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Over the Sea to Skye

In celebration of the announcement of a season 3 + 4 for Outlander, I thought I would republish this article because….print shop. 😉


This morning on Twitter, Richard Kahan, a member of the Outlander on Starz writing team and new “tweep” shared that he was about to start reading Voyager.  Someone else shared that they were starting the Fiery Cross.  Someone else shared that they had been completely spoiled by the Outlander series and have other books to read, but find themselves rereading…again.

I found myself nodding my head and responding to them all!

“Voyager is one of my favorites! It’s so quotable! Poignant! ”

The Fiery Cross” Loved it! The longest day ever written! LOL! Love that each book is so different! ”

“I keep going back to ABOSAA because it reveals so many truths about true love.”

” Yep…never been able to duplicate the reading experience Diana has created for me.  I NEVER tire of reading her books…again…and again. I’m ruined.”

I’m constantly thinking about why this series resonates so much.  Right now, however, I’m thinking about Richard reading Voyager and what he’ll find revealed between those pages.

The book opens on the battlefield and it is truly one of the best opening scenes I’ve ever read. Culloden’s legacy was one of grief, starvation, and despair for the people of the Highlands and for Voyager’s main character’s Jamie and Claire.  They both believe the other is lost to them forever and they are trying to find a way to live “without their hearts”. They are starved for each other’s company and face the despair of knowing they will never again have the kind of mutual love they shared. Too many of us can relate to their need to go on living despite devastating loss.  In Claire’s case, she pushes forward for Bree and Jamie for Jenny, Ian and their children. They go on…they exist.  Diana lets the reader see that our beloved couple are never far from each other’s thoughts. She paints us a picture of two people who truly aren’t complete without the other. They long for each other and when I read of their longing my heart aches for them.

I love the way Diana has structured this book. The mixture of the present day with flashbacks to the past slowly builds the suspense and intensity of emotion.  The search for evidence of Jamie’s survival is then followed by the reality of the Dun Bonnet’s real story and we see the names on the Ardsmuir roll sheet in the flesh. And… experience the years of the empty and deprived life Jamie led in Claire’s absence. We are then transported to the inner workings of Claire’s marriage of convenience. She did love Frank and I know those feelings must surface, but Claire’s heart is truly and irrevocably Jamie’s. What ever she feels for Frank pales in comparison to what she feels for Jamie. And, despite what I know some fans think, I believe Frank’s biggest sin is that he simply isn’t Jamie.  When Claire finally realizes that Jamie is most probably alive, we see her struggle with her choice to leave her daughter forever and we see more of what her relationship with Frank was really like.

“...he looked like Bree, didn’t he?  He was like her?”


He breathed heavily, almost a snort.

“I could see it in your face– when you’d look at her, I could see you thinking of him.  damn you Claire Beauchamp, ” he said, very softly.  “damn you and your face that can’t hide a thing you think or feel.”

“…I did love you, ” I said, softly, at last. “Once.”

They go on to discuss why he didn’t leave and Frank wonders out loud,

“...but you couldn’t see her (Bree) without thinking of him, could you?  Without that constant memory, I wonder__ would you have forgotten him, in time?”


They are moving scenes, but I have to say Jamie’s solidtary existence and yearning tears me up. From the moment he becomes conscious that he has survived the battle, his first thoughts are of Claire.

…he began to take stock of whatever other torments he might be required to endure.  There were numerous cuts, gashes, and bruises here and there, and he was fairly sure he’d broken the fourth finger of his right hand again__difficult to protect it, the way it stuck out so stiff, with the joint frozen.  None of that was too bad, though. What else?

“Claire. The name knifed across his heart with a pain that was more racking than anything his body had ever been called on to with stand.”

“…Lord that she may be safe. She and the child.”

I always felt Jamie’s celibacy spoke volumes.   As Jenny surmises, this is a man who is not meant to sleep alone, but he so closely relates sex to love that he cannot bring himself to seek out solace in someone else’s arms.  He has resigned himself to living a lonely existence.,”…but he had long since accepted the fact that for him, life was unlikely to ever be otherwise.”  Any of you, who have read the scene in The Scottish Prisoner where Lord John over hears Jamie longing for his “dead” wife, actually emit a choked sob while reading? (Raising my hand)  They both dream of being in each other’s arms once again. So, when their ‘voyage’ back to love is finally realized, as readers we are entirely invested in the reunion of these two lost souls.

The reuniting of these two characters gives birth to some of the most poignant scenes I’ve ever read. Claire’s trip to the printer’s shop is full of those scenes.  Let’s start with the scene after Jamie realizes Claire has truly returned to him.  They are holding each other and Claire notices they are both trembling with,”…longing of twenty years streaming down our faces”.  They touch each other’s features in wonder. I believe I could barely breathe when I read this scene.  The intensity of their need of each other was palpable.  Not the intensity of lust, but of need. And the scene where Claire shows Jamie Bree’s pictures?  My favorite. When he turns and ‘falls to pieces” in her arms, I couldn’t help but think he had been needing to fall apart for twenty years, but her arms were the only place he could do that…be himself…without fear.

I love that they do not fall in to bed right away.  We get to see the delicate dance of their becoming re-acquainted with their lost other half.  They are shy with one another; she lets us feel their insecurity,  “...Will ye take me__and risk the man that I am, for the sake of the man ye knew...”

And even when they do at last come together physically Jamie lets us know that this romance isn’t just sex,

“…to have you with me again_ to talk wi’ you, to know I can say anything, not guard my words or hide my thoughts_God Sassenach” he said, ” The Lord knows I’m as lust crazed as a lad and I canna keep my hands from you _ or anything else_ ” he added wryly, ” but I would count that all well lost, had I no more than the pleasure of havin’ ye by me, and to tell ye all my heart”.  And she replies, “ It was lonely without you, ” I whispered,” so lonely.”

Later, we find that Jamie did try to pick up his life and move on without Claire.  It didn’t work, but he is now left with responsibilities and…another wife…which he hides from Claire.  I was so moved by his desperate explanation,

…” I was half-sobbing with rage, gasping between words.  “You should have told me, the minute I came!  Why in hell didn’t you tell me?”  …” I drew back my fist and hit him in the chest.

“Why?” I shrieked, hitting him again and again and again, the sound of the blows thudding against his chest. “Why, why, why?!

“Because I was afraid!” He got hold of my wrists and threw me backward, so I fell across the bed.  He stood over me, fists clenched, breathing hard.

“I am a coward, damn you! I couldna tell ye, for fear ye would leave me, and unmanly thing that I am, I thought I couldna bear that!”

“…do ye know what is like to live twenty years without a heart?  To live half a man, and accustom yourself to living in the bit that’s left, filling in the cracks wi’ what mortar comes handy?’

“Do I know? I echoed. …” Yes, you bloody bastard, I know that! What did you think, I’d gone straight back to Frank and lived happily ever after?”

This revelation results in Claire’s leaving.  On the road away from Jamie we see her grieve for the life she spent in constraint, detachment and disengagement.  Only with Jamie is she able to be herself.

“...with him, given him soul as well as body, let him see me naked, trusted him to see me whole and cherish my frailties–because he once had.”

“I had feared he couldn’t, again.  or wouldn’t.  and, then had known those few days of perfect joy, thinking that what had been true was true once more; I was free to love him, with everything I had and was, and be loved with an honesty that matched my own”

When circumstances return her to his side she understands how shallow was her wounded pride because her love of Jamie was like “the turn of a great key, each small turn setting into play the intricate fall of tumblers within me.”

And then,… she hears his fevered confessions , “I was so afraid to lose ye again, mo chridhe, ‘ he murmured. “So afraid, I havena loved anyone but you, my Sassenach, ever since the day I saw ye–…

Is it any wonder why so many of us treasure these books and characters? Voyager’s journey back to love is a story savor.

Do you know, his voice said, whispering,” What it means, to say again “I love you” and mean it?” 

Enjoy Richard…


84 thoughts on “SPOILERS: Voyager…Outlander’s journey back to love

  1. Karen

    Beth, you are so right! I happen to be re-reading Voyager right now, and I dog-eared a paragraph that I thought was so beautiful about the love between Jamie and Claire. It’s in Chap 36 and Claire is referring to her marriage with Jamie to the turning of a great key. Hope we get to S 3 with Starz!

  2. Jules

    Ah amazing!!! Voyager, chapter 24, A. Malcolm, Printer – these are magic words to me. The book is wonderful. 🙂 I was the one talking to you yesterday about starting TFC! 🙂 Have a great day*

  3. Sarah

    I love reading your thoughts, they mirror so many of mine, and I’m sure many other fans, but few of us can put them into words as you can, truly wonderful. I love these books and cannot stop reading them again and again. I can’t wait to see what Ron Moore and his team do next season, it is so wonderful to see them brought to life on the screen and not just in our imaginations. Thanks again Beth, wonderful as always.

  4. Ellen Kelly

    Beth, as always love your insight. Hope you email this to Richard Kahan, Ronald J Moore, and cast. This puts the spin on this book entirely!

    • I did tweet Richard since he inspired it, but I feel funny sending it to the others.Kinda of leave that up to you folks and you usually do if they think it has something to say to them.

  5. This is so well done. You quoted some of my favorite parts and had me tearing up again. Voyager was outstanding and brought out so many emotions in me; from love to disappointment to anger and back to love again. Thank you for reminding me once more, why these books touched me like no other.

  6. Susan from CT

    That gave me chills reading those passages again. That’s why us obsessed Outlander fans read the novel’s over and over again. Unless you’ve read them you can’t understand. Diana has created the true Love Story.BRAVO

  7. nanci712

    All the passages you mentioned above brought me to tears…. just like to first and every time thereafter that I have read them. I think Richard will be blown away just as we were by Diana’s writing. Pure magic. Thank you, Beth.

  8. Jody Fraser

    I found myself reliving all these moments again with you/them! This was one of my favorite books. Jamie and Claire’s reunion was so well written by Diana. When I first read them I could feel every emotion as if it were my own.

    One of my very favorite things about Voyager and the way it opens with Jamie and Claire being separated for a time is that we really get to experience Jamie’s point of view. I really loved that. To not only know what Claire is feeling and thinking, but know what Jamie is too. It put another dimension on it. I really feel that Voyager really allowed us to get up close and personal with Jamie in a way that the first 2 books didn’t take us to. Which by the time they reunite brings us closer to them as couple, because now we know both their hearts.

    What a wonderful blog Beth! Very touching. While I may not exactly agree about Frank, you do have a point. 🙂

  9. I love your blog and everything you write in it. You have no equal in the Outlander blogosphere. Voyager is my favorite of all the books and reading your thoughts about it reminds me of why it is my favorite.

  10. Pam Philips

    You ask what it is that resonates so deeply with the readers – outside of the beautiful and timeless love story, the books started a personal journey for me.

    I was born in SW Virginia and never thought much about my childhood or some of the customs of my family. I just thought that was the way every family was. Many miles and several decades after, I found myself living in, of all places, Scotland County, NC. A county that’s very proud of its Scottish beginnings and families. Not being a native, it all seemed a little quirkish (for want of a better term), but it became home. Fast forward 20+ years, and I’m confined to a wheelchair following foot surgery. My neighbor brought over the first three books in the Outlander series to keep me entertained while immobile. After reading the battle of Culloden, I started wondering if any of my family were a part of it, so I was bitten by the genealogy bug. Strangely enough, I found that most of my ancestors were from Scotland, and that I had a 7x great-grandfather who survived Culloden, was imprisoned during the round-up afterwards, and was then sent to the Colonies as an indentured servant. He escaped into the mountains of Va. where so many other Scotsmen took refuge and started new lives. William had another chance to fight the British during the Revolution – this time with a much more satisfying ending. A few years after that, my youngest son wore the kilt as a member of the high school marching band, learned to play the pipes, and was a member of the band the year that they won a national championship with the field show – you guessed it – Culloden. The music was written by Julie Giroux if you’d like to listen to it on her website – it’s a beautiful, haunting and stirring series. Is any of this a coincidence or fate? I’ve often wondered.

    Not only did Diana Gabaldan begin a many many years love story with Jaime and Claire that I’ve read and reread – she also gave me the key to a big part of why I am who I am, and explained so many of the customs of my family. Things that I had taken for granted.

    Because of all this, I am forever a fan and grateful to her for writing this saga and starting me on my journey.

  11. Janet Keeten

    There are so many memories, joy, frustration, anger, sadness, from Voyager.
    In a couple of posts lately Frank has been mentioned. I agree with you that he suffers from not being Jaime. In Voyager, Gabaldon writes, “I had told Frank—Leave me. But he could not, no more than I could love him rightly, having found my match elsewhere.” That and with the scene where he first has sex with Claire after her return and Bree’s birth, I wonder if Claire was Frank’s true love, his soul mate. How much can a man take to see the love of his life pining away for another man before his very eyes, year another year. Like Claire and Jaime, he has physical and emotional needs; yes, he has affairs, for those reasons, but he doesn’t leave or find solace. I am sure Bree is part of the reason for not leaving, too. Maybe I am being too romantic, but I want to believe that Frank’ life was just as lonely as Claire’s and Jaimie’s, maybe more so since his love was not reciprocated. Just a thought.

      • Janet Keeten

        As one romantic to another, thank you supporting my hypothesis. Tobias Menzies breaks my heart in the show. The difference he brings to the two roles is unbelievable. Frank’s gentle, tender way of looking, smiling at Claire and then the spine tingling glare of Black Jack is evidence of his gifted acting.

      • Pam Philips

        I agree with you about Frank. It’s just hard separating him from Black Jack when viewing the series. Thankfully the books are a lot easier keeping the two separate. You really have to give him credit for loving Bree as his own, and later trying to help her to be prepared for what he felt she would do when she learned the truth.

  12. Beth,
    You made me all teary eyed again as I reread these lines. I love all the books, but this one holds a special place in my heart. I hope Starz and Sony get all the books on screen, but this one needs to done.

  13. Sue Richardson

    Thanks again, Beth, for a wonderful blog! As others have said, you got me teary-eyed over their story again! And I’ve always had a soft spot for Frank, poor guy. I’m currently toward the end of a Drums reread, and their discovery of a new land is a continuation of their re-discovery of each other in Voyager. These books have no equal!

  14. DebbyMc

    God, this was beautiful! I cried when I read the book, and I’m all choked up after reading your post. Just an amazing, spot-on analysis. Thank you! I’m just about to start The Fiery Cross. I’ve not read the books until this year and I am a goner, spoiled to the core. I’m savoring each book, and read something else, or two, between the books just to make them last longer. And then, I’ll start over when I reach the end and after I read all the other, peripheral Gabaldon books. Yep. Spoiled!

  15. Donna McGee

    i have always thought that Frank only stayed because of Bree and the fact that he took her as his own since he couldn’t have kids. When he was leaving Claire, he had plans of taking Bree with him. I think he positively knew that when Claire found all the signs that Jamie still lived , he knew that Claire would leave to go back. That’s why he prepared Bree for a life without a mother or father. Thank goodness he did since Bree went to. I bought the first book 20 yeArs ago for myself and when my mom wanted to know what I wanted for Xmas it wasn’t a hard choice. My own daughter has wore out two or three sets including mine. Best writer in the world

  16. Liz

    These are the kind scenes that makes one want to re-read them. Epic love story. Once I discovered the books I chomped & swallowed. But you’re a reader (& writer) who informs us to chew more to get more out of each delightful morsel. TY

  17. drewallace57

    Thank you, thank you, for putting my feelings for this particular part of Voyager into such heartfelt words! I can’t explain why and I don’t even care to, but I never tire of reading these breathtaking passages again and again! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

  18. You have done it once again Beth. Thank you for writing this piece which articulates what I love most about these books. Voyager is my favorite and the reunion scene just turns me to a weeping mess!

  19. Thanks yet again for your great blog. I too feel that Frank is a tragic figure. He must have some redeeming qualities for Claire to have fallen in love with him. Diana also continues to defend him when fans become very negative about his character. I think he tries his best in extremely difficult circumstances and, at times, displays his very human imperfections.

  20. Tina

    i just finished reading Voyager yet again, Richard is going to really enjoy the trip this book takes you on. i love to read of the reunion of Jamie and Claire, i just can’t imagine living 20 years without being able to talk to my soulmate and pray i never have to. this time, probably b/c of Tobias’ wonderful portrayal of Frank, i really felt sorry for Frank. in fact, the words you quoted when Frank asks Claire if she would have not thought of Jamie so often if Bree didn’t resemble him so… and Claire admits with or without Bree she would still think of Jamie constantly. poor Frank. and poor Jamie and Claire.

  21. Ugh, girl, you have me in tears just remembering all of those gorgeous scenes, just as I was when I read them the first time. I’m on my first reading of the series (currently on ABOSAA), and while I’m thoroughly loving the discovery of each book for the first time (except Outlander, which I’ve read twice), I’m also envious of those who’ve read them over and over. I have piles of other books waiting to be read, but I know I’ll be rereading these books forever and no others will compare.
    So enjoy your posts!

  22. How can anyone not like The Outlander? Diana has a way with words that many of us would die for. Janie’s and Claire’s relationship is so moving. You can just feel their longing for each other. I can’t help but read them over and over again.

  23. Honestly, THIS is the book we should be discussing right now. It hasn’t been story-boarded yet for filming so the more discussion the writers/producers see – the more will be in their heads for what is so vitally important to the long time fans. I’d be willing to bet Ron’s head is already mapping out Season 3 whether there is an official green light yet or not, so that is what should be discussed by the fans. JMHO
    Beth Wolfe

  24. Suzanne Cole-Rice

    Very well written & exactly right! Voyager is a hard one for me because they are apart. My last read I read the Lord John books where they fit in, so it was even longer until they found each other again. That part in Scottish Prisoner echoed in my head for along time. Such anguish. It makes the print shop scene even more fulfilling. And his falling to pieces in her arms, just perfect. After praying for 20 years to see that indeed she and the child had been safe. He could finally release all the tension and just be. And the only one he can really “be” with is Claire. That is what being someone’s home means. And you are right, because Claire was his first, Jamie sees sex as love and doesn’t want it any other way. I am not one of those that has Voyager as their favorite book mainly because of the many separations in my life, but I am beginning to see why others do. Your post is helping me see that. I am more of a fan of the Ridge sections because they are finally able to build a life together (however eventful!).

    • Donna

      I also love the Ridge books. I can read over and over about their daily lives and never get bored. There’s so much material in them but I’ve always wondered about what Jamie and Claire talked about when alone. I would love to know more of their personal conversations but feel blessed with the wonderful gift DG has given us. I’m so looking forward to Jamie, Claire, Brianna and William coming together as a family. Jamie finally having his two children with him. He deserves it and I think it will happen. 😘

  25. I see Voyager as a passage or bridge to the real story of Claire and Jamie. I knew that their story couldn’t end at Culloden even if I already knew that there where many more books left to read. I guess it is FAITH (in God of some sort and in their love for each other) that keeps them intact or that’s the way I see it. Does anyone else get the same feeling??? As for Frank, I can only get a grip on his feelings for Claire in that he, in his wisdom, had prepared Brianna to meet her real father by teaching her how to shoot a rifle (and gun, I think ) and let her learn to ride a horse. I also think that he committed suicide out of despair. Do you think he knew that Claire and Brianna would go through the stones to find Jamie after his death? He had the epitaph placed at the church where Black Jack was buried, so I believe he had forgiven Claire and accepted that she no longer loved him.

  26. GGW

    Ok Beth! You’ve been holding out on me! How did I miss this post from WAY BACK IN AUGUST!!!! Beautifully written as always. The first 1/2 of Voyager is some of my very favorite reading! You captured all of my favorites! I will say that the 2nd 1/2 of Voyager is less satisfying for me and I’ve always felt that it could have been it’s own book (or the start of DOA). After all the feels of the first 12,000 words of Voyager, the 2nd 1/2 is primarily action and not as much connection. I’ve gotten over that over the years, but still find that on re-reads, I do a lot more skimming of the 2nd 1/2. Probably just me!! I fully share your Philosophy of Frank and as I’ve gotten older (and hopefully wiser) see him in a very different light. Hope S3 gets green-lighted soon!

  27. TES

    Beth, once again a beautifully written piece❤.you have expossed all of our deepest heartfelt feelings about this book and this couple and placed them on paper for all to see…you have reminded us just how important it will be for the writers to really capture the beauty of this book…the adaptation must get it right, or the message of TRUE love that this book delivers will be lost…I truly believe that love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things… and for me, DG gives us examples in Voyager of why this biblical passage should be the foundation for love..

  28. emanuela val

    Your thoughts on Voyager are very emotional and so touching, Beth.
    However, I can’t see Outlander like a love story, even Voyager. Noy only, at least. The stories and the lives told are so many and so powerful, all of them. The battles, the years in prison, the relationship so touching between the highlanders, mcnab, the Clans, Grey’s characters, the role of friendship and family, the painful sort of Scotland, England’s arrogance, the heavy adversity, the survival will, the bullying, the loyalty, the abuses, the need of chancing, the Frank’s tale, comes out a so intense and strong character, even in those few words written. Outlander is the sum of all. An incessant evolution. That belongs to all of us, human beings. Power and control of the human existence. I admit, in the middle, one of the most amazing souls story shines like a diamond (cit. 😊) Thank you, Beth, you give me many moments to reflect

  29. Diana

    Oh my goodness you’ve made my eyes leak profusely this morning! So lovely, pulling all those elements together. I really look forward to see how they play this aching time apart.

    I do wonder if there has been quite a bit of arm wrestling or rock-paper-scissors in the writer’s room over who gets to write that EP. I really hope Toni Graphia gets it, and it would be lovely to see Anna Foerster back to direct that one…or Metin. I think he would do some really lovely things with that EP.

  30. Since the Voyager season is again only 13 episodes, I really want it to start at the print shop. We then go backwards on Claire’s side through the pictures she brought, Jamie’s through his perspective, the parts he chooses to tell her, and then go forward from there. I reread that section of the book almost daily, usually with tears. Except for a slight shakeup, knowing their love will endure to me is everything. Since Sam and Cait are closer in age to where they will be at this point, I’m glad they really don’t need aging, as described in the book. I hope the writers’ room are thinking along these lines.

  31. Michelle F

    Beth, Beth, Beth. You are now, officially, my favorite Outlander blogger. I guess I wasn’t following you last August when this was first posted. Thank you for re-posting.

    So, to steal from my favorite podcasters, The Scot and the Sassenach, over StoryWonk, can we hope that Voyager will actually be a 2-season adaptation? Cramming DIA in 13 episodes has been frustrating at times and less satisfying than the source material. I would be so happy to see Voyager given sufficient time to breath and not race from plot point to plot point. But no matter how it is adapted, we can count on your thoughtful and insightful responses. Thank you!

  32. Biljana

    Can I say that I was really annoyed with Claire when she left Jamie after she found out that he had married Laoghaire (yes I know…of all people!). He was a shell of a man and thought that Claire was never coming back. It was beyond belief to me that (had he lived after the Battle of Culloden) she would have expected him to live out the rest of his life alone and broken. Claire had Frank (yes I know it wasn’t a real marriage) but non the less she went back to him and Jamie accepted it. I think she even has sex with Frank (under the dream like state where she thinks it’s Jamie). So after 20 years of of heart ache and loneliness, she decides to go off on an immature rant and leave. No one in there right mind would decide to leave to go back thru the stones becasue off what he did. This is a love story that transcends time so nothing should matter after they back together.

    If I was going back thru the stones under the belief that I would never see my love again, I would wish him to find happiness or at least some form of comfort in the arms of someone else….and then obviously when I decide to return I would kick that Biatch to the curb haha.

    It just seems to me that for all her strength, Claire still acts immature. Sometimes her behaviour reminds me of a wilful teenager. I know that Diana wrote Claire as a strong character and I like Claire most of the time but she does get on my nerves. Sometimes her strength can come across as arrogance and blind obstinance. I think it’s becasue Claire is closer to a real person (with all their faults, ugly as they are sometimes) while Jamie’s is a character written with just a smattering of faults to make him near perfect and and believable.

    • Diana

      I totally agree. This is the, I think, 3rd instance where Claire gets hysterical about something in the books, usually Leery. I threw Voyager against the wall and didn’t pick it up again for months when I read that passage. It irritates me because Claire is so strong and sturdy and able to weather everything else (Wentworth!!!) yet here, with no information, she runs off like a chicken without a head. It is so out of character for her that it always rang false for me when she did it. It stood out like the enormous plot device it is to escalate a fight and a reconciliation. Not that she wouldn’t be angry, especially about him hiding it from her the whole time, but just taking off to go back through the stones??! No, huh uh. They can rewrite that one as they did the others and I will be well pleased.

      • Biljana

        Yes I agree that you would have irrational feelings…almost anyone would, however reacting the way she did didn’t sit well for me.

  33. Sue

    If you remember Claire taking off, you’ll also remember Jenny encouraging her to leave- had food and a horse ready for her to skedaddle. Jenny was not happy with Claire’s return, so I do not think this was all Claire’s idea to leave post haste. There was an uncomfortable undertone to their Lallybroch return, and I think that had a lot to do with her taking off. I wasn’t happy about it, either, but I think I get where she was coming from. So very much had happened, right up to that point, that it was overwhelming as hell, and was the straw that broke the camel’s back! Momentarily, anyway! Thank God for our little hero, young Ian, lying about Jamie asking for her as he lay dying! That snapped her out of it, got Claire back to Jamie.
    Great blog, Beth! Got me pretty teary-eyed! Voyager is like no other story!

  34. Panda

    Beth, I commented on Twitter when I read this and it’s always abbreviated there. You have a great gift that amazes me each time I read your blog. I am so glad you can share so beautifully how I feel about Voyager too. I think as I read it the 2nd time after the first season of Outlander on Starz aired and then again while waiting for season two I saw more in Claire and Jamie’s relationship . They were 20 years older and had gone through so much without each other- they were different people. It reminded me of couples in a relationship that are so busy with raising kids and work and just lose track of each other until their children are leaving the nest. Then they look at each other and wonder who are you ? And try to reconnect . Claire and Jamie have to do much the same. And they do it so beautifully that we all are brought to tears. It helps they have such a strong love as the base of their relationship. Sorry for the long comment. Thanks again for bringing me to tears while reading the parts of Voyager you quoted in your blog. Please keep sharing your talents. Thanks again.

  35. Chris Finklein

    Dear Beth! When I read such prose as your blog about Voyager and that season 3 &4 have been green lighted I print it and tuck it inside my book so that when I re-read AGAIN I have your touching commentary to add to my story savoring. Your in-depth interpretation and gentle reminders of where the monumental tale leads and why it is so valuable hit the nail on the head and reinforce my soaking in the read. I wish you & I could be sitting in the same room and I could listen to your thoughts one on one because they cast such an endearing method to appreciate all the more. You have a way with words, kind friend!
    I am THRILLED too at having two more seasons to anticipate. There are so many facets to this entire endeavor to bring books to life that amaze me. The response from all corners and the personal claims about the characters and their actions explode across all avenues with such passion like no others before this one. Sometimes I wanna say ‘get a life, people!’ but then the reality of what these books mean to so many descends and I’m reminded how I used to be as a child when I’d hear someone tell a fairy tale I knew well but CHANGE some of the details. I was offended and refused to listen to their recitation if it was not right! We demand personal ownership when the writers mix it up or fail to give proper credit. I pray from the bottom of my heart they keep the faith as the series moves forward. So far they have accomplished some glorious feats. Let’s hope the scene in the print shop reaches epic standards to delight our imaginations. I relish the anticipation but I also hope Starz lets us know WHEN it begins!

  36. Thank you Beth for your wonderful take, and for causing me to totally soak the front of my T-shirt ! ( I blubber like a St Bernard ! Ain’t pretty ! ) If I had to pick a favorite Book in the Outlander Series, I couldn’t. I so enjoy watching the lives of all the Characters grow, especially Claire and Jamie of course,and imagining what the settings in Scotland and France might have looked like back in the day. Ron and Co. did not disappoint on either count, They set the Bar quite high for S3/S4, I expect nothing less than what we have seen in all areas, up to now. YOU are our ‘Secret treasure” in what you help us remember, and realizing that we are a “Community” right here !

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