I’m going with cuz he’s Adorkable…my answer to the Sam Heughan question


I was sitting down with my Sunday morning cuppa and opened my Twitter feed ( my usual morning coffee routine) and checked out what Diana Gabaldon was talking about this morning (usually pretty entertaining or informative cuz she’s pretty witty and smart).  This morning someone who recently found Outlander was concerned she might be too old to be a fangirl. Loved Diana’s response.


This started some speculation as to why Sam Heughan, our Jamie, is so appealing.  So, now my curiosity is piqued and my coffee is getting cold because I’m theorizing ( is that a word? ).  Why, I asked myself, is he so appealing?



Sam is definitely a beautiful man.


Some say it is the smile.


Some say it’s the voice.


Some say the way he bites his lip.


Some say it’s the twinkle in his eye.


Some say it’s his collarbones ( yes @1hawtchica I’m talking about you)


Some say it is his bum.


( you thought I was gonna show a pic didn’t you?) Haha made you look!

The fact that he has big shoulders, big hands, he’s tall, and has that little scar, and….I’ll stop now….is it me or is it getting hot in here?

Here’s the thing.  There are lots of beautiful men in film. So, even though he is pretty to look at, I don’t think it’s his looks alone that make him so appealing.


Obviously, I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Sam or spent time with him, so anything I know about his personality must be gleaned from trusted sources like Cait, Graham, Diana, etc..  Here are some adjectives and phrases I’ve heard in regards to Sam.

“He is a genuinely nice person”

“He has a great sense of humor”

“He is such a gentleman”

“What a great guy”

“He has a quick wit”

“I think they had Sam in mind when they invented the word sweetheart”

I love his teasing tweets with Diana, the Outlander driving guys, his co stars, and his fans.



He gives of his time and uses his popularity for good.  I’ll bet his momma is proud!  I would be!



I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the fact that a big part of his appeal to Outlander fans is the fact that he has so embodied our Jamie!  Sigh….  I have gone from “who are they ever going to get to play our Jamie?” To “he is Jamie”.  My appreciation for his acting skills continues to grow as I watch (and re-re-watch Season1 Episodes)

Outlander 2014

Outlander 2014



He’s Adorkable.  Anybody remember when he shared this video?  Or posted this pic? Yep….Adorkable.  I love Adorkable.


Despite, these valid reasons Sam appeals to me (cuz I might be old, but I ain’t dead) and evidently a lot of other women of all ages, there is just some element of intangiblity  isn’t there?  For whatever reason, when I hear him speak, he makes me smile, he makes me sigh, and he makes me proud to be his “fangirl”.


32 thoughts on “I’m going with cuz he’s Adorkable…my answer to the Sam Heughan question

  1. DebbyMc

    I’m a 61 yr old fangirl. Sam is all those things you’ve said. I can’t get enough of him to look at, but he is so much more than that. I just feel he is an inherently good human being. And handsome, smart, witty, hilarious, kind, gentle, strong, generous, genuine, grounded, real, RIPPED, and, oh god, his hands, his hands. Yes. Perfectly Jamie, and, in this older woman’s mind, a perfect dream(boat.) As my mother used to say about looking at handsome men, when she was in her late 80s, “I’m old, but I’m not dead!” To have all those other qualities, also? Well, yeah. Fangirl. How could I not be.

  2. Katrina

    I agree it is intangible. It is a charisma, a magic a person has that can’t be defined just is. He has it in spades as both Jamie and Sam.

    We have all mostly loved Jamie Fraser for many years. So they find the perfect person to play him in Sam. Combine that with Caits, Claire and it is a heady mixture.

    First time I have felt anything for an actor in forever. There is definitely something about the man.

  3. Cathy

    You hit all of his wonderful qualities on the head. He seems to be an all around caring human being. I was never the type of girl when I was younger that had posters of teen heart throbs on my wall, scribbling I love… etc. But this guy…wow.

  4. Leanne

    I totally agree with you. He is so darn humble and really appreciates everything going on and is so nice to his fans. I almost did t buyin to the whole Outlander series. I read the books but didn’t watch the show until later on. I a, sure glad I did! And I a, forever grateful to Sam for bringing #mybookboyfriend to life!

  5. Maquis

    Yup, he’s the whole enchilada. You summed it up perfectly. It’s the dorkiness I think I love most about him. He’s not afraid to act the goof, which is just so…adorkable! And he’s so genuinely caring. Sigh. (signed, a 59 year old grandma, who’s loved Jamie since ’94 when I first “met” him)

  6. Rosanna

    I am a proud 67-year old fan girl and can’t agree with you more Beth. I have been half in love with Jaimie since 1997 when I first discovered Diana’s books. I have lost count of the number of times I have re-read the series. Then the audible books. Davina Porter really brings those to life. But now the Outlander TV series… what a treat! Sam is a fantastic actor and enbues our Jamie with those qualities ( and quirks) we treasured in the books. The entire cast brings such life to these characters, even the ones we love to hate. May they all enjoy the success they have earned.

  7. Michele munning

    😘 💟 all of the above. I too am 61. I booked a trip to Scotland for May. I pray when I get there they will be filming and somehow, some way, he will be there and I can get a glimpse of him. Something about the whole package is totally irresistible…………😇😈💋

  8. Jules

    Ahah fangirl all the way and #TeamCollarbone for sure! He is so sweet/adorable/considerate of Cait, Diana, Terry and everyone I see him getting interviews with! I bet he is also on set with everyone who works on Outlander!

  9. I have never in my 57 years been a “Fangirl”… until now that is. I was married the year Sam was born but that doesn’t stop me from drooling over this man. He seems to have it all but mainly he’s a classy guy. The thing that put him over the top was when he pulled out Diana’s chair at ComicCon. Be still my heart.

  10. Jody Fraser

    I think you hit the nail right square on the head! I am 51 yrs old and have appreciated actors in the past and had “favorite ” ones before, but no one has ever captured me like Sam. I have NEVER gone to any lengths for anyone else like him before (all the contests we vote non stop in!)…not for anyone but him. I can’t explain it… I love his genuineness towards us, his fans and his humbleness. I like that he is not full of himself. That he has called Jamie his….so for me that makes Jamie personal to him and not just some character he’s playing. He seems to love and appreciate us fans as much as we love and appreciate him. So I guess for me that’s it. I will continue to vote for him and support him and love him….

  11. I think you pretty much summed it up perfectly. A person can be outwardly nice to look, at but at the end of the day, it’s what’s inside that seals the deal and Sam has it. I also feel the same about Cait, just as beautiful on the inside, as she is on the outside and a amazing actress to top it it off. We hit the jackpot with Sam and Cait, playing our beloved Jamie and Claire.

  12. All of the above from this fangranny. (70). It’s all the inside stuff that makes the outside stuff that much more appealing. Outer beauty fades in time, inner beauty usually doesn’t.

  13. Again, you hit the nail on the head! It’s like the whole OL series of books, isn’t it? More to them than just a historical romance, or historical fiction, science fiction, or novels. It’s everything wrapped up into one! That’s our Sam! I’m also a 61 y. o. who fell in love with Jamie, and am a fangirl when I never was before.

  14. amishmashofme

    For me ite the characters; not just his but how they all intertwine. Originally I thought it was Sam (sorry Sam) but then realised it was Jamie; then Jamie with claire; then the whole caboodle…its a whole media package now with cast, writers, costumes, actors, locations and history. Not to mention lovely people who “get”it!

  15. I agree with everything you said, Beth. There’s one more trait I think speaks to a lot of people. It’s part of being a gentleman, but it goes beyond that. Both Sam and Jamie exude a feeling of trust at a very deep level. In the books, it comes out as a feeling of safety in Jamie’s willingness to do the right thing, even if it means putting himself in harms way to keep his loved ones safe. From what I’ve seen of Sam in interviews, his generosity to his coworkers and all the wonderful characteristics you mention also has the effect of building trust. You get the sense that here is a man you could trust with your life and with your heart, and I think for many of us (especially, we older divorced/single ones) Jamie might be the king of men in our dreams, but Sam gives us hope, reminding us that there are real people just as wonderful as Jamie.

  16. Jody Proctor Smith

    And lets not forget his acting ability! I can’t believe most of us had never heard of him before “Outlander”, He really showed his acting chops in episode 15 and 16. He is the embodiment of Jamie and makes the series so much more.

  17. Ellen Kelly

    A-Dork=able…..Did you coin that word Beth? Absolutely fits him to a Tee. I can relate to him because it seems I have always been a dork….and even at 61 myself we need humor and fun in our lives. Diana has a fine/fun sense of humor and he embodies the spirit of Jamie in every way. Just like her books, imagination is the key and never too old to enjoy all things human.

  18. Beth Pittman

    I’m 57 and he makes me feel like a teenager again! If loving Sam is wrong, I don’t want to be right! Haha! Thanks for sharing and making me feel not so weird after all!

  19. Carol

    I cannot believe that I am not the only grandmother in love with a dream .he is so lovely and brilliant at what he does .I hope outlander goes on forever keep going Sam you are great .

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