters to be honest so maybe that’s why it’s easier to let go of my personal rendition and accept the TV version of the story. I am enjoying all of the sights and sounds of Paris. And I was surprised at how much I liked Louise because I didn’t care for her at all in the books 🙂

    Always enjoy your posts. It’s like an online Outlander book club!

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