Jamie Fraser….portrait of a father…in Outlander


My re-blog in time for Father’s Day!

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Spoilers: this post contains info about the entire series





Every year, Father’s Day is celebrated in the U.S. on a Sunday in June. This day is often filled with family get-togethers, BBQ and gifts of some really ugly ties!  This wonderful family day can be bittersweet for many including myself. Memories of imperfect relationships, complicated emotions, and regret tend to rear their ugly heads.  It took me years of living and reflection to be able to look at this particular relationship with any semblance of objectivity. I had to become an adult with adult children before I could truly begin to understand my father.  I’ve heard people say, when discussing parental dysfunction, “he did the best he could with what he had”. I’m not sure that was true in my fathers’ case. It seems to me he had been given a lot to work with…

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11 thoughts on “Jamie Fraser….portrait of a father…in Outlander

  1. Chris Weller

    WOW, that was so beautifully said…I am in tears. I have a similar situation with both parents and now at 71 it still hurts. Thank you, Chris

  2. Parveen Johal

    one of the blogs that I get. I found this one a little interesting as it speaks about father’s but it could be also about mother’s. give it a read.

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  3. Aleida

    As always, loved your blog. You really have a way with words. My father was a good one, but not one to show his emotions openly. I loved being around him and miss him very much. He passed away 6 years ago. I was lucky to have him into my fifties. Keep writing 🙂

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