Happiness is…Outlander getting accolades



There are a lot of things that make me happy like drinking a great cup of coffee by a fireplace reading a good book while snuggled in a fuzzy blanket. Or listening to children giggling or watching puppies frolic. Good Stuff.  You know what else is good? Learning that Outlander had been nominated for 3 Golden Globe awards.


The results started rolling in this morning and so did the tweets.  In very little time, my notifications were lighting up with good news. Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies, and the show its self were at the top of the list.  I kept asking if I had missed Sam Heughan’s nomination because I was THAT sure his brave and moving performance would be recognized.

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When I realized it was true…no nom for Sam, I experienced some very conflicting emotions.  I was thrilled for the others maybe even surprised.  Not because their performances weren’t brilliant, they were, but because I was worried we wouldn’t be noticed at all.  I’m pretty cynical about these awards things and I had been told repeatedly that we would be lucky to get one nod with all the great TV out there right now.  So, there I was feeling elated for Cait and Tobias one second and absolutely gutted for Sam the next.

Because my feelings ARE so strong, it hasn’t escaped me I might be giving validity to my families insistence that I have become obsessed.   For whatever its worth, I’m willing to admit maybe they are right because this feels personal.  I’m sure that part of the reason it feels personal is because I’ve been around the fandom since Diana Gabaldon announced the show was a go and a lot has happened in that amount of time.  We fans awaited casting news like the birth of a precious child. And, our first picture of Cait and Sam as Jamie and Claire?  Surreal.  There they were in the flesh and we all couldn’t quite believe it.



Our fan experience was intensified by the willingness of the cast and crew, writers, producers and directors to talk with us and share behind the scenes tidbits and looks into what they do.  Matt B. Roberts “POD”,  Maril’s “heard on set” and Terry’s “tidbits” all helped us feel apart of what was happening. We knew they were all fans of the book and I felt reassured by Ron’s insistence that he wouldn’t mess up his wife’s favoriite! cf1346fb82adfc1f9e51059a52af3988

It was a singular experience and this inclusion has contributed to my feeling personal about these awards.  This is MY show about MY book.   We fought the critique that the show would only interest bored housewives and that men wouldn’t watch.  Our battle cry was, “Just wait you’ll see, this story is so much more!”  While we waited for the premier, I  remember anxiously hoping that they would do my very favorite book justice.  It could have gone so wrong.  It was such a wonderful story and I wanted the world to see it and fall in love with it too.

Diana Gabaldon’s books have become my favorite because of the wonderful stories she tells of a passionately committed couple and their adventures through life. I’ve always felt there were truths about what it means to be human spoken between those pages. Diana spoke to the irony and wonder that is life. So, I hoped that Ron Moore’s “adaptation” would be able to capture what I loved about this story; it has, but what I didn’t expect to see was Ron’s story of what it means to be human.  The visual story-teller told Diana’s story and somehow made it…more.  I am seeing Diana’s truths about life AND Ron’s as well. Two creative people’s ideas came together and the melding of their genius has created a new and inspiringly delightful visual version of my favorite story. Each new episode was like unwrapping a beautiful gift filled with amazing costumes, sets, acting, directing and writing.  It is a quality production that wasn’t afraid to be different or take on difficult material. Truly, I couldn’t be prouder if I had actually had anything to do with it myself <g>.


I was reminded today that the show received a nomination for best drama and that means that everyone who had a part in creating the show is nominated.  That did make me smile.  So, congratulations to everyone!  Happiness is knowing people you’ve come to respect are getting recognized for all of their hard work and I’ll be celebrating by watching Claire get lost through the stones tonight while I snuggle in a blanket and drink some good coffee.


23 thoughts on “Happiness is…Outlander getting accolades

  1. GGW

    As I already said over on Instagram, “Disappointed that Sam didn’t get individual recognition, but trying to keep in mind that his great contribution was part of the Best Drama nom. Without him, the show would not have been so strong! I’m saying it like a mantra, but…it still sucks!” Mixed emotions indeed.

  2. S. A. Young

    Well you’ve nailed it yet again. I was on such an emotional rollercoaster this morning! Tobias’ name was the first mentioned and I actually had tears in my eyes as I typed my congratulatory tweet. Then came Caitriona and I was absolutely THRILLED for her. I thought surely Sam would be next…how could he not be next?!? So woosh!, down came the rollercoaster…then the announcement that the show…the SHOW!!…had been nominated, plucked from among some of the best tv ever aired, certainly in our lifetimes, and will now be forever changed. The show will get some of the spotlight we fans have resigned ourselves to doing without. The Washington Post has started it off by highlighting it under the banner “those nominated shows you’ve never heard of”. People will hear now.
    I was, am and will be, so heartbroken that Sam was not singled out along with Cait and Tobias (and I did have a brief but turbulent moment of supreme pissed-offedness, but it passed and now I’m focused on the good), but as Ron has since reminded us, until the last 1/2 of the season he was very much a supporting player. His time may yet come in season 2.
    And something I think everyone should remember is that these nominations (as well as those for “Flesh & Bone” and “Blunt Talk”) are HUGE for the Starz network. No matter what anyone thinks of the HFPA or the Golden Globes, they still represent an a great big blue ribbon, a stamp of legitimacy, that CEO Chris Albrecht has been chasing for years.
    So all in all? YAY!!! *fist pumps* AWESOMESAUCE!! LAPHROIG ALL AROUND!!

  3. Joni

    It’s thrilling to be invited to the party and at the same time devastating that one of your kids was left off the list. This is not to say we aren’t all very excited for Outlander/Starz, Caitriona, and Tobias. In an interview Ron had today he said Caitriona was in practically every scene so noteworthy, and Tobias’ dual role was as well. He went on to say that Sam’s role is meatier next season. That means I hope we’ll be excited for Sam next time around! Good things come to those who wait, right?

  4. Karen

    Such a mixed bag of emotions, too. Mostly elation at the 3 nominations, all SO well deserved. A lot of heartbreak for Sam that he didn’t get a nomination. Excitement for the future, and gratitude for everyone who has put so much of themselves into making our beloved book come to life.
    Thank you, Beth, for your wonderful blog! I always look forward to reading your thoughts.

  5. I also was so upset on hearing Sam had not been nominated for a GG ,very pleased for Cat and Tobias though .I expect he doesn’t mind as much as we do and I was upset because he might be upset.,silly I know ,but Sam moved me as Jamie and I can’t remember being as touched by a performance in episodes 15 and 16 .I have watched the series 7 times now and will be watching it again and again.

  6. Cathy

    Along with everyone else, I was sad to hear that Sam wasn’t nominated. It doesn’t negate his amazing performance at all. He knows (and his fans do too) that he acted his ass off (no pun intended). Awards are subjective and there was incredible acting this year from many,many shows. He’s already won in my book! Congratulations to Caitronia and Tobias.

  7. Was absolutely devastated when I first heard Sam did not get a nomination; I actually felt a bit sick to my stomach. Still feel bad, but so happy about the other three, so deserving.
    I’m so proud of Sam’s work with Bloodwise as my husband received a dx of Myeloma today.
    Their are lots of new treatments available for him, so we are optimistic.

  8. You’re right, it hurts. And Sam will be all congratulatory & noble like the gentleman he is but we all know that deep down it will, maybe only a bit, hurt him. Because it hurts us, we are taking it personally. Somewhere underneath all his bravado is probably an actor just a little sad because his blood & sweat was all over the screen. He might wonder if he wasn’t as good or needs to work harder but you and I know the truth so hopefully us fans can set him straight.

    Being an actor is hard enough on a person’s confidence without something like this. I for one will be on Twitter sharing my excitement for the nominees and expressing my never ending love for the Jamie I see when I read the books.

    Our little show is not going on unnoticed! Yay! Here’s to many more seasons!


  9. It has taken me awhile to digest today’s nominations. While I am happy for Tobias, Cait and the show, I am heartbroken for Sam. For me, he’s the heart of the show and did by far the best acting of the entire cast. Such a shame he was left out, but there’s always next year and as the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.”

    And BTW, If you have DishNetwork, DishAnywhere has all eight episodes of “Flesh and Bone” even though it’s still airing on Starz. I’ve seen all eight and I think it’s absolutely AMAZING! Anyone else seen it?

  10. I am incredibly disappointed for Sam, and happy for Cat. However, I am absolutely thrilled for Tobias! With so much attention going to Sam and Catriona, I always felt bad for Tobias. His portrayal of BlackJack was nothing short of perfection! My hope is that the show bring nominated will result in more people discovering this amazing show.

  11. Connie

    GREAT blog post, Beth, as always! I, too, was on the rollercoaster this morning as the nominations were announced. I think my husband may have bruises on his arm where I grabbed him when I heard – WITH MY OWN EARS – “Tobias Menzies, Outlander”. I felt I was having an out-of-body moment, for a second. (Did I really hear what I thought I heard?) Then Cait’s name (mangled pronunciation) and then, waited for it, waited for it., and finally WTF??? No nomination for Sam? The nomination for the show as Best Drama does give lots of credit to the whole cast & crew, and people will now be searching for the show who had never known it existed.

    And when those HFPA voters who haven’t yet watched Ep 115s & 116 finally get around to watching them, they’ll probably be kicking themselves black & blue and wishing they’d voted differently!

  12. Claire

    Of course, I am overjoyed for the show, and for Cait and Tobias. Their nominations are so well-deserved, and hopefully, will attract new viewers. But, Sam being snubbed yet again takes away much of the joy for me. Even though he is always the first to offer congratulations to the others, I know how much it must hurt him to be excluded, knowing he put his all into this role. It’s one thing to receive accolades from the fans, (and I know how much he appreciates that), but another to receive validation for your work from critics and peers in the industry. To quote Jamie Fraser himself, “It’s tearing my guts out”. And when people say, “Just wait until next year”, my answer is, “Those are no but weak words”. His character may play a larger role in future seasons, but nothing in all the rest of the books even comes close to the intensity and total commitment it took to play the scenes in Wentworth and Ransom. Those were once-in-a-lifetime scenes…Sam called them a gift for an actor…and he played them to perfection. He deserved a nomination.

  13. Katrina

    I am thrilled they got nominations. Such a wide variety of shows and actors to choose from. It is amazing that we got a foot in the door really.

    I too was sad that Sam was not nominated. I feel that is probably one of the most hotly contested categories. It is a shame because you want to feel joy for all of them. I feel Sam gives everyone his all, and supports everyone, and is such a giving person. It would of been nice for him to have that validation from his industry, that his work was award worthy. Make no mistake it was. Everybody was shocked simply because he is that good. He was that brilliant. Those final episodes just cemented his range of talent.

    It was fabulous to see Cait get nominated as quite often her role gets over looked with people and press clamouring for Sam. She is exceptionally talented, and really brings such an intimacy and truth to Claire. She really does deserve every accolade. It saddened me to see some nasty stuff written about her acting. She is the heart of the show.

    But I am so happy that Outlander was nominated and Cait and Tobias were recognised. The show was seen for how fabulous it is. They all deserve it and each one of them plays a vital role in the success of it. Each of them bring out the best acting in each other. The whole cast and crew along with Ron bring out the best of Diana’s books.

  14. Jo-Anne Graner-Murray

    My sadness or worries was for Sam . After he had done such a great job in Jamie Fraser’s role that wondered he felt about all this ?

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