UK TV NEEDS Outlander….why haven’t they got it!


image I just got done doing my bit to help Outlander fans in the UK.  Gotta admit it was fun! Love being creative and seeing creativity. @lunaticaardvark you my dear are a riot! I’m still chuckling!  Aside from the fun though, I am feeling so sad for these folks.  Many have been on this, at least year long, journey with the rest of Outlander’s worldwide fandom. I feel like I know many of them.  We talk about our lives and share our excitement over the books being made into TV.  Many have been waiting over twenty years to see their favorite books come to life.  I just don’t get what’s holding things up!?

I’m sure there are all sorts of reasonable perfectly acceptable reasons for why “the” deal hasn’t happened.  I’m just not feeling very reasonable about those reasons at the moment.  It never occurred to me to even imagine the UK would not get to see a show filmed in the UK with main characters played by actors from the UK.  Because not showing a wildly anticipated show that features the beauty of the Scotland would just be…dumb. To quote Ms. @lunaticaardvark in one of her posts for #UKTVneedsOutlander:

“Because you like to MAKE money and we like to SPEND it!”

Really, isn’t that the bottom line for BUSINESSES?  Ok …enough of my rant.  How about a sincere wish that some how what fans did today gets the attention of someone with the power to make a difference. My own enjoyment of the TV series is tainted by the knowledge that faithful fans are being ignored and may not get to watch.  Please, know the rest of us Outlanders care and will do what we can.  THE UK NEEDS OUTLANDER! Please give it to them!


6 thoughts on “UK TV NEEDS Outlander….why haven’t they got it!

  1. Hope

    I suspect the hold up may be related to the Scottish Independence vote that is coming up in September. Outlander is as much about Scottish politics as it is romance and adventure. And, arguably, the English don’t come out of the story in a flattering light. Reminding Scotland’s (and England’s) present-day citizens about their bloody and war-torn history every week in full-on technicolor rather than a musty history book is probably not what the opposition to Scottish independence want people to see.

  2. I’m totally shocked that Outlander won’t be shown in the UK! That’s like filming a miniseries about something so uniquely American like the assassination of JFK (or really anything about the Kennedy family), or Woodstock, or the Vietnam antiwar movement and not showing it here! It’s absurd and unfair, and if it was almost any show other than Outlander I’d boycott it in solidarity. But since that’s not really an option, if you all come up with an idea, count me in to help.

  3. chtease

    Thanks for supporting the fans in the UK. Here’s hoping that Narnia doesn’t get Outlander before the UK. (Credit to Sally McIntosh for the quote.)

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