Droughtlander…Seriously…is it April 4th yet?


imageI was dreaming last night that I was crossing the desert.  I had a blue Caitroit shirt made in to a hat on my head and my face was red from my efforts to keep walking.  I was so tired.  And thirsty.  I needed a deep long drink of Outlander, but there just wasn’t any in sight.  Once or twice, I thought I caught sight of episode 9, but it was just a sneek peak. This mirage only increased my thirst and quite frankly, made the trek seem even longer.  I think Starz meant well, but a woman can handle only so much teasing.  They just keep dangling the canteen in front of me and l keep taking one more step. I’m trying to stay on this side on the fan sanity line, but  REALLY it’s been tough. I feel like I’ve been out here forever.

This drought is almost as bad as waiting for one of Diana’s books (Yes, I know she just started writing and she doesn’t have a date and I would never dare ask her such a stupid question because I’ve seen people get Gabaldoned and it isn’t pretty).

I’m constantly mumbling my drought induced mantra of “April 4th, April 4th” while I ponder the cliffhanging final scene of episode 8.  Claire’s laying face down on a table with her skirts up and the perverted psycho that is Black Jack Randall standing between her legs as he’s holding a sharp knife to her nipple.  Her nipple.  Jamie is in the windowsill (how the hell did he get up there? Have you seen the outside of that building?) demanding that BJR take his nasty hands off his wife. Quickly getting over his surprise, BJR grins like he just saw the Easter Bunny and he thinks he’s getting a basketful of chocolate. I’ve read the books, but I  really NEED to see what happens next.  But, …noooooo….Starz needed more time to get things just right. And, it’s not that I’m not grateful for their artistic diligence, but may I just say… Bullshite.  I’ve been out here for almost six months!  That’s a muckle amount of time to  wait and I just don’t …think I can…hold out…much longer…I .. WAIT what’s that you say? The UK fans have been waiting longer and for the first episode?  JHRC!  Poor buggers. I GUESS I can wait a bit longer.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.  If that’s true, then I fully expect the Outlander folks will need a restraining order cuz my heart was already fond of the whole bunch before this Droughtlander thing. I’m the one with the blue Caitriot shirt on her head.


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