Frank and Claire, soul mates …..Episode 8


imageI couldn’t watch it through a second time.  I shut it off. I thought perhaps sleep would help my perspective. It has cooled my ire enough to write. I really wasn’t sure I would write anything about this episode because I felt too conflicted, too….angry.

First, let me say that if I DIDN’T know the rest of the story,  I’d think this was a great episode.  Lots of action and conflict for our heroine Claire. Beautifully acted. Beautifully filmed. But, I do know the rest of the story and this isn’t taking me there.

So, what is the big problem…Jamie…again.  Who is supposed to be Claire’s soul-mate?  Jamie or Frank? I understand Ron Moore wanted Claire’s decision to feel real, so he decided to put more about Frank into the story.  I was all for that decision, until now.  Once again I ask, “where’s Jamie?”.

In my humble opinion, as a reader and viewer, Both Sides Now should have been One Fine Day. I understand this is an adaptation and I know things must be changed and somethings left out.  However, I’m pretty sure what should not be left out is the growth in Jamie and Claire’s relationship.  Of all the wonderful tender and revealing moments that happened  the couple of days following the wedding we get “hoor-rocks”? I understand that it advanced the story…Jamie needed to leave Claire for the chance to change their future.  I get that….great.  But, why so much Frank and so little Jamie and Claire?  One of reasons I was so excited that this was a 16 episode series was that their would be time as Mr. Moore said to keep,” all the things people love about these books”.  The main thing I love about these books is the relationship between Jamie and Claire.

And my favorite lines….. “Does the wanting ever stop” was changed from awed and tender wonder to when will I stop being horny? Arrgh! Maybe my love for the books has made it impossible for me to enjoy this show?  As my husband was kind enough to point out this morning, ” You knew this was going to happen why are you surprised? The movie can never be as good as the book”…… Yeah….I know that….


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  1. Vicki

    While I love watching the episodes, I agree that it was just too much Frank and not enough between Jaime and Claire. Everything that happens from here on out depends on the development of their relationship. I think for book readers, we know it, but it has been cut so much that anyone that hasn’t read the book(s) will wonder why anyone would go thru all this for someone else. I’m not angry at all but I did come away feeling a little cheated, if that’s the right word. I’ll happily watch whatever they decide to show, but I’ve gone back to the book to get my “fix” for all things Jaime and Claire. All things meant respectfully.

      • I agree. It’s a huge letdown. We know what’s coming immediately after Claire’s rescue and they just haven’t earned it. I haven’t seen anything as moving for J&C as I did for Frank and Claire last night. Hated it. And that post-deserter scene was so out of character for Jamie that it makes me sweat just thinking about it. I love your blog. You’re right. If they don’t get Jamie and Claire right, there is no story.

  2. knr5501

    I agree completely. I love the series and think they nailed the casting of Jamie and Claire, but last night’s episode left me scratching my head. They cut out so much of the beginning of their relationship for what? To see that Frank still has the BJR gene? That has no bearing on the story. Don’t even get me started on the stone scene! For those who haven’t read the books, they just aren’t going to “get” Jamie and Claire’s love. For an episode that was to last us the next 6 months, it left me flat. The only redeemable part was the end when badass Jamie can’t to rescue his wife. I guess I’ll just ff this episode to the end each time.

  3. vane

    I’ve got a problem, after seeing episode 8 I started rooting for Frank… Had no development in the relationship between Claire and Jamie in the TV series. At this point in the book, I was already in love with Jamie and Claire, I saw both as a couple… in the show it doesn’t happen.

      • debraemarvin

        I have been able to see the show entirely separate and that’s been helpful. In the books, I had a hard time believing Claire would want to leave, but the show is giving that conundrum and I think it would fail with non-readers without these changes. The J &C scenes are so delightful. I’m happy to get what we’ve been given and I expect you’ll feel that way too.

      • Dee-Anne

        I’ve seen lot’s of discussion of people who really loved the episode and thought it was the best so far and feel the story is progressing just fine…, maybe not perfectly, but really, really well! But, there’s no point in going out and debating the point all the time. You can feel what you feel and we can feel what we feel… Having to go out and “defend” your POV on someone else’s blog isn’t really worth it…. If it’s not working for you that’s fine, but it’s working for lots of people, and that’s fine too.

  4. Yes. Just Yes. When you have such a fine book/story, why not just try to honor it? I felt the additional Frank material was very contrived in feel! Now was the time to develop Claire and Jamie’s relationship. Frank and Claire’s was well addressed in episode one. Her voice overs throughout the whole series conveys her commitment to Frank. So why the gratuitous, very talking down to the audience invented story of Frank. We understand that Frank is going crazy with worry. We certainly didn’t need to be cudgeled over the head with it. Mistake, mistake, mistake!

  5. I’m with you all aspectd Trying to keep calm and trust….but where is Jamie?? He would never have left her side after the ambush when she was shaking and in shock. Never!

    I’m hoping the real cliffhanger is the fact that the Jamie we know and love is getting ready to show his badass self and we’ve completed the let’s show frank love story arc.

  6. I really don’t agree. I like the pacing. Claire really hasn’t fallen for, or at least admitted to herself that she is in love with Jamie. It has only been aprox. 7 weeks that she has been in this place and she really did love Frank and her own time. I love that Ron is taking his time with Claire. Jamie could afford to fall in love right away as he had no other commitments, etc. Claire, on the other hand had a major commitment. 7 weeks with all she has been through? I think she is doing pretty well with her internal struggle and it will really all fall into place soon. I truly believe all the cast and crew that we will not be disappointed if we give up strict adherence to the book.

    • I agree with this. I understand the concern over the J&C relationship, as a book reader. But I’ll wait (not so) patiently for the second half to make my final judgement. They’ve done so much right, it would really shock me if they dropped the ball on something as central to the story as this. To my mind, it would be easier to stick closer to the story by not fleshing out Frank as they did…But then it wouldn’t be as nuanced and emotional as it is. This says to me that there’s a plan and they’ll get it where it needs to go.

    • Dee-Anne

      Like LARAYNESTHINGS, I think the pacing is pretty good… Claire should still want to go to Frank! Jamie is lovely, kind, sweet, and yes they have sparks, but she’s loved Frank for _years_, of course she should still want to go home to him!
      I’m not a huge Frank fan generally speaking, and wasn’t overly looking forward to the Frank-isode, but I thought it was well done. I also think it will also inform on things that happen in S2…

      Yes, I did miss some of the tender post-honeymoon moments with Claire and Jamie, but I’m sure we will have more of them connecting in the second half of the season.

      I am so thankful this show is in good hands, and that no one ever decided to make a 2 hour movie of it! Can you imagine?

  7. I’m with you too Beth! Following the wedding, Jamie and Claire get very close. They share so much. Jamie’s loving nature is revealed. In the book, I was wondering why on earth Claire would try to get back to Frank. I thought it was more that she wanted to get back to her own time. They are going to have to do a wonderful job in the next 8 episodes to develop the Jamie that I love.

  8. Mitzie

    Well I am “a day late and a dollar short” (I’ll-prepared), as they say here in the south, but here goes. I haven’t read the books and have just recently discovered this wonderful group of Outlanders. I had planned on reading during the break but I am now conflicted. As I read the comments from the two “camps”, I see so much passion and devotion from the book readers. I find myself caught up in their passion and wish from afar that I could of been part of this wonderful group. But as I watch the episodes I can’t put into words how much I am enjoying the acting, character development, costumes, set location and directing. I find myself re-watching the episodes to catch what I wasn’t able to the first time around. Once I read the comments that measure the series to the book I am always torn. I understand both camps. To read or not to read? “Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit”!

    • Wow! Do mind if I repost this? You just answered something I’ve wondered about! I’m jealous if people who haven’t read the books because they don’t have to view through the show through “book lenses”. I try to see the show as if I wasn’t a long time reader. I can’t. But, I can see how exciting the show would be! They are doing a great job! Better than I dreamed! But if this J&C relationship doesn’t get more soulful I’ll be disappointed. Hoping everything WILL turn out!

      • Beth, what a great piece you wrote. And I completely understand why you would feel angry. I’m a bit like Mitzie; I am quite a bit a newbie to the Outlander world. However, I have read the book as well and I’m in the middle of DIA. I have the (dis?)advantage of having a foot in the non-reader and the reader camp because I started the book AFTER starting to watch the series, and have finished the book before the series ended. It was actually the free preview of the Pilot epi that got me to restart my cable (I was a happy cord cutter) just for Outlander.

        Ok. Enough about that. I happen to agree with Mitzie in the character development. Because Sam and Cait ARE Jamie and Claire (IMO), I have no problems with changing some of the book (though I really did love the book). I have said this before, in another place: to me, adaptations are either different as night or day (not one thing, not even the spirit of the work, is there) or, to give an analogy, adaptations can be like the live track vs. the studio track of a song (everything is the same, only just done a bit differently). There is not one perfect adaptation, which we know. And we see, with the Frank-ness (see what I did there?) of this last episode, there is always room for change in an adaptation. I, myself, wasn’t happy with all the Frank-ness because I like Frank well enough but I wanted Jamie. Lots and lots and lots and LOTS of Jamie (doesn’t matter what..nekkid, fighting, loving…). While both Frank and Jamie are good men, Jamie is, IMO, clearly the better one. And we need to SEE the relationship between Jamie and Claire grow. We just didn’t see nearly enough of Jamie. However, Outlander the series vs Outlander the novel is the best adaptation out there. It truly is the studio version (book) vs the live track (series). The characters, the action, the costumes, the EVERYTHING is as close to the book as possible, IMO. And for this it makes it easier for me to deal with the changes (and the deletions). And this is why I loved the wedding episode. They couldn’t do the wedding like the book because it would have some very, very slow parts. We’d all get mad at the slowness.

        The point I’m trying to make is that, while the Frank-ness wasn’t in the book, and we didn’t nearly get enough Jamie, I am willing to go along with it because they got everything else in this universe correct. Which means, IMO, they understand, and appreciate, the world and know what they are working with. They aren’t in over their heads. I’m just quivering from the ‘I’ll thank ye to take your hands off my wife.’ Oh lordy.

  9. I too was disappointed in the episode. I am going to try to re-watch it, but if I do I will be fast forwarding past all of the Frank scenes.

    I have not had a problem until last night with the changes from the book and, in fact, I have enjoyed the expansion of the story and a lot of the added details we have been getting. I thought the Jamie arc was going fine. In the book he is a minor character up until just before the wedding after which we start seeing who he really is and he really comes into his own. At the end of “The Wedding” I thought they did a great job of beginning to show us (and Claire) more of the real Jamie and we see that Claire has started to notice him as more than a friend. We saw the beginning of the love story between them.

    But last night was too much for me. It felt like a giant step backwards. It did no justice to either Jamie or Claire. Jamie came across as kind of a horny kid. I didn’t get Claire caring for him as other than a good sexual partner. Instead of recognizing his feelings for her and being regretful and worried about what her leaving will do to him, she came across as self absorbed in her own issues and uncaring of how her actions will affect Jamie. She certainly didn’t agonize over leaving him. That’s not the Claire I know and love.

    One key missing scene which I felt was critical to their relationship was the aftermath of their killing the deserters. After it happens they immediately come together and have sex:

    “We took each other then in a savage urgent silence…I didn’t understand but knew that we must obey or be lost to each other forever.” (Outlander Chapter 20 Deserted Glades, page 263 in the Kindle edition.)

    The way the show has presented them at this point there is no relationship to lose. I can see why they left it out because at this point it would not come across as more than another sexual encounter.

    The other relationship they are skimping on is Jamie and Dougal. They have a very complex love/hate relationship but that’s not coming across. I missed the part of the fight with the Grants where they stand together back to back,and the later exchange where Jamie tells Claire that it was Dougal (or Rupert at Dougal’s command) who shot him at the beginning, not the redcoats.

    Instead we got made up stuff about Frank being a bad ass and a made up scene of Frank and Claire at the stones in their different times.

    I thought I might be over reacting so this morning I asked my husband, who has not read the books but has been drawn into the show, what his thoughts were as a non book reader. I have not told him any spoilers about where the books or the story goes and in fact we have not really discussed the show before this morning as he is not one to sit and dissect tv shows; he either likes them or he doesn’t. He said several interesting things.

    1. He likes Jamie, thinks he is smart and intelligent and caring of others, and a cut above the rest of the highlanders, but thinks he comes across as very young and not really mature enough to interest Claire seriously.
    2.He thinks everyone, including Claire, is using Jamie for their own purposes.
    2. Frank is being presented as this perfect mate for Claire – mature, sophisticated, caring etc.
    3. His take on what the story arc will be is that is going to be a never ending arc of Claire trying to get back to Frank and each time failing at the last minute. (i.e typical episodic television show).
    4. Jamie is there to provide conflict for Claire about going back to Frank.
    5. He thinks Frank is boring and said he started to fall asleep each time they went to one of the Frank scenes last night.
    6. He isn’t feeling the Jamie/ Claire love story.

    Wow, I didn’t mean to write quite so much but there it is.

    I hope last night was just a misstep and we are now done with the elevation of Frank so we can get on with the real story. I most certainly don’t hate the show because there is much to love about it, but some of my enthusiasm is gone and unfortunately we have a long wait now to see where things are going.

    But I have the books and I have to believe that the show is going to bet back on track and we will still see the Jamie Fraser who is a man that a woman like Claire can love.

    • Mª Angeles Pérez

      I completely agree. I think that they focus on showing the reason why Claire wants to come back to Frank, instead of showing the reason why she chooses to stay. This Jamie is not the Jamie of the books. He is only a lovely puppy following Claire, but with no chances in front of Frank. I’m afraid that there is no time for Jamie to develop his real personality in the remaning chapters. And less to show how the love story grows up. I’m very disappointed, and quite angry.

      P.S.: sorry for the mistakes in my English, I’m from Spain but I NEEDED to give my opinion!!

  10. Nope, can’t agree. Claire is a woman with principles who has been in the past for what, 7 wks. So she’s supposed to just chuck her husband and marriage for a hunky red-head? Don’t get me wrong, I love her with Jamie, he’s really her soulmate. Showing flashbacks of her life with Frank, and his anguish in losing her makes her desire to get back believable. Claire just doesn’t realize she loves Jamie more yet.

  11. The main reason I am so disappointed in this episode is that they left out such wonderful (and necessary) Jamie and Claire scenes in order to add in so many Frank scenes that weren’t needed. That’s what it boils down to. I don’t expect them to go word for word from the book, but I feel like we missed out on so much this time. I feel like we needed more J&C time to really establish them as a couple before we move on to what happens next.

  12. Susan Grandt

    I agree with you. But. Every week I have to remind myself that I am not watching Outlander The Book made visual. Remember the collective uproar over the previews showing Mrs. Fitz calling Claire a witch – until we saw the next episode ?! My older sisters (let’s just say they are in the Senior age group) are in love with Jamie, and only one has read the book. I think we have time with episodes 9 – 11 to see plenty of Claire and Jamie before she makes her final choice, and to agree with her. I miss the classic scenes and lines, but we’ve gotten many, and to get all of them would be unrealistic. I have to continue to trust that Ron and Co. will do us book fans justice at the same time they make compelling television. By my third viewing of each episode every week, I’ve stopped that infernal interior dialog (“but they left out … ” “that’s not in the book”) and I really like the adaptation. Just keep watching, right ?!

  13. Maija

    I would have loved to have seen some of the “honeymoon” scenes in episode 108, as Claire and Jamie get to know each other more intimately, as it is written by Herself. HOWEVER, the fact IS that Claire leaves and tries to get back to the Stones, even after sharing tenderness with Jamie! This not Ron Moore’s invention… is in the book! She takes off! She makes a conscious decision to get back to her own life and time. And if I had only the TV series to go by, even without seeing what Frank is going through, experiencing the attempted rape by the deserters, when she is forced to defend herself and actually KILL a man, after trying to patch up so many pour souls as a WWII nurse, I would be dumbfounded if she had NOT tried to return to 1945! Even post-war Britain is a paradise, compared to the savagery of 1743! And, as many folks here have pointed out, you don’t just sweep 28 years of a life – a life that included a loving, if not altogether ideal or overly romantic husband – under a rug after JUST 7 weeks! I cried like a baby when I read about Claire’s next encounter with the Stones….. but by that time her decision – although still tortured – makes sense. But not at this point in the book or series. I have never been “Team Frank”, but having just reread Voyager, I am still really angry with Jamie for not telling Claire about two very important life events, that happened while she was “gone”. Perhaps this is coloring my reaction to episode 108….:-)

    • It’s tough not to color everything with book knowledge. I’m envious of those who say they can. I understand Claire’s need to get back. I just wanted more scenes to develop that relationship.

  14. Hi Beth,

    “…what should not be left out is the growth in Jamie and Claire’s relationship.”

    I completely agree – and would add that they have left out too much of “Jamie” – these are things that that are so important for me from the books – it feels like a loss.

    For me, I believe it stems from this adaptation not including enough of the “small” things from the beginning regarding Jamie, that define who he is – and the moments to me are now lost because the story has passed them by – I have a difficult time imagining where or how they could be incorporated in the future.

    There are a couple of things that for me, are crucial to Jamie and Jamie & Claire’s growing relationship that, if we are given them in the future – won’t work as well – (or at all) for me.

    From the episode “Rent” – Jamie never got to stand up for himself as he does in the book – after even fewer showings of his back – he decked the heckler and his friends. The adaptation missed the mark – how can this be done later when we’ve already seen that when pressed, he won’t do it? An even smaller thing – but never the less showing their growing relationship, humor, etc. – Claire telling Jamie to hit a tree and he’ll feel better.

    From wedding episode – the “touching until we can be comfortable talking/being with each other” (kind of the horse/person gentling in the book) – says a lot about Jamie, and the “honesty” piece. For me, the choice to leave these out at the “beginning” of their relationship is a great loss (most likely an unrecoverable loss to who Jamie is) – it’s difficult for me to understand how they could possibly bring these back in later.

    These are small things that wouldn’t much take much time, (the extra Frank arc they wanted could still be included) – but would have gone a long way for me in still developing Jamie’s character and Jamie & Claire’s relationship – that is crucial in the rest of the series.

    Having said all this (sorry for the length!) – I do like the show, the amazing acting, cinematography, costumes, sets, care of details, etc. – and as a fan of the books, am grateful we have it.

    They have done such an amazing job “fleshing out” all of the more “minor” characters – I don’t understand why they don’t for Jamie – I will continue to hold out hope that they will do so soon!


    • Lori, I had problems with rent as well. Your points very closely resembled my concerns. I miss the humor! And yes I’m having a difficult time trying to figure out where and how they’ll find a way to make this right. The “King of Men” moments aren’t why I fell in love with Jamie and I don’t think it’s why Claire did either.

  15. I think I am understanding now why they decided to make the break so long. They think by April we will be “over” our frustration with Episode 108! I think one problem is that, even with 16 episodes, it was going to be impossible to include all the honeymoon scenes and lines we we were hoping to see and hear. Of course, that would have been more possible without so much extra Frank.

  16. BD

    First of all Beth – I love this post as I was feeling that I was the only one out there that wasn’t completely taken by this episode.

    I did like some of Frank’s POV in this episode – although it did teeter on the point of too much. I didn’t care for the Sally/alley fight (Frank would have known better to do that – although he was likely desperate). I didn’t like Mrs. Graham telling him her theory on Claire’s disappearance either – that was part of the story in that Frank never did know what might have happened. I also thought that Claire’s capture again in the hands of BJR was a tad anticlimactic after the what happened in episode 6. Some of the dialogue was a repetitive and her aloofness towards him after their last encounter (and beating) seemed odd to me but I understand why they did it. (And that scream was completely cheesy!)

    Thank God Jamie saved the show at the end. On a positive note – I loved all the intimate hand caressing. Very sensual.

    THanks for letting me vent!

  17. HeatherM

    You’re not alone, Beth – I’ve heard it from others too. It’s really hard for me to frame this response well, because I’ve read these books so many times so I do know what parts are missing, when I think about the show and book side by side. But – the thing is – I don’t really think about it much. I watch like Mitzie above – with fresh eyes – completely wiping out what I know of the books as I watch, and rewinding to pick up on new details the show gives us. To me, it’s just bonus material and I’m always psyched when they add in things like “what was Frank going through??” because that is something I thought over and over when I read the books. This was essentially the show’s goodbye letter to Frank…that last scene of him heading to his car, after the stones, having clearly decided to give up his search – you can see the resolve on his face. They are now both on separate paths. The allegory of it is there and it is heartbreakingly sad. They are on “Both Sides [of the stones] Now.” And she’s not going back (as we know.)

    Now, I’m not making a commentary on book Claire’s character/morals, but, for non-book-readers, I think having tv-show Claire jump right into love and lots of sex with Jamie would read a little too much like the romance novel that we all didn’t want the show to be called. It doesn’t ring true for a woman who wouldn’t cheat on her husband in the _years_ she was separated from him during the war. Yes, we all love Jamie. And Outlander is going to give us lots of him in the future. This is just the beginning of the J&C story – and the Jamie lines we love may show up later, so it’s too early to judge. Remember that Ron, Maril and many on the cast/crew love Jamie as much as we do, for all the same reasons. They love lines that we do, too. But TV is not a book, and it’s important to contemplate some of the things that work well in the book that just may not work as well in the show. They have to structure themes and plots for single hour episodes, as well as create an arc for the season. So, what we might read as lovely on the page might sound awkward or not fit with a single episode. But they will use it later, when they feel it makes sense.

    I think part of the irritation at this episode – from some corners – is that some people really really hate Frank. I mean…I don’t feel that way about him; in Outlander, anyway. He was her husband. And she loved him a LOT. Enough to go back to the stones after all that had happened with Jamie. I think that if Ron had chosen to give us all the amazing, wonderful, innocent, and endearing conversations that J&C had BEFORE this episode, the non-book-readers would not have believed she would actually go back to Frank. I also think we’ll eventually get some of them. I spent the better part of yesterday in awe of the amazing job they have done adapting our books to the small screen. We are SO lucky to have this.

  18. laura pirulí

    The worst thing for me is all the epicness with Frank and Claire. I mean, what’s the point then? Why should Claire stay with Jamie, if she has that kind of “timeless epic love” with Frank? I mean, all their great sex at the beginning, the scene at the train station in ep03…. and the scene in the stones! such an emotional and romantic scene! Just Wooow!! So so so EPIC!
    Even if they develop Jamie’s character and his relationship with Claire successfully, J&C will not be special anymore! They will be just like Frank and Claire!
    Just a love triangle! So sad!

  19. Agree so much! I really hope that they bring in some of the conversation that they shared after the wedding in future episodes (honesty talk, talk about Frank). I was definitely disappointed to not see the bond between Jamie and Claire build. It seems more sexual than anything else in the show. And, I love the show so far. I even don’t mind the Frank storyline, I just wish it was much much smaller and allowed C+J to develop a bit more. I just feel like one of the things that drew Claire to Jamie was his emotion intelligence not just his brawn and strong morals.

    But, the biggest disappointment for me – something that I really can’t get past – is the British deserters scene. The fact that Jamie doesn’t try to come to Claire’s aid vs. Claire taking charge of the situation and being able to communicate to Jamie to let her handle it (as in the book). I just feel strongly that it’s not really in his nature to stand by (gun to the head or not) when someone he cares about is in danger. It was almost laughable to see him in the background towering over the solder but not doing anything (dirk at the waist). So you get a helpless Jamie and a disillusioned Claire.

    I know people keep saying it’s because Jamie is going to be all bad ass and “grow up” in the second part of the seasons, but I didn’t care for it. I think it really clashed with what I think is their essential character DNA: Jamie’s drive to protect those he loves/is responsible for and Claire’s survival instincts.

    But, not to worry, I have already re-imagined the whole thing in my head and decided 108 never happened :).

  20. MimiN

    My daughter has been an Outlander clan member for a decade, trying repeatedly to get me to read the books. I can’t stay awake to read any more, so it never happened…until now! My copy of Outlander is on the table next to my chair as I watch the show. She met Diana at a book signing; I was so impressed with how accessible Herself is to her fans! I’m sure this contributes to her success and the TV production continues in this tradition, encouraging a community of viewers.

    So, theoretically, I haven’t read the books prior to the show, but know of J&C’s wonderful love story vicariously through my daughter. I, too, ff through the Frank scenes , but I’ve surmised that this woman of strong character and morals, having JUST reunited with her husband after the devastation of WWII, will not shed her love and loyalty for him in 7 weeks! How is she to know what is to come of her as she suddenly finds herself married to this irresistible, young Scot? I felt that their last lovemaking in the Wedding episode was so poignant; she gave all of herself to him of which she was capable, no dialogue needed. When she wrapped him in his plaid–as he had done for her right after he met her–it was obvious they’re sincerely compelled to care for each other. But, what’s a 20th century woman to do when the opportunity presents itself to return to her real life?!

    I agree with the comments previously made regarding missed opportunities for Jamie to stand up for himself; also, thought the both sides of the stones Claire/Frank thing was silly. But something BARBC24 included from her husband’s impressions (loved that!) was that he felt everyone was using Jamie for their own purposes. As someone not well versed in the book, I’ve had this feeling, too, during the show. But, I’ve gleaned that our female protagonist has looked out for him since the moment they met, and now married, will continue to do so. And he for her, as he’s pledged.

    I hated the way the “wee herbs” interlude ended. I agree that Jamie would not have just stood there, with his sword on the ground and his dirk within reach, even WITH a gun to his head! Nor would he have just left her afterwards. All of that felt clumsy. But I adored that love scene because it illustrated the genuine regard they’ve developed for each other, and the humor that helps build their trust. I may take heat for this…but my reaction to the, “Does it ever stop, the wanting you?” line in the book was that it sounded corny! But I LOVED the way Sam delivered this line, with the urgency of a newly indoctrinated, lusty husband speaking to his smiling, willing wife.

    I love the show. I think that being an avid book fan might carry a burden with it when it comes to viewing the TV production. To me, the story stands on its merits and the extended cast makes it fun to watch, portraying an authentic venue in which Jamie & Claire’s iconic love story will flourish. I find Sam Heughan an enigma. Some of the most revered lines in the books might not be part of the dialogue, but they’re present in his nuanced portrayal of Jamie. Counting down till April!

    • I’m so conflicted. I want this to succeed. They have done so much right. At this moment in time, I don’t believe Claire would leave Frank for Jamie and mourn what I see as missed opportunities to develop his character as a man she “could” love. I don’t believe she loves him yet and in the book she doesn’t either, but I’m anxious that with the missed development they are running out of time to convince the audience that Claire would choose Jamie over Frank.

  21. OK – I know this is an old thread, but I wanted a place to vent. Recent Cait interview revealed she was SO happy about wonderful scene Ron wrote for her and Tobias (as Frank) for Season 2. Why isn’t Ron writing wonderful scenes for her and Sam? The extra Frank/BJR scenes not in the book are really turning me off the show; I am seriously considering avoiding the show and just going back to reading the books.

    Terry D vehemently says Ron is a wonderful writer and storyteller. I won’t disagree. I think that the STARZ CEO did the bookreaders a huge disfavor when he said Ron would make the show for the fans. Actually I think they used the fans to get STARZ viewers and Ron is making the show primarily for the non-bookreaders (and maybe himself?)

    They have done a fine job with casting, production, costumes, and photographing Scotland, but feel that the Claire and Jamie story has been shortchanged in order to add new material.

    And to end it all, let me say I love your writing!

    • I have to say I’ve become a lot more relaxed about the adaptation since I wrote this. Episode 9 went a long way in restoring Jamie’s character for me. And, the truth is the largest majority of people who watch the show aren’t book readers. He is trying to satisfy us both, but the show will never be my books and I’m getting better at enjoying it for what it is. Thanks for reading!

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