Fearing what’s to come……an Outlander’s nightmare


imageRecently, I have enjoyed the company of folks who call themselves Outlanders. We talk on Twitter and Facebook and so far, it’s been a great experience. We all seem to have a lot in common, mostly our love of reading , Outlander, Outlander_Starz and Diana Gabaldon . I’m talking with folks in Inverness , London, Sydney and from practically every state in the States. Every once in awhile, folks get a little bit crazy (I’m thinking of a couple Jib Jab cartoons) , but all in all it’s been good clean sane fun.
But, I’m afraid it’s not going to last. Just in the few months since they cast Sam Heughan I’ve seen the fandom grow. And I just keep thinking about-what might possibly happen. Diana Gabaldon ‘s books contain characters that can truly move you. And here’s the rub, they could possible inspire obsessive fandom. Unlike Game of Thrones, the viewer of Outlander on Starz will not have to keep track of multiple story- lines. It is all about Claire and Jamie and people will fall in love with their story. The actors are beautiful people and from the little I’ve seen, they can act. Starz is doing a wonderful job. Every picture or bit of film they have released has been so spot on it gives me chills. The PR. Dept. at Starz seems to be aware of their fan base and are doing a bang up job of drumming up enthusiasm.
So, why you might ask, is this scaring me?
Those of us who found Diana’s books (mostly by word of mouth ) , realize we found a treasure. Like most people who find treasure, we find ourselves in the position of trying to decide if we want to share or hoard. I want to share, but not with the kind of crazy fans who will stalk the actors, stand outside venues weeping or tattoo their bodies with characters’ names and the actor’s faces. I don’t want Outlander lunch boxes! I only want fans who keep a lid on the crazy and respect the author and actors.
But, I’m afraid. Please……don’t ruin this people! I want to be proud I’m an Outlander fan. I enjoyed reading Twilight, it wasn’t great literature, but it was fun. But, now…..too much crazy has gone under the bridge for me to even feel comfortable saying, “I liked Twilight” . I definitely feel lumped and judged. So, here’s to hoping all the crazy fans latch onto 50 Shades and all the fun , witty “readers” latch on to Outlander. Only….in lots of numbers, so we get a season two, aye?


4 thoughts on “Fearing what’s to come……an Outlander’s nightmare

  1. There is so very much Outlander to absorb as a reader and as a viewer of the series. I watch the first run On Demand at 12:01 a.m. Friday nights and then again on Starz at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday nights. Sometimes I will watch a third or fourth time during the week. This is because of the quality and faithfulness to the book, that Mr. Moore and Starz et al. are including in each episode. After reading reviews and blogs, I always find that I missed something important and have to rewatch the episode. Dare I suggest that in their own ways, the weekly episodes are as mesmerizing as the book?

    Mr. Moore and his staff, Starz et al., and the actors have made themselves more available to viewers than any other visual media production that comes to mind. For this special reason I believe that Outlanders are developing a devotion and respect for the series as the readers have done for the books. While there will always be a fringe element in any group, this proactive sharing by the series will, hopefully, contain that at the fringe.

    We are allowed to post comments in numerous online sites; to participate in direct q*a with the actors and production/crew members; to participate in contests; to engage in dialogue with DG and Mr. Moore; to follow blogs such as your own and to see dozens of still pictures and tour the sets and stages. What else could a fan want to feel included in this series? We have almost direct access!

    Let us as viewers and readers continue to appreciate the rich and exciting Outlander in all of its forms, and share our appreciation and love for these stories, and our respect for all of this talent, with those who create them. May our enjoyment of all things Outlander never end!

  2. Now that I’ve discovered both Outlander and your blog I’m going through your archives. It’s a lot to take in. I was a huge Twilight fan for some time, but am now embarrassed to say so because it really did get waaay too weird and nasty.
    I’m a little put out that I’ve only recently discovered Outlander as I do have some of the same fears you have. My hope is that because the series contains such deep and complex relationships that appeal to a more mature audience, AND because STARZ and Mr. Moore and company are so adept at maintaining the integrity of Ms. Gabaldon’s brilliant storytelling, that we may be spared some of the immature behavior that the Twilight fandom experienced.

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