A contest and a new Outlander Online post!



This past Wednesday we began our “back to the season” routine! Every Wednesday at 1:00 a new post on  http://wp.me/p57847-joG  looks ahead to the next episode of Outlander!  And, every Sunday or Monday you can expect a new reflection about the latest episode on My Outlander Blog! At Bethwesson This week it’s about April 9th and the early season reviews!

To celebrate we are having a contest!


Just make sure you have pressed the follow button and signed up to receive notifications of new My Outlander Blog posts by email at Bethwesson.com The button is on the left hand side  <<<<<<<<<  of the blog page!  Whether you are new to the blog or you’ve been here since the beginning  ❤️ you’ve got the same chance of winning! If you already follow you won’t see a button 👍🏻

Hang on Outlanders the drought is nearly over!



8 thoughts on “A contest and a new Outlander Online post!

  1. SSW22

    Another great assessment of Oulander, Beth. You have such a way with words. A novel in your future, perhaps?! I along with all the fans of Outlander, and the ones that don’t know they are yet, can’t wait for April 9th!

  2. Ellen Kelly

    love your blog posts…..such wonderful thought and insight. Can’t wait till season 2…and the wait is going down quickly.

  3. Carol Jannello

    Hi Beth! No button showing up on the left side, and I’m already following your blog (which I absolutely LOVE💗💗) .How do I enter the contest? Thanks so much!!

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