It’s a bit different from last year…Outlander and the critics


If you were around last year for the premier of Outlander on Starz you probably remember the reviews. It was a mixed bag of reactions. Some, in my opinion, lazy reporters locked onto the idea that this was a Harlequinesque story that would have no crossover appeal for anyone not a middle-age housewife (don’t get me started). We fans had to suffer through all the stereotypical pop culture cliches they could print. We were frustrated by the dismissive attitudes and mis perceptions of one of the greatest stories we’ve ever read! We kept saying wait…you’ll see this story is so much more.

I have to say that I’m feeling a bit smug because we were right.

Now, it could have went terribly wrong. Our beloved story could have been badly produced and acted, but thanks to Tall ship productions and Starz commitment, it wasn’t. Despite minor disappointment that things weren’t exactly as written in the books (yes, I know it’s an adaptation and I’m ok) , fans were thrilled…and proud…and grateful.

What a difference a few months make. I’m seeing a few reviews that make me cringe, but overall critics and reporters are singing the praises of Outlander.

Can you see the big grin on my face? No? Well believe me it’s there! It shouldn’t be important, I love the show and story and these “critic types” won’t change my opinion, but I know it is important for the folks who put all their skills, talents and … love into this production. And, I want them to get all the accolades they deserve.

I’m feeling a bit smug again because this is just the beginning. This story and these characters have so much further to go. It only gets better.

I’m anxious to watch the premier of season 1b tonight. I’ve heard it’s good, not because the critics say so, but because the fans do.

I’m grinning again.



11 thoughts on “It’s a bit different from last year…Outlander and the critics

  1. There are some who still think that the only thing we care about is the sex and what the actors are wearing under their kilt. I think for the most part, the press is getting it now and if not I say let us ask the questions!

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