All I want for Christmas is…Outlander


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So, Black Friday is looming and that means I need to start thinking about Christmas and what gifts I’ll be buying.  Cuz if I miss a deal on something I didn’t know I needed I’d be pretty upset!  So, I’m making a list and checking it…twice and then discussing it with my husband.  The following is a transcript of what I like to call the Great  Christmas fight.

ME:  I’m getting some great coupons in my inbox.

DH: It’s ridiculous. It gets worse every year!  We are just not going to buy anyone anything! Christmas isn’t about presents!  We buy them something they don’t need and they buy us something we don’t need!  Ridiculous!

ME: We have this conversation every year.  I LIKE giving gifts.  You suck the joy out of Christmas you…you…joy sucker!

DH: We aren’t doing it.

ME: You say that every year too and yet Christmas comes and there are presents under the tree.  Why do you bother to get worked up?

DH: mumble….mumble…commercialism…humbug…mumble


The only thing worse than the unneeded pressure my husband inflicts on the season is answering the dreaded “what do you want for Christmas” question.  I NEVER have an answer.  So, this year I was determined to be prepared!

DIL: What do you want for Xmas?

ME: A new Shark floor cleaner because my old one broke and a good saute’ pan!

DIL:  That is so boring.  What do want that is fun!?

ME: Sigh (so much for being prepared)…Let me think about it…

I’m terrible at this!  I don’t shop except for this time of year.  I can find things I like if I’m out there, but unless I see something…I can’t think of anything I need or want.  Luckily for me, middle granddaughter was over to the house and heard me sighing and made a suggestion with potential.

GD:  Isn’t there any Outlander stuff you want?

ME: (lighting up like the proverbial tree) Outlander? Yeah….Outlander… (now I’m rubbing my hands together like the Grinch) I LIKE Outlander!

So, I’m putting together an all Outlander all the time Christmas list.


  • A trip to Scotland with a tour of the Outlander studios (hey, go big or go home)

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  • signed first editions of all of the Outlander books


  • a script signed by oh….everybody 🙂

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  • Tickets to the next premier (whenever that is)


  • the official Caitriot plaid


  • an Outlander Wedding ring, this one that combines the series and the books!


  • A print by Frogirl@thenewredplaid or Elaine or…(there is a lot of really great stuff out there!)


  • These cuz Pop.Lander is a whimsical genius who made me want to play with dolls


  • And more hedgehogs cuz…well, just cuz one can never have too many  😉


Given that my children are not independently wealthy, I’m guessing I might have a fair shot at the last three and if #Outlander Starz would like to kick in a casting announcement that would just be the topper on my plaid themed Christmas!

Happy Holidays Outlander fanmily!

PS I thought of one more thing! At shirt designed by Terry that says “I spit on cute!” She knows why 😜!




20 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is…Outlander

  1. GGW

    LOVE this Beth!!! This sounds SO MUCH like the same conversation we have in my household every holiday season!! I can count the times I’ve been prepared with a list when asked about Christmas wants on one hand. Well, that may be generous, maybe 2 fingers! Anyway, hope you don’t mind if I lift a few of your ideas!!! And, who needs a good reason to want hedgehogs?!? Hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope this year the Annual “Christmas conversation” can be avoided!

  2. Paula Glaser

    Last year we didn’t “celebrate” Christmas because my mother was sick in November, diagnosed with lung cancer on December 1 (her 78th birthday) and was in hospital and hospice from December 3 until she passed January 16. Our gifts were spending time with her and with each other. Mom put a lot of effort into Christmas shopping every year, not sure that she really enjoyed it that much, just wanted everyone to have presents to open — the tree Christmas morning looked like it did when we were kids, and these “kids” are now in their 50s!! She didn’t drive, so I usually did the shopping with her. Not sure how this year is going to go, we are at the one year anniversary of a lot of sad things. I love giving gifts, like to think that I am good at it, pay attention through the year to what people mention. I have been picking up gifts here and there over the last few months, so everyone is going to have something to open this year because I love giving gifts . . . Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. My kids said they were not giving presents this year…but I’m rebelling. I love Christmas and the doodads. The kids can just be grouches . Your gift list is cute. If there were going to be presents coming my way I could pick one of two from your list. But not this year, everyone says.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Beth!

  4. Barbara Brown

    After giggling and thinking that you must know MY husband, I suddenly felt as if the air had been let out of my balloon. People of a certain (um, um) generation remember Christmas before technology, before endless schedules because of more relatives as families have grown, before the unceasing bombardment of advertising from September through January. And I think that we are somewhat “tired” and “overwhelmed” once it all begins again each Fall. We need simplification, or at least I do.

    As a young married (many years ago), there were only my parents, his parents, and a couple of nephews. Decorations consisted of a Christmas tree and maybe, maybe, some lights on the house.

    So I felt it was my place to see that Everyone received more than one gift. But then there were more nieces and nephews. And more sets of in-laws (and outlaws!). A couple of years ago, I said to myself “Self,” I said, “STOP THIS; THIS IS NOT CHRISTMAS!” So I did. Stop, that is. I mean, I don’t even see most of these people anymore except at Christmas. How could I know what present would be meaningful to them? And since everyone has so many different places to go for “Christmas” it occurred to me that the children get a gift at each place they visit. Santa Claus on Christmas eve must be anti-climatic.

    SO I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THANKSGIVING! Fellowship and food! All that is needed for a beautiful occasion. And I no longer give EACH person a gift at Christmas. (Not saying I don’t give some gifts, but in a special way to those still closest to me, and still “in touch.”)

    And you know what, no one seems to notice! The little ones don’t even know which gifts came from which adults. I don’t preach to my family or try to move them in my direction, but I certainly enjoy my visits a lot more and have a lot more peace and love in my heart.

    I want to wish you and your family, Beth, a most loving Thanksgiving with great food! And one of my things to be verra thankful for this year is having discovered your blog!

    Now, where is that list I’m making for hubby…

  5. Debra

    If you enjoy coloring, an Outlander coloring book would be an exceptionally affordable gift to add to your list.
    P.s. Like you, I dread the inevidible “What do you want for Christmas?”question. Happy Thanksgiving🦃

  6. Patricia Hare

    Oh, so understand the conversation. My hubby always says he wants, ” peace and goodwill,” for Christmas. This year, it might be a good thing to ask for!
    As for kids and grandkids, the three wise men brought 3 gifts, I figure it could not beat that idea so three they get – one they want, one they need and one surprise.
    As for me, I am giving myself a trip to Scotland next spring.
    I get the very best gift! After all, I have been very good this year, I think.
    Best wishes for a warm Thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas filled with family and laughter.

  7. The sibs and spouses draw names on Thanksgiving so everyone gets and gives one thing (outside their own household). As the next generation turns 21 they go into the draw. We always spend at least one day of the holiday season all together, playing games and snacking. We are all in Cincy now so that makes it much easier. But no one will think of getting me Outlander stuff. Loved your list.

  8. S. A. Young

    Love your list! Let me know if Santa manages the first one on the list and if you need someone to carry your luggage for you…and by that I mean stowaway IN your luggage lol.

  9. Joanie Murray

    Love the Hedgehog. Looks like he’s giving the “Thumbs Up.” My husband and I never know what to give each other-but this year is different. We started saving money in September for a trip to Scotland next September. Nothing under the tree for me this year (well, probably something), but it will be worth it when I wake up in paradise in 9 months. Thank you for your awesome blog!

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