The Pain & the Pathos….The Emmys


I love hearing from Sara and love even more that she is blogging! She has unique prospective and continually validates my thoughts and feelings, so…she’s got that going for her too! 😂


Just another subtle choice that adds to the nuance of I sit here at my desk today, noticing that in 2 weeks the Emmy nominations will be announced and I will ultimately be disappointed. Now, I’m not trying to be pessimistic, I just know how these things turn out. It is hard to describe to people the strange roulette that seems to go on. The Academy seems to want to take risks, but then falls into an almost nostalgic coma. The only thing that seems to be able to wake them up is……I don’t really know. Shame? Their record would reflect that they will continue to nominate a show based on how much they used to like it. Then, when accused of being antiquated, they bite the bullet and surprise. In my nearly 12 years of working within the entertainment industry, I have witness some incredible things….I can’t even begin to tell you. This is why I have a lot…

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3 thoughts on “The Pain & the Pathos….The Emmys

  1. Shae

    I agree with you totally, Beth. I follow a number of Outlander Facebook pages and also some of the blogs and websites devoted to all things Jamie and Claire, and I want to cry when I see how convinced so many women are that not only will everyone be nominated, but everyone and the show will WIN! Do they all deserve to win? You betcha. But as a long time Oscar and Emmy watcher I know that the voters a) don’t watch 5% of the dvd’s they are sent or watch the shows live, and 2) they vote for names they know or friends from the industry or the network they work(ed) on. It’s political for the most part, and often a popularity or name recognition at best. STARZ is still not considered one of the Players by most of the people in the industry, and Sam and Claire are unknowns. No name recognition for past work either.

    Do I pray that we get at least one or two noms out of the bunch? Yes. Am I holding my breath? No. I’ve already resigned myself to watching all the fans threaten to throw themselves off cliffs after the nominations are announced because they cannot believe Outlander was slighted. At least the actors, producers and crews of the show know that the fans love them and appreciated their outstanding work.

    I really, really hope I’m wrong! I want them all to be recognized so badly.

  2. The Emmys and Oscars lost their luster for me many years ago for the very reason sassypants mentions. If I watch the events it’s usually the pre-game red carpet for all the glamour and gowns. I’m content now to read about who got what in the next days paper or on line. This year I may tune in if Outlander is nominated in major categories. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed.

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