So…what happened when I pressed a button….the power of Outlander fans


imageAs you all know, this was a long snow-filled winter. I’m sure everyone felt the malaise popularly called “cabin fever”. At some point during this protracted “stay cation”, Diana Gabaldon wrote a post to wannabe writers. Basically, her advice was to, “read, write and don’t stop”. I’ve always felt I needed to write, but was stopped by the idea that I needed to be writing something profound like a novel. So, with Diana’s advice buzzing about my under-utilized brain I began stumbling around looking for ways I could practice writing. What I tripped over was a blog.
I’ve read blogs and the content seems to range anywhere from a couple of paragraphs about life with a parakeet to dissertations about life in Manhattan. Knowing that this was just for practice and that the only people who would read would be my family, I made an account. Then came my first real hurdle….what would I write about? Hmmmm…what are my interests, my passions, my pursuits…hmmmm…Outlander perhaps? (As if there was anything else in my current universe) So, my very first blog was about Diana.
Very proud of my efforts I showed it to my nieces, my Outlander recruits, who of course told me they loved it. Family! They have their uses.
Some time had passed and I had written a few things, all Outlander related. Overtime and with the help of some lovely folks I met on Twitter, my readership has expanded to at least a dozen people. I’ve been learning the ropes of Twitterdom and WordPress and discovered I could directly link my blog to Twitter. Now, my friends and relatives would automatically receive a link to my newest posts! Very cool!
A few days passed and I was once again writing on my blog when I noticed a button that said “update”. “Hmmm”, I mumbled,”must have changed something better update.” Not sure what I was thinking, but it sure wasn’t, “if I update this will be put on my Twitter feed”. I went blissfully about my life unaware that I had unleashed the beast I affectionately call “Outlander Twitterworld”.
After dinner, I decided to do a quick trip around “Twitter World” when I made an alarming discovery. People were re-tweeting my blog. I wasn’t really concerned until someone re-tweeted my link to Diana. Then I got concerned. “Good Lord”, I thought to myself, “I haven’t looked at that since I first posted it!” I looked. I was less than happy. What I saw was an article full of mistakes. And….my favorite author in the whole world was reading… I felt a sick feeling in my wame (might as well use the word wame this is going out to Outlander World). In what can ONlY be described as a sick panic, I DM’d my twitter friend.  Basically, my tweets (several in rapid succession) ran along the lines of; “HELP! Someone sent my blog to Diana she thinks my name is Barb it’s my first piece I thought I was brave enough for this why aren’t you answering me do you have a life or something?” She was perplexed by my panic. She pointed out that people liked it and I should enjoy the attention. Good advice. I put on my big girl pants and started thanking people graciously for their comments about the article. But….then …I’m at work using my IPad…when re-tweet and favorited alerts start flashing across the screen. At my estimate about 2 every 3 min (not sure…seemed like it)
This went on for two days. By Saturday afternoon, the shock had worn off, but I was left with the church giggles.. The you know you shouldn’t be laughing, but can’t stop giggles. At this point, I have to explain to the family why my phone keeps “dinging”. Now every time I get a notice they want to know where in the world they are arriving from. I’m getting fist pumps for getting retweeted in Brazil, South Africa and Australia. On May 1st alone I got over 1100 views on WordPress. I knew the power of the Outlander fan base was strong. I’ve seen them raise monies for charities, organize gatherings and strong arm Starz into action. But, now I’ve experienced the power myself. It’s overwhelming, it’s stupefying, it’s…..AWESOME! So, I want to thank everyone for reading and for all the lovely comments. After reflection, I’ve decided that I’m happy that you did what you did. I got my work read and that’s what people who write want right? Right! And if you haven’t read it awww go ahead! WHY DIANA GABALDON MIGHT BE THE COOLEST WOMAN ON THE PLANET By


3 thoughts on “So…what happened when I pressed a button….the power of Outlander fans

  1. Beth, your summary of my advice to you is a little disturbing. If I came off as that cold, I apologize. It’s true, I was perplexed by your panic. You wrote some nice things about a nice person, and she liked them – as did others. You repeatedly expressed embarrassment over the quality of writing. I merely suggested if you were unhappy with it, you should rewrite and/or edit the piece. I also recommended that you enjoy the attention it was receiving and not worry about the number of times it was being retweeted and read. I hope you are enjoying the attention now that the panic is gone. Be pleased with your success.

    • Oh honey No! You weren’t cold! And it was exactly what I needed! I was feeling panicked and embarrassed and I thought u pointed out the picture I was missing. People liked it and I couldn’t see around my own insecurity. I’ve never thought you anything but honest. That’s why I tweeted you with my panic, I trusted you. Now I’m worried I may have painted you cold when you are anything but. Sorry …thought I was being funny . Didn’t think it through

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