A new venture! 


I’m proud to announce a joint venture with Outlander Online!  I’ve been writing a mid-week look at something featured in the next Outlander on Starz episode.  Those articles can now be found every Wednesday on Outlander-Online.com or @Outlanderonline.  I’m excited to perhaps reach more readers and generate discussion and excitement for the show! Hope you check it out!




22 thoughts on “A new venture! 

  1. Lizbeth

    O my gosh, congrats. You deserve it. So does this mean that we won’t get notifications from you directly anymore? Am glad you’ll receive a wider audience- and recognition for your insights and commentaries.

  2. Jane B

    Good for you, Beth. I really enjoy your thoughtful words about something that is so close to the hearts of so many.

  3. Congratulations. Good for you.
    Now we fans will have one more article to look forward to along with your regular gig. 🙂

  4. Glory Wipfli

    So excited for you Beth. Your commentary is so refreshing and deep. So glad more people will find you. Love to you!
    Bright Blessingss ~ Glory

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