Because Diana wrote a book….Outlander impacted lives.


imageI woke this morning to a tweeted response from Diana that cracked me up! She does that a lot. Witty lady is Herself. However, the response back from the man who wrote the post caused me to put my hand over my mouth to swallow a sob. His response was a perfect example of how much Diana’s books can impact people’s lives.

His story was similar to many others I’ve heard.  He said he began watching the show with his wife. He enjoyed it and added that he had begun to read the books. He was amazed there were eight. Diana laughingly responded that he could take his time reading because it takes her awhile to write a new one. I chuckled, but then I read his response. He shared that he suffered from PTSD and watching the show and reading the books have kept his mind busy. He then added that as a result, he didn’t have nightmares last night….I can still feel the lump in my throat. _Amazing_.

People have shared so many of these stories with the fandom. Luanne Uttley and her Outlander found friend from across the sea, Lori Renfro began a Facebook page as a place to collect and share stories of how Outlander has impacted lives. Lori and Luanne’s story is one of those special gifts that the universe can sometimes throw your way.  These two met while discussing their shared love of Outlander on social media. But, they soon discovered that they shared much more than fandom.  Because Diana wrote a book, these two found a support system and a real-life friendship.  To their amazement, they found that they shared a very unique and special sisterhood.  They both were the mothers of daughters who suffered a similar and rare disability.  From half-way around the world they found comfort and kinship. And, maybe the most rewarding thing that happened was that their daughters connected.  The girls share a disability that makes social interaction difficult, but, to their mothers’ amazement and delight they talk on the internet….for hours!

You can read story after story of people who found comfort and distraction from the illness and tragedy in their lives because they read Diana’s books. People who found the courage to stand up to an abuser. People whose marriages were saved or enriched because of the relationship they saw shared between Jamie and Claire. People who actually changed the course of their lives because what they read inspired them to take a risk.

Personally, these books inspired me to begin writing. I’m constantly finding some new truth about life in Diana’s stories to expound on! And, I’m learning a lot because Diana is wonderful at sharing her accumulated knowledge, especially about the craft of writing! Writing has brought me a lot of joy and a social life! Love to  talk and share ideas with other fans.

Because Diana wrote a book, I have gained real-life friends who share a love of Outlander and writing. I want to emphasize the “real-life” part of that statement because I didn’t expect it.  I was enjoying talking with other fans on social media , but I never expected that interaction to lead to real relationships.  One particular fan has become a particular friend, Connie Hertsenberg.  We actually got to meet at an Emulsion screening in Columbus. She gave me the best hug I’ve ever had! No really! Great hugger that Connie. We found we had so much in common that we decided to meet up for dinner with husbands in tow.  They got along too! She has been a constant supporter and a loyal friend. Truly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. And, when I was sick all the #cgng girls and other folks from around the country and world were so supportive. I got cards, phone calls, messages and I even got a bouquet of flowers from “Jamie” with a card expressing his desire that I be the last girl he kissed! (Still don’t know who sent that).  This has been an unexpected, but enriching experience.

If you’d like to read some stories about how Diana and her books have affected people’s lives go to Luanne and Lori’s web page on Facebook; All Because Diana Wrote A Book.  Believe me they are well worth the read. You might even be inspired to write your own story about how Diana’s books have affected your life.  You might even want to send Diana a thank you note <g>.




18 thoughts on “Because Diana wrote a book….Outlander impacted lives.

  1. amorley552014

    What you write is really true! I have met up with a lot of people since Outlander began. I have even had the pleasure of tweeting with Diana and Sam! I am also going on the Outlander Summer Solstice Tour next June to Scotland. The ladies on Heughan’s Heughligans are a great bunch and we have a great time. Hoping to actually meet some of these people soon. I live near Diana maybe it could be her! I am not sure she sleeps!!!

      • amorley552014

        Yes I know!!! She was tweeting me about the weather at 1:30AM!!! I was shocked until I realized that was when she writes. Or not since she was writing me instead of #9. Which is what she did the rest of the night!

  2. Beth, I know all too well that the written word has the power to change lives. As a teacher, I use books in my classroom to help my students find their way in the world, through the happiness, through the sadness & to help them find their own true identities. Books helped me in my growing up years too, and I so enjoy when I find that “it” factor in a writer. I then devour their books and I too find my own true self. Diana has the power to do just that. Thanks for a great blog post once again. It’s is so heartwarming to hear that her work has helped someone struggling to find their own true self. Mahalo nui loa

    • I’m really enjoying reading your posts. I too am a teacher! And, I too have memories of finding authors who spoke to my heart and soul. Thank you for reading and taking the time to respond.

      • OK, Beth, I gotta know what grade you teach, and the book that has impacted your teaching in the classroom. I’ve been a teacher for (OMG!) 29 years & have taught every elementary school grade level except Gr 3. I am currently a Tech Resource teacher who misses teaching her Grade 6 class! And you my dear are one awesome writer.

      • I teach high school students….English…go figure. I remember when I became a reader. I found the author Victoria Holt when I was in jr. high. Historical romance with a great mystery thrown in! Love helping kids find that one book that starts them on the path to being a reader.

  3. As a university student I can really relate to getting lost in an excellent piece of literature especially when it “speaks” to you and you really find something in common or to relate to. Keep up the fab write ups!


  4. Maija

    Thank you for your posts…. just found your site. Discovered the Outlander universe a scant four weeks ago, by happening upon the first Starz episode in my cable provider’s “On Demand” section. Downloaded the first book on my iPad that night, and have fallen down Diana’s “rabbit hole” ever since. I just finished Voyager, and am picking up the next book tomorrow at my local library.

    But wanted to also comment on the other theme in this post. Looking for ways to escape a troubled family situation, I discovered the school library in 7th grade. The first authors that totally drew me in were Ray Bradbury and Mary Stewart, followed by many more over the course of 20 years. When my job grew to be very stressful and my health became impacted, I stopped immersing myself in fiction, and did all I could to just hang on from day to day. Now I am retired, and life is starting to settle down, and I am once again experiencing the joy of losing myself in a literary universe, thanks to Diana.

    And I am enjoying the Starz series more than I can say. I certainly see an Outlander themed journey to Scotland at some point in the future. This December I am fulfilling another life-long dream: I’m traveling to Middle Earth – aka New Zealand – to enter into Tolkein’s and Peter Jackson’s universe, and walk in the footsteps of Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves and Men, 🙂

  5. Beth, I did Victoria Holt, Mary Stewart*, Sandra Brown, Phillippa Gregory*, Catherine Coulter, Bernard Cornwell*,
    Judy Deveraux, Drake/Graham, Julie Garwood, Iris Johansen, Johanna Lindsey, Eliz. Lowell, Rosalind Miles*,Mary Renault*, Nora Roberts, Karen Robards, Wilbur Smith*, Jack Whyte*, and Kathleen Woodiweiss. Asterisks indicate better choices and those more in sync, perhaps, with Diana’s. I did not add in all the other authors whom I have read, only the better ones. I will not say they ‘pale’ beside Diana, as some were of diff. genres. But I have found my ‘genre’ in Diana Gabaldon and Dorothy Dunnett. I am ruined for anything else. But since each re-read is like a new read, I do not have to go far for good reading. All of those above are good, of course, but the more I read, the more selective I got. Keep up the good work. Loved the review. Ruth
    PS-I have thousands of books 9/10s of which I have read. I list each book, author, plot and characters as I read them and now have quite a large folder. But I seem to have bogged down sometime in Aug. Of course, I was re-reading Dorothy Dunnett at the time and can’t list them twice! Then, DG again. Always new, always old friends.

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