The new Outlandish Anticipation post is up! 


imageLet’s face it those were a couple of  dark episodes!  If you are ready for something a bit lighter check out my look back at the season that was!


6 thoughts on “The new Outlandish Anticipation post is up! 

  1. MarshaS

    Hi Beth, I have to tell you that this was the first review/opinion I totally agree with.! And so well stated. I am glad you have found your joy. We get to reap the benefit of your finding your way with words..I now will go back and read the whole season from you. As a bit if FYI, I got the connection to you from the Ron and Terry Show…does this mean that (maybe!) Ron read your review. I remember Diana stating that she got 90% of what she wanted from these last 2 episodes, but you bring out things that I feel Ron had to think about going in that were not in the episodes that were in the book…I do agree with him that the hot springs would have been very difficult to film with all the water and such…BUT, the episode is “To Ransom a Man’s Soul” !! Too little ransoming IMHO !! Claire did go to the depths of hell to get Jamie back!! I did feel that the audience that have not read the books may feel the prison scenes went too far, but the book is much left it to our imaginations…the TV sequence was horrific visually, but sooo needed for the rest of the story to progress..My other beef was like one other person pointed out …Anselm!! I LOVED him in the book and we got no where near that on the TV. This time is talked about in later books and I guess they are not going to include it , or just gloss over it…Sometimes when Diana says Put_The_Book_Down I do until I have watched the episode and then go back to refresh what I know I missed and try to make it work for me…I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed finally seeing the series…have gone through many bottles of Scotch that I never had a taste for before reading the books!! I have read the books 8 times in the last 18 months….It was a healing process for me when my partner died…And I now enjoy your blog….Please keep it up

    • Awwww I’m sorry for your loss but glad the books and show were a comfort. Glad you liked the review and I always like new readers because I like too write!

  2. That was really a great read Beth. Yes, Outlander has been an obsession for me, but has also seen me through some pretty sad times. So happy what Ron & Co. did with the adaptation. Yes, there were things that were omitted from the book that weren’t in the screen version, but I can live with that. I do feel content with the ending of season one. At the break, after the first eight episodes I felt strung out, kind of like I was missing something. But now, the way that the season ended, I can breath a little, loving the way Ron ended the season. So now I am re-reading DIA for the umpteenth time, and will probably re-read the entire series and then the Lord John books…I think I have enough time till 2016 and the 2nd season airs. Thanks Beth for your blogs, they are entertaining and to the point.

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