Dear Outlander fan …I’ve been invited to a wedding!



Dear Outlander fan,

I got an invitation to a wedding yesterday.  One James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie Fraser will be marrying Claire Beauchamp. It’s this Saturday at 9 o’clock! I’m so happy I got invited. Thanks to Starz hosting this event, I’m sure it’ll be just wonderful!

I know who the dress designer is and she does beautiful work! So, I’m expecting to be dazzled by the wedding dress. And, the groom is a very resourceful Scot, so I’m sure he’ll come up with something to wear that will impress his bride!

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this all unfolds because rumor has it that the bride is a bit reluctant.  I also heard she’s a bit of a tippler. She likes a dram or two of Scotch and has been know to drink upwards of three glasses of Rhenish!  I know! Shocking! I wonder if she’ll be sober walking down the aisle? Mmmmph. Sorry, I shouldn’t be gossiping, the poor girl is in a bit of a fix with Black Jack Randall. The lass doesn’t really have a choice, so I shouldn’t judge.

It looks like Dougal McKenzie will be giving the bride away.  Claire, the poor lamb, is a widow and doesn’t have any family near, so he’s standing up for her. Which is kind of odd because I kind of thought he was interested in Claire. Hmmmm, oh well, Jamie is a nice lad. Although, I hear he has a price on his head…for murder no less.  Wonder if they’ll be staying at Leoch? I think it’s the only safe place for them really. I’m sure Claire’s healing skills will be welcomed and Mrs. Fitz sure is fond of her even if she is a Sassenach.

Speaking of Leoch, I wonder what that bonny little blond lass, Laoghaire will think of Jamie marrying Claire?  She seemed to  be looking at the lad out the side of her big baby blues every time I saw her. I thought for sure after he took that beating for her that he liked her too! And…I could have sworn I saw them in an alcove together.  Well… anyway…Claire better watch her back nothing like the wrath of a woman scorned, especially when she’s a teen living under the same roof!

Enough with the speculating, I’m sure everything will work out fine as long as they stay out of Black Jack’s reach. I’m looking forward to the reception. Dougal’s arranged for a nice little spread back at the Inn. And….you know they are worried about this marriage being legal, so we’ve been asked to hang around as witnesses to the consummation.  You know normal 18th century wedding customs and all.

Well, gotta go. I’m shopping for a new Claire cowl on Etsy and some waulked wool for a wedding gift. Hope I see you there!

Yours truly,

An Outlander fan who has been waiting a VERRA long time for this day!  Bottoms up! Slainte!



10 thoughts on “Dear Outlander fan …I’ve been invited to a wedding!

  1. amorley552014

    Ye are a witty one, ye ken? Aye, I would na miss it for the world! See you there, Lass! (Sorry I seem to think inking in Outlander-ish!)

  2. Connie

    Well dear Beth, the deed (s) is/are done….our favorite writer, producer, ex. prod., costume designer and actors took their places and gave us an hour-long wedding for the ages. Cannot wait for you to articulate your thoughts!

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