Thank God writers share their stories….Brad King.


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Just read an article written by Brad King on TheGeekyPress that separates his choice to live his life as a writer into three acts. Three acts..the script for his story…I liked that.  He gives credit for his choice to what he considers an “insignificant” event that changed everything. I put the quotes around the word insignificant for what I now realize are several reasons. First, it is a word quoted from his article and a word he felt was “significant” enough to include in the title. Secondly, I put quotes around the word to give emphasis to the irony. The event turned out to be far from insignificant. It changed his life’s choices and direction. And, finally, I used the quotes because the word resonated with me as important in my own writer’s journey.  King talks of interviewing writer Marc Smith and finding out about an event called Uptown Poetry Slam. The excitement over words and atmosphere he found there spurred him to find a way to live a life surrounded by words.

As previously noted, he divides his writer’s journey into three acts and concludes that, “While third acts are never quite as dramatic as second acts,…” he finds himself to be happy. I enjoyed reading about Brad and his writer’s journey. When I read these little bits of autobiography, I find it helps to calm my crises of confidence to see how many different paths folks take to get to the same destination.  There doesn’t seem to be just one way to become a writer. Thank God. Because I think I started  this writer’s journey in the third act of my life.

Brad points out that upon reflection he can “connect the dots” that led him from where he started to where he ended up.  I’m wondering if I’ll be able to do the same.  It seems to me my journey has been nothing but bizarrely connected “insignificant” events, like the fact that Mr King linked one of my blogs articles to his webpage, that I have a blog at all, that because I’m ill I have time to write. In the third act of a life filled pursuing things other than a career writing, I find myself writing and wondering where down the writer’s road I’m heading. Right now I find myself in a place similar to Mr.King, ” I write for small audiences, and I exist in small literary scenes. Yet my days are filled with words for the right reasons, and the songs and the pictures in my mind have returned. In all of that, I am happy.”  I write for small audiences ( it still shocks the shit out of me that people want to read my ramblings) and I’m doing it for the right reasons.  I love to write. I’m finding that writing brings the joy of being creative into my life in a way that has significantly impacted my well-being. I’ve been so encouraged by my reader’s responses (that stuff is like crack) that I’ve found myself writing everything; short stories, poetry, research pieces, reviews and yep, working on a novel. I don’t know where I’m going with all this! My small circle of literary friends tell me I’m wasting my talents on them.  Which is very flattering, but I have NO idea if I really do have someplace further down the writer’s road to go or should I just let my first act be my third because I’m happy… and surrounded by words.

Here’s Brad’s article


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