Vroom…We have Roger…Outlander welcomes Richard Rankin!



Today Starz gave Outlander fans a gift they have been waiting on for awhile now….Roger! Welcome to Scottish actor Rik Rankin! I’m just loving this because Rik has been a part of the fandom…sorta…for awhile now.  Quite a few months ago he was gracious enough to help some fans with some Scottish sounds and words.  He was so nice and likeable he just sort of got adopted! Some Outlander fans became Rik Rankin fans too and even started fan clubs!  There have been a lot of us pulling for him to be our Roger from the moment he came onto the scene!

We’ve been watching his career and hoping, after falling in love with his portrayal of Captain Tom Gillian in The Crimson Field, he would get the chance to audition for Roger.


Here is a link to his show reel.


I had to laugh when I saw his reaction to the fan reaction today on social media.


 JHRC? I love him already!

I’m sure he’ll do great!  Roger is a wonderfully dynamic character who Diana puts through more than his fair share of character revealing situations.  It’s a role that I’m sure will challenge and stretch him as an actor.  In other words, Roger is an actor’s dream.  Now…..where’s his other half?

I can’t wait to see Roger and Bree side by side.  They are not Jamie and Claire and yet….what a great couple! In fact, I can’t wait to see Roger side by side of a lot of different characters.  I’m going to love watching the relationships develop between him and Bree, Jamie, and Claire .

Folks, this story is only going to get better! It’s an exciting time to be an Outlander fan!  I’m sure much will be written about Rik over the next few days, but I just wanted to add my welcome to the clan!  And, @ConnieBV is working on her own special type of welcome! I can’t wait! It’s rumored she’s shipping Rik and Tobias! So, that’ll be fun!

I hope you feel the love Rik! Looking forward to your performance!



11 thoughts on “Vroom…We have Roger…Outlander welcomes Richard Rankin!

  1. laruebeth

    Worth the wait! I think he will be perfect as Roger. Ron and company have been brilliant in their casting, so far. Now let’s see who they find for Bree.

  2. Many thanks to @outlander_starz for ther Christmas present to #Outlander fans. We have our RogerMac! And a fine one he is. Can’t wait to see him in action … and for his opposite – Bree.

  3. Nickie

    I hear that he has a great singing voice as well…and…sigh…that wonderful Scottish lilt (watching the Crimson Field) just makes me melt…

  4. Deborah

    I’m sure I’m not alone in this…Dear God I hope he can breathe some LIFE into Roger. I’ve read the books 3 times through now and I still find Roger and Bree to be two of the most boring people on the planet. I’m hoping he can change my opinion of Roger. Bree remains to be seen. But he IS handsome lol!

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