The reviewers….Tom and Lorenzo on Outlander


Recently, I read a review by the couple at Tom and According to their About page, they have been writing reviews about TV and movies for ten years and according to those who know ( I didn’t until just a couple of weeks ago) they are a tough crowd. Their review about Outlander on Starz is one among many available to read. One of many. Last year, we were begging people to write about Outlander. This year, I can’t keep up!

I read their first review at and found it to be one of the most insightful and honest reviews I had read. Now please understand, I am particularly fond of the books by Diana Gabaldon and therefore, pretty invested in the success of the series. It doesn’t make me the most objective of readers, however, I’ve read enough ( there is an understatement) reviews to know when someone is piggybacking off of the latest gossip about the show or relying on the latest pop culture cliche’ to meet a deadline or sound particularly “critic-like”. I came to their article with some Outlander review reading under my belt and I found their writings to be refreshing.

First, they haven’t read the books and I don’t have to listen to the comparisons and lamenting about the adaptation from a book reader’s perspective. I KNOW it is hard to let go of the book. In fact, it takes me at least three viewings to let go long enough to just… watch. So, I love the novelty of “seeing” the show for the first time through their eyes.

Secondly, it is in the voice of someone who is actually watching and reacting to the show. I have to admit I’m a bit tired of the play by play funny quip types of reviews that are more about how clever the author can sound than actually saying anything of worth about the show. Some folks are very funny, but …I want something more. Now, that doesn’t mean that Tom and Lorenzo aren’t funny! They can be, but it isn’t the focus. I find myself leaning in to see how they reacted to this part of the show or that. I want to know what they observed, what they are wondering about and read their predictions for what will happen next.

Third, they are men. I’m fascinated by the male reaction to this show. I know why it appeals to me as a woman, but I’ve always thought guys would like it too. So far, they do and I love hearing why. And, they are gay. Another perspective! I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth when I read them! They weren’t sure how they felt after Episode 9 hinted that Black Jack Randall might not be totally hetero. The ‘evil gay’ guy wasn’t sitting too well. I want to tell them that isn’t who BJR is and that one of the most beloved characters in the book series is an honorable gay man, but also don’t want to spoil their reactions to what is actually on the screen.

They were the first people I’d read who understood that Claire’s modern sensibilities were going to get her into trouble. In fact, they understood that it would be poor story telling if they didn’t. How easy would it be for any of us to blend-in in a situation like this? In their last installment, they lamented that Claire was just going about her business willy-nilly without a care for how she might be changing history or putting herself in danger. Yep. In the books, Claire’s passionate nature and need to help others constantly got her in trouble. You love her for it and yet, you want to shake her! They totally got that. They totally got that and a lot more.

I cant’t wait to read what they think next.


One thought on “The reviewers….Tom and Lorenzo on Outlander

  1. amorley552014

    I loved them too! Where did they come from? They popped up on my Twitter feed and it was a delight! I immediately posted them to Heulighans on FB. I love witty people.

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