The price



It’s been a busy weekend and I just sat down with a cup of coffee in my hedgehog mug <g> to catch up on all the news in Outlander world.  I stumbled across an interesting thread on Twitter from Terry Dresbach our costume designer extrodinaire. She was enjoying some personal time doing some of the things that I read other folks were doing; cleaning, organizing, and planting veggies.  Everyday. Normal. Stuff.  But,… to her…it is so much more.  Terry has written about her discovery that the secret to surviving the “glamorous” life of creating films is to be grounded in a place to call home, a sanctuary.  What we see as a “fairytale” existence comes with a price tag that we might not be willing to pay.  Time.  She is doing what she loves; her art, her husband is doing what he loves; creating and writing and I’m sure like other artists they cannot picture themselves doing anything else and will do what they need to do to be able to continue because it really is a dream come true to be able to work at what you love.  But, the time…apart…from each other and family because they are chasing their dreams is tough. As Terry said this morning, “you better be sure you want that piece of cake”.  So, when I read she is enjoying her “sanctuary” and surrounding herself with friends and cooking a special recipe or curling up with a soft blanket and a cup of tea, I smile. I smile for all of us who try to balance the pursuit of what we love to do with time with those we love.  I smile when my 15year-old granddaughter wants to spend her birthday fishing off my dock and Terry plans a dinner party in a greenhouse and we both create memories and moments.  We try to find the divine in the everyday.  So, this morning I’m smiling because Terry is enjoying the good stuff of life and sad that she misses her family and happy that they long to be together…just like me and mine…and you and yours.

May your pursuit of happiness be filled with memories and moments and love,




18 thoughts on “The price

  1. Happy Memorial Day Beth! Doing “normal” things here at the farm today, too, skirting wool from recently sheared sheep…watching with joy newly hatched baby chicks…and of course, some housework 😉

    I think I heard or read Sam Heughan say not to long ago that his Mother makes sure that he does a reality check often, to keep himself grounded. A good thing for a Mom to do! Thank YOU for reminding us of important things in life, and also for helping us make “Outlander” memories the rest of the time 😉

  2. Janice

    Thanks for the beautiful Memorial Day message, Beth. It’s been a rainy and cloudy weekend here in Chicago, and I’m puttering around my apartment and tending to my balcony flower garden, with reruns of Band of Brothers in the background to honor the day.

  3. Ellyn in Atlanta

    Love your blog and love Terry’s point of view. And she is right.
    I am sure our lives are less public and certainly less glamorous than hers and Ron’s but equally demanding and crazy. I have spent my entire career in enterprise software and currently have my own firm with global clients focused on IP in the electronic payments space. My husband has had an equally demanding career in dyslexia research and academia. Our personal lives and interests (including British, Irish and Scottish history!), our family, our adult son and his partner, my childhood friends and the relationships we have invested in for almost forty years, working in the dirt, going to the farmers’ markets in Atlanta and choosing some striped beets to cook, listening to the wood thrushes in our woods, looking at the perfect peony in the garden. There’s making a living and there’s making a life. Don’t get confused.
    I think Ron and Terry are incredibly talented of course but also remarkable role models for younger people in their field (potentially like Sam and Cait and others) of the fact that you can be incredibly successful in the performing arts without being dreadful egomaniacs and also that you can, if you have the self-discipline and vision, have a rich and fulfilling personal and family life inside the tornado of 21st century professions and their demands.
    Again, thanks for your blog, Beth. I enjoy it regularly.

  4. Mary Anderson

    Very nice. I love how much appreciation you for for Terry and Ron. Then to bring it into a personal perspective. Looking forward to more from you.

  5. Patricia Hare

    Beth and friends, I really enjoy all the comments and points of view here. Probably part of the success of Outlander is the fact all involved are ” grounded” in real life which lets us enjoy a more realistic story and side of our favorite characters. As we watch the rain fall here in Ohio and celebrate out Memorial Day with family, we give thanks and respect to those who protect our ability to be with family and stay grounded in what Real Americans are all about (not Hollywood’s perverted versions.) ☀️

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