My family staged an Outlander intervention….


Recently, I posted a blog about my fear that Outlander_Starz could create overly zealot fans (yes, I know I didn’t need the superlative, but I’m trying to make a point here).  So, imagine my surprise when my family staged an intervention for MY “apparently” overly zealot behavior!  The conversation went a little like this;

DD: “Mom, we’re concerned about you.  We think you’re getting a little carried away with the Outlander stuff,”

ME: “I dinna ken.”

DS: “Really Mom, that’s what we’re talking about! You’ve been carrying around a little paper man and showing him to people.”

ME: “His NAME is Pocket Jamie…(a moment of dead silence)”.

DD: (looking pleadingly at her brother)  “She made me put him on the dash of the car when we were driving into Cleveland!”

ME: “Well, like how else was he going to see?”

DD: “Good God Mom! You’re even embarrassing the grand-kids. You wanted them to go into the Tilted Kilt with you so you could get  a picture of Pocket Jamie with a bunch of half naked girls !”

ME: “I think I could win the contest with that one!”

DS: “You’re Obsessed. People are afraid of you. It is all you talk about.  Two minutes into a conversation with you people are looking for an escape hatch. Mom…we’ve had to rescue people from you.”

ME: “I dinna ken.”

DS: “We’re worried….well, we…we…we don’t think this is normal.  We think this is interfering with your REAL life.”

ME: (sighing for their ignorance) “ Listen bairns, I ken yer worrit fer ma mental health, but dinna fash.”

DD & DS: “DAD!”

DH: “I gave up years ago…”

Note: An intervention was attempted for a fan with obsessive behavior and possible loose grip on reality.  Subject did not appear to be cognizant of her own actions. Clinical diagnosis unclear at this point. Will continue to observe and document further “Outlandish* behavior.  Intervention deemed epic failure.


P.S.  I did kind of regret the Tilted Kilt picture







8 thoughts on “My family staged an Outlander intervention….

  1. Problem? I don’t see a problem. Perfectly logical to me. Of course…not sure I would be a candidate to vouch for sane behavior in all things Outlander. Just sayin’… 😏

  2. wilkie1999

    I’m sitting on my bed in Waynesville, NC. It is 7:24 am and I have been up all night reading Outlander and things related to Outlander. My house is 35 degrees; it is 3 degrees outside and I am bundled up, surrounded by 3 cats, 1 Highland terrier and my beagle, Murphy, is asleep – actually WAS asleep- on the floor beside the bed. I am wearing a ski cap, and I am so fuzzy that I don’t mind admitting that. Then, I blundered on your blog. I don’t know how I did that because I know next to nothing about my laptop and less than that about navigating the Internet.
    I have been laughing so hard I woke up the cats. I was laughing so loud that Murphy woke up. I was laughing so uncontrollably that Murphy began doing his “beagle howl.” You must understand that Murphy reserves this howl for times when fire trucks leave the nearby fire station with their sirens at full volume. And once Murphy began “singing,” McKenna(The Highland terrier) woke up, began whimpering, and then began barking. All three cats, Henry, Lily, and Blossom all came out from under the covers and looked at Murphy, McKenna and me with great disdain. WHAT was going on, they were clearly asking……
    And me, being me, began reading your blog aloud. Which sent me into further spasms of laughter.

    I have now read your blog for the 3rd time and have stopped in order to make a list. WHAT list you might ask? A list of friends I must text. Why? To TELL THEM TO READ YOUR BLOG. RIGHT NOW. I can’t call them, because I can’t stop laughing enough to speak.

    Where do you get that paper doll thing of Jamie?

    • Okay NOW I’m laughing! I’m glad you stumbled on to the blog. If you’ve read through Voyager book Three you might get a laugh out of Outlander Confessions Claire Intimidates Me! Almost all of my blog articles are Outlander related. I wrote a few funnies about my life recently! And I got Pocket Jamie from Starz! But I think there is as link on the Starz Outlander Community page to print your own now. (Just google) thanks for the great comment I’m still chuckling and it’s -5 here on my lake in Ohio cuddling with my two mini doxies and drinking coffee! Muwah!

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