Pre-wedding…I mean viewing…jitters…..Outlander on Starz!


imageScrolling through my Twitter feed today, I noticed a lot of similar sentiment being expressed. Outlanders are feeling anxious, jittery, antsy, distracted.  These feelings seem to be centered around the rapidly approaching premier of Outlander.  I took a look at myself and realized I was feeling a lot of the same things.  And, I think I may have felt these emotions before…..where….when? OMG!  I felt this way before I got married!  What does that mean?!

Anxious: full of mental distress or uneasiness due to fear; greatly worried. That makes sense for an approaching wedding! You are uneasy thinking about your future. Is he the right one? Did I make the right choice? Will everything be ok? Yeah, people feel anxious before they’re married.  Outlander premier? Why do I feel anxious about that?  Ron Moore.  Was he the right one? Did he make the right choices? Will everything be ok?  Sam and Cait. They are so sweet and nice. Will everyone think their performances are good. Will the critics like them? I’m anxious about the success of the series about people…characters…I love. There. I said it.

Jittery: having a feeling of nervous unease.  I can remember having a jittery feeling before my wedding.  Were the flowers okay? The dresses and tuxes? Will people show up? Is the time alright? Will they like the way we wrote our vows?  Wow. I’m worried about wether people will “show up” to watch Outlander and wether they’ll like what they see. I NEED them too! I have time (and some money) invested in this! I want people to say, ” Did you watch Outlander? Wasn’t it beautiful? The scenery. The costumes. The dialog. Perfect!”  I’ve been talking about this to everyone! My literary reputation for good taste is at stake!

Antsy: restless, fidgety, impatient, eager.  I couldn’t hardly wait for my wedding day! And the closer it got the antsier I got.  I wanted it to happen now!  Plans were done and invitations were out.  Time seemed to crawl and didn’t know what do with myself.  Sigh. Feeling the same way now. I don’t know what to do with myself. The the pre-planning is done. The film is in the can. The day and time are set. There is nothing I can do but wait and time is c…r…a…w…l…i…n…g! I check my Twitter and talk to my peers. All we do is share our anxiety and fear, as someone told me today, that we might explode from excitement! Come on August 9th!

Distracted: having attention diverted.  Be a soon-to-be married bride and try to think of anything but your wedding day.  You have no focus. Everything reminds you of your wedding. I wondered how I was able to keep my job the weeks before my wedding because I sure don’t remember what I did while at work.  Be a soon-to-be rewarded Outlander fan and try to think of anything but the premier day. You have no focus. Everything reminds you of the day you’ll get to see your characters and story come to life. And…I know some folks who might be in danger of losing their jobs, or families, or spouses over their Outlander distraction. Someone told me today they were watching the new Time Warner Youtube videos in the bathroom at work. I’ve heard some children have had to learn to speak “Outlanderese” to get their mother’s attention and I personally know MY husband’s patience is wearing thin. I’m getting the eye-roll when the words Sam, Cait, Jamie, Claire or Diana says come out of my mouth. I’ve been given the “all things in moderation” speech.

I hope this analogy helps explain what I’m feeling.  Mostly, what I’m feeling feels…well…pretty amazingly wonderfully great, except for that fear I might explode from excitement.



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