Someday in a Galaxy far far away women will be allowed to just …be


Something I wrote on my other site. Non-Outlander, but I’d love to have you read it!

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I started to write an article about Star Wars the Force Awakens and the positive portrayal of women I witnessed in the film.  I started to write about a woman, Rey, who was allowed to just be herself.  She didn’t have to act like a man or be the object of one.  She was allowed to “run on her own”.  I started to write about seeing women working along side men and even leading men.  I started to.  Sadly, I am not anymore because sexism has reared its ugly head once again and I can’t ignore it.

I’m sure you are aware that actors from the old Star Wars film reprised their characters’ roles.  Watching the film felt like attending a class reunion where you really wanted to see people again!  I was thrilled to see that Hans, Leia, and Luke looked like real people who grow up and age…

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10 thoughts on “Someday in a Galaxy far far away women will be allowed to just …be

  1. Midge Foley

    Haven’t seen the movie yet (waiting to see it with my son) but I have been following the hullabaloo about Carrie Fisher’s looks. I think she looks great! Your thoughts and comments, as always, are spot on.

  2. Kyle

    While I agree over all, I must point out that it is NOT always the case. For example, I dare anyone to say that Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, etc, have not aged well. In this mans humble opinion they and others are all still gorgeous.

  3. Ellyn Foltz

    Beth, brilliant and insightful. The great Susan Sontag said it so beautifully.
    I just saw Star Wars over the holidays with our adult son. I saw the original on a date with my husband in college. I found the natural aging of the human protagonists moving, poignant and profound – we’ve all loved them for so long and through so many episodes. Beth, I look forward to another year of appreciating your thoughtful insights. Your fan, Ellyn

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