Taking Diana’s advice…..I’m writing!



So….as so many days this winter, I am sitting here snow bound. This winter seems endless and has caused some real upheaval in my professional life. I teach. And, this winter has resulted in nineteen and counting snow days that will have to be made up somehow. In addition, the time away from my classroom and students has played havoc with my ability to teach and get my students ready for high stake testing. Teach…re-teach…teach…re-teach…
As the old saying goes, “it is a rare wind (or snow storm) that blows no one good”. All of this down-time has caused me to write. In the past, I always felt I should write, but was stopped by the idea I needed to write, I don’t know, a NOVEL. I still might, but you’ve got to start somewhere and this blog seems to be working.
Diana (how sad is it that you all know which Diana I’m talking about) recently gave advice to fans who wanted to become writers. She said,”write, read and don’t stop”. So, I’m sitting here with another snow day and I’m writing. I’m told I have a lot of stories to tell, so…I guess I’ll tell them.


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